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Twitter announces handover: Trump’s presidential account goes to Biden


Still-US President Trump does not want to admit his defeat in the election. Twitter sees it differently and is already announcing that it will hand over the official account of the president to Joe Biden on the day he is sworn in. The loss shouldn’t hit Trump too hard, however.

Twitter will hand over the official presidential account @POTUS to President-elect Joe Biden on the day of the inauguration – even if incumbent Donald Trump does not admit his electoral defeat by then. The online service confirmed this to the Internet portal “Politico”. The same applies to the official accounts of the White House @whitehouse, the Vice President @VP, the First Lady @FLOTUS and some other accounts that are connected to the presidency.

“Twitter is actively preparing to support the handover of the official Twitter accounts on January 20, 2021,” the spokesman for the online service, Nick Pacilio, was quoted as saying. Then Biden should be sworn in. According to Twitter, no information exchange between the Trump and Biden teams is necessary for the handover of the accounts. All existing tweets would be archived, the accounts then reset and handed over to Biden’s team.

The loss of the @ POTUS account with around 32.8 million followers should not hit Trump particularly hard. His most important mouthpiece is the private account: The incumbent president is followed by around 88.9 million people on @realDonaldTrump. The private Twitter profile of Bidens has significantly fewer followers with around 19.3 million people.

Biden was declared the winner of the US presidential election on November 7th by leading US media. However, Trump has so far refused to admit defeat. He speaks of electoral fraud, but does not provide any solid evidence. He hopes to be able to challenge the election result through legal channels.

Because of Trump’s stance, the handover of official business (“transition”) provided for by law cannot yet be initiated. Actually, Biden and his team would have access to ministries, authorities and confidential government information before they took office. The transition period from election to swearing in is more than two months.

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