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Yola Review Free Website Builder and Web Hosting

yola free hosting
yola free hosting

Yola is a free web hosting service provider company; established on 2007, South Africa. So they are very new to the internet market but have become one of the most popular service having more than 10 million users throughout the world. The hosting service is developed with six languages like- English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish; making sure the entire world can avail the service.

You can get started with the Yola Review free service by just signing up yourself. There is domain name registration section, from which you can get a domain name in .com, .org and many more. In Yola, you are also made available with the online store for creating an online shopping site with lots of beautiful template collections for you to create an awesome site. So below let us discuss more about features and the plans of the Yola web hosting company. The plans are available for both free and premium varying in the features and the price.

Yola Complete Review

Yola is a free hosting service which gives you many features to start a website. while after your website grows you can later switch to the premium which will give access to more awesome tools and features. So including the free and premium, there are upto 4 types of plans with differ in price. There are lots of features in each of the plan you choose, but we will discuss only the necessary and important feature for operating any website or blog.

  • Free

This is a basic plan which is free of cost, and is very good for those who are trying to give a start to their blog or website. But since it is free hosting plan, the features provided are also very limited. And the features you are getting are like only 1GB Bandwidth, 1GB Storage capacity, free subdomain and free support. Some of the important feature not available here in this plan are premium support, mobile-ready website, SEO monitoring etc.

  • Bronze

This is a second plan which is a premium plan, so in this plan you will get features which are greater than the free version, features like- unlimited bandwidth, 2GB storage, 5 website with subdomains and free website templates, both free and premium support are available. And also features like mobile-ready website and SEO monitoring are still not available.

Price- To buy this plan, you can get it at just $4.7/month. If you are using the free version, you can also upgrade your service to bronze.

  •  Silver

In this plan you are getting much more features like- Unlimited Bandwidth, 5 GB Storage capacity, upto 25 websites with free subdomain, premium template and support included and also the Mobile-Ready website is available. only the SEO monitoring facilities are still limited.

Price– This is one of the most favourite plan among all the 4 out here, as the price and feature provided in this plan is very reasonable. And the price of this is plan is $8.33/month, you can upgrade both from Free and Bronze level of hosting service.

  • Gold

And finally this is the last plan of Yola web hosting service, which include all the features of any professional website should have. So everything in this plan is unlimited starting from the bandwidth, storage capacity; more features like free domain with unlimited subdomain name, advance editing, mobile ready website, SEO monitoring and also social media apps are included. So this is a complete package for the professional level website.

Price- The price of the Gold plan of Yola is just at $16.66/month. If you are using the Free, Bronze and Silver plan you can easily upgrade after your business grows.


Special Features

When we start any website, we have to use some of the feature which is very essential as a beginner. So here below we will discuss, what are the essential feature that is very important for us while operating any website

yola free hosting

  • Beautiful Template Pages

There are easy to use website builder which are very beautiful and creative for your website. The templates have tools with easy drag and drop to choose any beautiful art for the website.

  • Business Tools

Some of the blogging tools like SEO monitoring, SEO traffic reports etc. including the Tumblr blog application and site statistic are very important.

  • Social Networking

Social networking is one of the common tricks for getting quick fame in the internet market. If you do not expose any of your website’s content in the social media, your popularity rate will remain the same.

  • Reliable Hosting

Either Free or premium hosting, one thing you will in common is the reliability. The web hosting service is very reliable for which you can operate any kind of work you do in the website.

  • 24/7 Support

There is both free and premium support from which you can choose according to the necessity of your problems. You can connect to the expert support team through live chats, Emails and also phone calls.

Domain Registration of Yola

There is also a facility for domain registration which is very important for any website. The Domain name represents the brand of your website, so the Yola Company also initiates with the domain name registration which you can buy for only $11.95/year. And also you can handle subdomain name after your primary domain name of the website.

99% Uptime and Security

The reliability of any web hosting service is counted by the uptimes and downtimes. So the Yola webhosting company ensures you to give upto 99% uptime guarantee with zero downtime. And also talking about the security system, you will get a password protection for which you can prevent any kind of system hacks or crimes.

Online store

Create a shopping cart website using the Yola service. They are reliable and are best for online shop as they have the features like- 1000+ digital and physical product adding capacity, include apps for iPhone that allows you to operate with your phone. Order tracking options with multi-channel sale feeds and payment accept credit cards; payable with upto 160 currencies.


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