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We’re Debt Free! 8 Ways to Celebrate Paying off Debt

8 Ways to Celebrate Paying off Debt

Paying off debt can be a long slog which is why when you finally paid it all off and you find yourself debt-free it’s time to celebrate. You deserve to have some fun, be a bit carefree, be a little careless, and pat yourself on the back. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to scream “we’re debt free” from the rooftops, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 8 ideas for how to celebrate being debt-free:

1. Host a “We’re Debt Free” Party

Paying off debt can mean saying no to doing fun things with family and friends. Once you’ve become debt-free, it might be fun to celebrate that accomplishment with friends and family, especially if they’ve helped you along the way with encouragement and moral or financial support. While some people plan elaborate and expensive parties to celebrate being debt-free, you can always plan something fun and frugal. Have people over for a barbecue or a potluck. Make or buy a “We’re Debt Free” cake. Buy confetti poppers or noisemakers to help with the revelry. Pop a bottle of champagne and make fancy version of typical frugal fair like pigs in a blanket and macaroni and cheese. Have fun and truly celebrate with those you love the fact that you have overcome debt.

2. Scream “We’re Debt Free” from the Rooftops

Sometimes the most satisfying way to celebrate being debt-free is just screaming as loud as you can “We’re Debt Free.” Whether you’re screaming it from an actual rooftop or even from from on top of a mountain you’ll feel the thrill and satisfaction of these three important words. There’s even a radio show that you can call in to scream “We’re debt free.”

3. Do Something With Your Extra Money

After putting a significant portion of your income towards your debt for what feels like forever, you can celebrate being debt-free by putting your loan payment towards something fun during your first month. Consider going on a mini shopping spree and find some of the things that you haven’t been able to while you were paying off debt. Whatever you do make sure it’s something that you truly enjoy.

4. Take the No Debt Union Pledge

If you worked hard to get out of debt with your spouse or your partner you might want to take advantage of this moment to make a No Debt Union pledge to be debt-free in the future. Debt has a track record of leading to conflicts and marital issues. Decide to protect your partnership and help each other to stay out of debt. It might just be the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for each other.

5. Learn About Retirement Planning

Now that you gotten out of debt, one way to celebrate is to start figuring out what you can do with your money now that it’s not going towards debt payments every month. Take a course on investing and open the self-directed brokerage count. Investing your money and watching it grow is an exciting way to declare ‘We’re Debt Free’ to the world.

6. Go out for a fancy dinner

Sometimes when you’re trying to save money to pay off debt you sacrifice some of the things that you love. Maybe you have a favorite restaurant they haven’t been able to go out to for months or maybe you love a fancy dish like filet mignon and lobster. Either go out for a special night on the town or cook your special meal at home. There’s no better way to say “We’re Debt Free” than by sinking your teeth into delicious seafood or steak.

7. Do Something Crazy

Do something fun and exciting to declare to the world that you’re debt-free. Maybe you’ve always wondered what skydiving was like or always wanted to learn to surf. Do something fun in order to kick off your life without debt payments.

8. Do Something Nice for Someone Else

If you’ve recently paid off debt you might be particularly empathetic to those who are going through a difficult time. Consider making a donation to a charity or doing an act of kindness for someone you know who is struggling. Had something gone wrong while you were paying off your debt, you might have been in a bad financial situation.

One of the best ways to celebrate paying off debt is to help someone else who is currently struggling with debt. You might even consider buying and forgiving someone else’s debt. You can potentially help people by buying medical or student loan debt for pennies on the dollar and forgiving it.

“We’re Debt Free!”

Make sure you take the time to celebrate but remember that your financial journey isn’t over. If you’re like most people, you’ll be so relieved to be able to declare “We’re Debt Free” that you will want to ensure that you never find yourself in debt again. That means that it’s crucial that you save an emergency fund and start saving for your retirement to ensure that your financial future looks bright. Consider taking the No Debt Union (#NoDebtUnion Challenge) to protect your relationship from the stress that debt brings to it.

If you’ve really been sacrificing a lot to get out of debt consider setting aside a portion of your budget from now on a few things that you enjoy. You deserve this freedom! You’ve worked hard. Scream it loud and proud: “We’re Debt Free!”


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