Home Personal Finance What Is “SHARE” (Sharing Helping Always Rewards Everyone)?

What Is “SHARE” (Sharing Helping Always Rewards Everyone)?

What Is “SHARE” Sharing Helping Always Rewards Everyone
What Is “SHARE” Sharing Helping Always Rewards Everyone

The SHARE Food Network began in San Diego, California. It distributes high quality, affordable and nutritious food in order to build communities and strengthen families. The goal or theory behind the process is that you donate some of your time each month to a community task.

This volunteer service can be at your library, community center or even your local SHARE distribution location. Any other random act of kindness such as helping neighbors, teaching Sunday school as well as other community service which you are not paid to do will qualify you as well.

The food packages offer meats, fresh fruits and vegetables and grocery items. SHARE buyers make the purchase of these items from growers, brokers and packaging plants. The food is not donated, government surplus, or salvaged items.

The SHARE program is for everyone. They have been known to say: “If you eat, you qualify.” Everyone in the community can participate. Since the program is for everyone, it can help remove some of the barriers that divide people – such barriers as religion, social and economic class, age and gender. We can really begin to see each other as real people without barriers in the way. It makes it easier to begin building communities and neighborhoods.

SHARE operates through what is known as Host Organizations. These could be a variety of organizations such as churches, tenant councils, community centers, businesses, town halls and senior centers. The Host Organizations have two responsibilities: the first being to register people who wish to purchase SHARE packages and offer them various ideas regarding the different community services they can assist with; the second is sending participants to help bag food, to pick up as well as distribute food on the designated Distribution Day at their Host Organization.

SHARE is truly an opportunity for people to not only share their own gifts with the community, but also to receive something in return. For some, it could mean that they are able to stretch their food dollars, while for others it could very well be the difference of whether or not a family will have enough food on the table.

All of the available SHARE food packages assure top value for your food-buying dollar. SHARE is not only a smart but simply way to save some money all while helping the community. How many organizations can offer the same value?

Basic foods and basic packaging are the primary goal of SHARE food packages. While the packages could possibly contain some processed foods, the majority of the food packages include basic, nutritious foods families purchase every month.

SHARE strives to provide the same quality of fresh, wholesome and healthy foods each and every month, year after year. The available Value Package always contains various meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as those well-needed staple items such as beans, rice, pasta, or cereal. You may even find yourself with a few specialty items.

Currently there are more than thirty-four states which participate in this program. While they don’t have a general website, each area is available online. This program not only allows hundreds of volunteers to spread a little happiness and help around their own community, but it allows them to share in the savings as well. For more information, search the internet for a SHARE Host Organization near you.


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