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10 Benefits to Hiring a Yahoo! Store Designer

Whether you’re taking the first steps toward launching an online store, or you’re considering a store redesign, you might be asking yourself the following question: Do I really need to hire a Yahoo! Store designer or can I just create my own web site using the tools and resources that are available to me?The short answer to if you need to hire a developer is no. You don’t need to hire a designer to develop your new web site. However, the longer answer might surprise you.

The Yahoo! Merchant Solutions (Yahoo! Store) platform is very versatile and easy to use. It doesn’t require you to be a programmer to create your own web site. The simplicity of the platform is actually one of the reasons it is so popular, since mostly any one can use it. Yahoo! Merchant Solutions stores are also favored because of its hosting capabilities and shopping cart security, but that’s for another post.

While Yahoo! makes it easy to create a web site, this doesn’t necessarily mean a store owner should be the one creating it.

Why hire a Yahoo! Store designer?

1. Hiring a developer can be a sound financial decision.
Consider this: Doing your taxes is often as easy as copying information from one sheet, placing it into a box on another, adding and subtracting, and mailing the finished product to the IRS. Yet, many of us still hire a tax professional. Why is that? It’s because overlooking something or making an error can be quite costly for us in the long run. Simply put, the risks associated with making a mistake outweigh the cost of hiring a professional. The same can be said for web site design.

2. Designers are creative. Is your team?
By their very nature, designers are creative people. They have a deep understanding for what looks good, and what doesn’t. For example, designers know which colors work great together, and which will clash. They understand that certain fonts work well online, and that others are simply difficult to read. Designers know which layout schemes create the very best browsing experience for users, and which will lead to confusion.

Perhaps more importantly, designers know what is appropriate when creating a web site. When a business hires a Yahoo! Store designer, they are trusting them to conceptualize a design and layout that not only helps to meet their business needs, but is also appropriate for their target audience. Banks need web sites to appear business-like, professional, and secure. Waterparks need web sites to appear fun, colorful, and exciting. Knowing when it’s okay to be playful and when to be professional is important. Is your in-house team capable of making those decisions? Can they design a web site that meets your target audience’s expectations?

3. Designers are experienced in web design. Is your team?
Designers design or they wouldn’t be designers. While I will agree that some designers are undoubtedly going to be better than others, they will all at least have portfolios of the work they’ve done previously. Some will be good, but others will be better. The point I’m trying to make is that by hiring a Yahoo! Store designer, you are in fact hiring a professional with years of experience.

As in any profession, having experience means knowing how to complete specific tasks, troubleshoot specific problems, and not make beginner mistakes. How much experience in web site development does your in-house team have? What assistance will they be able to offer?

4. Designers can customize and modify. Can your team?
The Yahoo! Store platform is built on templates that can be customized, but only through extensive RTML programming and expert graphic design. Designers can take what would otherwise be a standard ecommerce web site, and modify it to meet the specific needs of their clients. Yahoo! store modifications may include custom layouts, programming, graphics, and add-ons. Is your in-house team able to provide the level of customization necessary to make your web site stand out among other Yahoo! stores? Can they meet all your design needs?

5. Designers are accountable for their work. Is your team?
In the event an unfortunate, unforeseen problem should arise with your Yahoo! store, having a designer to lean on can mean the difference between a cheap, quick solution and a costly, time-intensive fix. If your business is like most, time literally means money. The longer your web site is out of commission, the longer your business continues to lose money.

In a scenario where a company designs their web site in-house, that company would be solely responsible for correcting any and all shortcomings. If the business employed the services of a designer, though, the designer would be accountable for creating an accurate and timely solution for any problem that might arise. Furthermore, most designers would jump at the chance to correct problems associated with their work. Would your in-house team be able to solve unforeseen problems? If so, how quickly would they be able to solve them?

6. Designers are resourceful. Is your team?
When hiring a Yahoo! Store designer, there will be no need for businesses to purchase high-end programming software, design tools, or even reference guides. In fact, your designer will have everything needed to complete most design projects.

However, in the rare, off-chance designers do find themselves needing something extra, most are going to be resourceful. They will know what, how, and where to attain what they need. Does your in-house team have all the necessary tools of the design trade? Will they know how and where to acquire those they are missing?

7. Designers are well-connected. Is your team?
I consider being “well connected” as an extension of being “resourceful.” Designers can leverage their working relationships – friends, co-workers, and colleagues – when a specific project or problem presents itself. Possible connections will likely include other Yahoo! Store designers, programmers, artists, photographers, and marketers.

With that said, hiring a Yahoo! Store designer means having indirect access to an entire team of well-connected industry professionals. Through their designer, store owners will likely find solutions to their current and future needs. How many industry professionals are included in your in-house team? Who will they turn to when a specialty project arises?

8. Designers work fast and can save time. Can your team?
Hiring a Yahoo! Store designer can save time, especially when deadlines are at stake. As I’ve already established, designers are both experienced and resourceful. This means they can work fast. While I can’t speak for every designer, in my neck of the woods clients can expect to have their custom stores operational and accepting orders within 2-weeks’ time. Such a timeframe can mean a world of difference when launching a new web site.

Furthermore, hiring a Store designer means being free to do what you and your team do best, which is managing the many aspects of your business. Does your in-house team even have the available time to develop your company’s online presence? How long will it take them to get your site up and running?

9. Designers can help increase web traffic. Can your team?
Over time, many Yahoo! Store designers have expanded their services to include web site marketing. Through a deep understanding of how search engines work and what they look for, designers can create a company web site that not only meets an owner’s design goals, but one that is search engine friendly as well.

Search-engine-friendly web sites are those that are optimized to appeal to search engines. When a web site is optimized for search engines, it can help with how your site ranks in search results. Key characteristics include informative meta tags, keyword-focused headlines and page content, and clean, easy-to-parse source code. In addition, designers may specialize in other web site marketing services, such as paid search advertising and social media marketing. Is your in-house team capable of generating relevant web site traffic? Can they help grow your business through search engine optimization and other marketing channels?

10. Designers remain updated on industry standards. Does your team?
Web site designers understand that standards are always changing, both in web site design as a whole and specifically with the Yahoo! Store platform. It is for this reason that designers work hard to remain fluent in the latest programming standards, browser standards, and design, layout, and usability standards. There is a lot to learn, and even more to keep up with.

Designers dedicate a large part of their week to continuing education via classes, books, magazines, articles, blogs, and other resources. With all that is involved with running a business – managing employees, paying bills, purchasing and tracking inventory, etc. – will your team be able to learn and remain updated on proper web site design standards? Are they your best long-term solution?

Where does this leave you?

There is great value that can be leveraged when hiring a designer to build your company’s web site, and the decision to pass on professional assistance should not be taken lightly. For the very reasons I’ve outlined above, I hope to have at least inspired you to consider the benefits to your business of hiring a professional designer for your Yahoo! Store. https://www.yahoo.com


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