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What is Fork?

What is Fork

The Turkish equivalent of the term fork is “Fork”. A fork is the division of cryptocurrencies into separate copies in existing blockchain networks to which they are connected. Fork (forking) is not a complete separation, but rather copying the same database and creating the new blockchain network.

Fork (forking) can sometimes be done to correct or improve an error in the system. In some cases, the new blockchain system established by separating from the blockchain network may issue its own currency / token.

A fork (fork) took place in order to correct some errors (speed, security, etc.) in the Bitcoin crypto currency and a new crypto currency Bitcoin Cash emerged.

Fork (forking) can occur for many different reasons. Fork (fork) may occur due to reasons such as the inability of the current blockchain network to meet the demands, and the conflict between the developers. In this case, two new blockchain networks and two different cryptocurrencies are formed as a result of fork.

Which of the cryptocurrencies resulting from the fork will stand out is a situation that creates the ecosystem, exchanges, crypto money users, miners and the market.

Fork operation is done in two different ways as “Hard Fork” and “Soft Fork”.

What is a Hard Fork?

Hard Fork refers to the sharp segment made on the blockchain network. A new blockchain network is built as an alternative to the existing blockchain network. This process is done to close important security gaps in the old network and to add new features.

Users must switch to the new network, and users staying on the old network must adapt to the new network with the update.

What is Soft Fork?

Soft Fork is the name given to networks created as a new alternative in the blockchain network. In addition to the continuation of the chain in the old network, it also enables the transition to the new network. Miners and users on the old network are up to their preference to update or not.

It is made by developers who believe that some technical features found in the current network need to be changed.

The important thing in Soft Fork operation is that miners and users mostly accept this new network. With the acceptance of the majority, the Soft Fork made can be successful.


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