Home Insurance Who gets the best deal for the car insurance? | Archive News:2016

Who gets the best deal for the car insurance? | Archive News:2016

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This is the question which can be pretty confusing to understand as looked on the first see. Often the customers are mindful of the fact that the insurers are nothing but playing with the money the insurers have. One can say, it is obviously the best deal for the insurer who makes a humongous profit out of the money of the investors who invest and pay premiums. Economics of the less interesting topics like insurance is often ignored by a layman, so much that many times the only knowledge about the car insurance is limited to only the premiums and the benefit at some end of the threshold period. A lot of car drivers or vehicles drivers are not even aware of the third party liability cover hence many of the vehicles go uninsured. So who actually gets a good deal of your car insurance?

Of course, the answer is straightforward and it is the insured. Yes, the car insurance can well be the best deal for insured among all the involved parties. It is said that money sounds the best when one needs it desperately. So insurances basic aim is to provide good one time cover to the insured when there is a need of it. The time doesn’t come on orders, we cannot be ready for emergencies be it health life or car. The car insurance is the best way can be 100% sure at any point that we are able to handle emergencies, Insurance is a sigh of relief for many, ask the customers who really needed to use that. Plus if we are talking about the zero depreciation cover is the best thing that can happen to a car insurance user. Zero depreciation cover does not deduct the amount for the deterioration of the car goods and other parts, hence the user gets to claim the originally proposed amount at any point of time. This is the advantage for a car insured. Now their much additional assistance that are given to the car insured are just a thing as a bonus, only if a user knows every bit of how and when to use it. The insured can be pretty relaxed over any random obstacle even as failures during the road trips or the fuel assistance in the middle of the journey. There are little things to know before you use your insurance policy plan to its 100%.

This is how we can be assured and can safely agree that the insured is the one who gets the best deal out of the car insurance policies, not any company covering the insurance or government per say. So the insured can be pretty sure that every plan is there to benefit him/her to the full extent and whom also the government also works, of course, the people of India. Be it a tax concession or all the assistance given to the people with the car insurance. One cannot forget the third party cover which well could be for you from the other person holding the insurance.


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