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Youtuber criticizes government: Rezo calls for tough line against “lateral thinkers”


With the “destruction of the CDU” Rezo became known to a wider public, now the Youtuber is dealing with the demonstrations against the Corona measures. He not only shoots at the “lateral thinkers” themselves, but also clearly attacks the federal government.

In his latest video, the well-known Youtuber Rezo criticizes the state’s handling of demonstrations against the Corona measures. In the around 18-minute clip, he accuses politicians and the police of allowing Corona critics to do their thing despite the dissolved assemblies and of systematically ignoring hygiene violations. The federal government is not only jeopardizing the support of the population, but is also contributing to the radicalization of the “lateral thinkers”.

At the beginning of the video with the title “When idiots endanger your freedom and health …” Rezo targets well-known corona deniers such as the vegan chef Atilla Hildmann, but warns against dismissing scene heads like him as “crazy”. According to Rezo, the movement has close links with right-wing extremism. He refers to statements by North Rhine-Westphalia’s Interior Minister Herbert Reul, according to which around a third of the demonstration participants were right-wing extremists. With the “lateral thinkers” one does not have a “mixed bag”, rather they are closely interwoven with the right-wing scene.

Furthermore, Rezo speaks of “special treatment” in the state dealings with the “lateral thinkers”. Although participants in demonstrations did not comply with police announcements in the past, the emergency services would have let them go. As an example, he cites a statement by the Leipzig police chief Torsten Schultze, who, despite riots on the sidelines of a rally, emphasized that “we were not advised to use violence at this point”. You fight a pandemic “not with police means, but only with common sense”.

Hardly any consequences

With this approach, you not only normalize negative behavior towards the corona measures, it also leads to a more aggressive appearance on the part of the scene because there are no consequences. In addition, Rezo shows excerpts in which mask opponents harass passers-by or protesters violent against journalists. The pandemic is also intensified by deliberately disregarding hygiene regulations.

Finally, the Youtuber calls for a tougher pace for violations of the Corona requirements by the “lateral thinkers”. Although he welcomed the use of water cannons after a demonstration broke up, like the last one in Berlin, this has been a rarity so far. His conclusion: “As long as the state grants a small, ruthless minority special rights and doesn’t even enforce the most basic regulations, the majority will at some point feel ripped off and no longer feel like restricting their own lives.”

Rezo, who does not disclose his real name publicly, has already caused a sensation in the past with political videos and thus increased his popularity beyond the Internet. In the so far best known video “The Destruction of the CDU”, he accused the Union in particular of negligent climate policy. The video received a lot of attention in the media and in politics.

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