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Why Health Insurance Is Important & How To Find A Best Company

why do you need health insurance
why do you need health insurance

People may need a medical care anytime, as diseases do not come in a planned way. That’s why a health insurance is needed that may cover the costs and protect one from very high expenses at crucial times.

Buy a Health insurance plan from an insurance company means they will pay part of your medical costs when you get sick or hurt. There are a number of such plans available in the companies which pay the cost of vaccines, screenings, check-ups, operations and sometimes medicines when you need it.

Today, with the extraordinary infrastructures in hospitals and nursing homes, the treatment process has very much developed and at the same time costs have increased too. So, in these circumstances, having health insurance can protect you from unexpected expenses.

Now, before choosing a health insurance plan and a company, a number of things are necessary to know. Those are:

  • You pay a premium to your insurance plan, that is a fixed amount and it is usually paid every month, even when you are not using it.
  • Deductible If you need medical care, A deductible is also paid to the company. It is the amount paid for health care before the insurance company starts to pay. The insurance company begins to cover some costs of the customer’s care after he meets the deductible. Some plans have lower deductibles while some others have higher deductibles. Many plans also provide preventive services before meeting the deductible too.
  • Copayment is another form of payment to health care that is a fixed amount to be paid for a medical service after meeting your deductible.

Coinsurance is similar to copayment, except in the point that it’s a percentage of costs you have to pay. For example, a 20% of the cost of a certain amount of medical bill is paid by you and the rest is by your health policy.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of having a health insurance. The reasons why you should pay a part of your earning or saving to a health insurance company are:

Insurance protects you from high medical costs in 2 ways:

The total amount one has to pay when he or one of his family members get sick may be huge. If a certain amount of it is for then paid by his health plan which he paid in deductibles, coinsurance, or in copayments gradually from his monthly income, he is out of the tension of collecting a big amount in short notice and if the plan pays some extra, that won’t even be an issue, for he has all the year in his hand to pay the rest.

Health plans don’t put limits on how much they’ll spend to cover essential health benefits. Your insurance company is bound to pay for all of your covered medical care with no limit.

So, without a health coverage a person may face big problems such as bankruptcy suddenly. To avoid that, it is the best policy to secure your health by a health plan. But, there are many companies now tempting you all the time for investing to a health plan. But put your smartness about researching the companies before taking an health insurance plan. You can check here the list of companies with their details which can help you to take a decision. You can study more on the topic, ask in your friend circle or an expert before coming to a final conclusion.

You should take this important decision by keeping some facts in mind like the details of their plans, the payment options available and the cases where they agree to pay your medical expenses and of course, you should take advice from the best professionals in this matter to secure your health as well as your money. So, health insurance plan is a wise plan always.


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