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“We still have to do a lot”: the federal government invokes stricter measures


The big question right now is: what will happen to the Christmas season? Because the fact is that the partial lockdown does not reduce the number of infections quickly enough. Thus, the federal government is already dampening hopes for a carefree December.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and Finance Minister Olaf Scholz have prepared the citizens for a tightening of the existing partial lockdown in December before the round with the Prime Minister planned this Wednesday. In order to regain access to the pandemic and the tracking of contacts, one “certainly has to do a lot. But what exactly that is, I cannot and do not want to anticipate today,” said Merkel after the two-day virtual G20 summit of leading economic powers under the leadership Saudi Arabia on a related question.

The Chancellor assured: “The citizens should get a unified, joint answer from the federal and state governments. They actually have a right to that. And this time we are working very hard on it.” At the latest meeting of the federal and state governments at the beginning of the week, Merkel wanted to implement stricter measures against the pandemic, but failed due to resistance from the states. Subsequently, too much polyphony in the corona measures was criticized again.

“We haven’t got far enough yet”

With a view to the upcoming negotiations, Merkel said that this time they wanted to do it so “that we will present our results on Wednesday”. That is why there are many rounds of talks. Everyone look at the data and facts. “The fact is that we are not yet as far as we would have liked because of the contact restrictions.” In many federal states a plateau of new infections had been reached, in a few countries the numbers went down significantly, in others they rose.

Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz, who had attended the G20 summit together with Merkel, said that the right thing had been done with the far-reaching restrictions that politicians had put in place in November. It is clear that, despite the visible results, this is not yet sufficient, because the development of the number of cases is not yet where you want to be.

And that’s why everyone suspects that there will still have to be an extension, “said Scholz. He had the” sure impression “from discussions that he had with the Prime Minister on Sunday that they were working hard to” prepare a good proposal ” on which the federal government could then agree with the 16 states on Wednesday.

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