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TOP 30 SEO HERO 2018

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SEO is a part of our digital marketing, there is always an expert that we considered as topcreditcardsreviewed.com and really put their minds in this business to make your website perform at best and make a difference against your competition, if we want to really improve our online business, here are the top 30 SEO heroes 2018 that will rescue your business from the shadows :


1.Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts is a software engineer and is one of the most important referents to be aware of what is new on the internet. Nowadays, Matt Cutts is the head of Google’s Webspam team since the year 2000, where his function is to fight spam through a combination of computer algorithms and manual reviews. Google’s algorithms are the ones that detect the majority of spam on the internet and make its position fall immediately. However, for pages that are perfectly designed to evade them, there are experts, led by Matt Cutts, who manually review these sites.

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The absence of these methods could be harmful to the search, as relevant websites would be buried at the end of a long line of spam pages, and for legitimate website owners, their sites would become more difficult to find.

Currently, his team develops a lot of strategies to counteract the effects of spam. And as millions of these pages are created every day, it is to be expected that SEO practices are constantly changing. All this is given to make more useful web pages, both for users and for search engines. SEO is an important thing to help search engines understand what each of the pages that are on Google is about and determine the degree of utility for users.

But it is not this activity that makes it so well known, what has made Matt Cutts famous are the more than 500 short videos on his YouTube channel named “Matt Cutts: Topic”, where he has approximately three thousand five hundred subscribers and has reached in its videos more than one hundred and eighty-two thousand visits. In this channel, he gives SEO tips with suggestions on E-commerce, SEO tools, site coding, and more fantastic videos where answers all the questions that arise about how that area is evolving.

His videos are so popular that even in one of them called “What are some myths about SEO?”, Clearly denies what he calls conspiracy theories, a clear example is buying ads that in their opinion neither benefits nor harms the positioning of the owners of web pages.

And as always, he finishes his videos highlighting what a myth is. For Matt Cutts the key to a good positioning is “Give searchers what they want,” that is, while still being at the forefront in terms of current SEO. The purpose of Matt Cutts and the other SEO Hero is to help us make our life on the web easier and trouble free. Also stay up to date on the changes and give advice in the fuzzy world of search engine optimization. With the last updates of SEO methods, they want to achieve what Matt Cutts called “Search Experience Optimization,” in other words: All by the user.

2.  Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan, this man knows and works with SEO for more than a decade. He was familiar with the term at a time when almost nobody knew that word, mainly because that word did not even exist: SEO; the today so recognized and helpful Search Engine Optimization. Danny is considered a technologist and an entrepreneur, he is one the founder editors of Search Engine Land and Marketing Land, both being one of the great publisher authorities about search engines content, SEO, and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). What is great here is that he literally created the term SEM with Bruce Clay – it is in our top, do not worry -, when he published a remarkable article in Search Engine Watch, back in early 2000. Although he is not taking credits for that, he has been considered as one of the wisest person at that topic and a totally expert on how successfully create marketing actions for a website inside a search engine, whether those actions are paid or not.

He also participates as a Chief Content Officer for Third Door Media, which is broadly known for executing a magnificent SEO and marketing event called SMX (Search Marketing Expo); being said that, you should keep track on this guy’s posts and even attend to that event if you are really interested in becoming an SEO monster.

Danny was born and raised in Newport Beach, California in the year of 1965. He went to the school and then reached the University of California, Irvine thanks to his parents and own efforts, he first worked as a reporter for Los Angeles Time and then, back in 1996, he got himself into the content management and search engine world after making a study about how those available search engines indexed the existing websites. Date since he has been helping marketers, content writers, webmasters and Internet users on how exactly does search engines work and how a website could be improved and made visible by applying some important concepts to it.

Sullivan is now a SEO Hero and is often publishing great articles and tips about SEO in important Media organizations such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, USA Today and so on. He now owns his website in which has a blog talking about a variety of topics : from SEO and SEM to his personal experiences, the bad thing is that he is not publishing since 2015; however, the information in there can be really helpful and entertaining.

Danny is a family guy with a spouse, Lorna Harris, and two children. They live in Newport Beach, California. Nowadays, Sullivan is focused on managing the Search Marketing Expo and having the support and love of his family. Surely, if you are an SEO or a content internet marketer love, we have a lot to thank this guy.

3. Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin is a talented world class figure in SEO known to many as the “Wizard of Moz.” He is the co-founder of Moz.com which is one of the fastest growing software company and from there comes his nickname. Rand had a lot of influence from his mother because of the business that she and her family had created long ago, a public relations agency. In fact, this company was one of his first experiences as an SEO manager, through this he got the bases to become a global authority on SEO software. His mother, Gillian, not only was an entrepreneurial influence but co-founded SEOMoz 2004 with him, an SEO consulting company that will become in Moz.com in 2013.

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Despite being born in New Jersey Rand has spent most of his life in Seattle where not only works his company but where he is also a mentor and investor for young people who want to undertake in the world of software and particularly in Search Engine Optimization. He is currently involved in the Seattle TechStars which is an accelerator program that also works in Boston, city where Rand is also involved with the program. There he serves a purpose, to help those who are starting their business around the technology to have a solid start including providing financial support.

However, his greatest contribution is the experience that he can share with those who participate in that program and in general with the entire SEO environment, experience that has helped him to make understand almost anyone on the planet about the importance of developing and publishing content that allows not only a better positioning of web pages, blogs and any other means that can be accessed through the web but also have a satisfying experience for both users and clients, readers and anyone who interacts with those contents.

The impact of Rand’s work cannot be measured solely by the success of his company or by the great reputation he has, he must also look at those businesses that found in him a way to be successful. Businesses of all sizes have found in SEO, a powerful marketing strategy to the point for some of them of even being able to escape bankruptcies that were almost inevitable.

This is what Rand Fishkin represents, a person who can positively influence others just as his mother did with him in the beginning or as his wife does since they were engaged. Geraldine is known as The Everywhereist, is a great writer with thousands of followers who knew how to beat a brain tumor and who has been a great support for him, even in the most difficult moments, like ceasing to be the CEO of Moz.com, situation that ended giving him the time to share more his knowledge in SEO.

4. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the most experimented entrepreneurs, analyst, investor, digital marketer, and blogger on the internet, He is also the co-founder of successful Web Optimization Tools, such as Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics, Hello Bar, and writer at Quick Sprout. These tools are responsible for carrying out functions in the web pages like: Analyze your website completely, increase the number of visits, monitor the activity of the users in a continuous and exhaustive way that determines why they visit the page, how much they do, and who are, exactly, the visitors that can become potential customers of your web page.

He provides a lot of advice for different companies including Amazon, NBC, HP, and Viacom, increasing their revenue. His mastery of SEO methods and blogs have made him well known around the world. He has been ranked as one of the biggest influencers on the Web according to the Wall Street Journal, Likewise, one of the best ten Online Marketing Experts ” according to Forbes magazine, The New York Times bestselling author, is also one of the best 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30, According to the current president of the United States, Barack Obama, The United Nations named him as one of the best 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 35 and Entrepreneur Magazine says he has firmly positioned one of the 100 most smart companies around the world.

Neil Patel has done many incredible things in the SEO world, He has written multiple guides about marketing, such as “The Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing”, “The Advanced Guide to SEO”, and “The Complete Guide to Building Your Blog Audience”, and also, He writes regularly written and comments about this kind of topics. It happens for helping people grow their business with a lot of strategies that do not fail.

Currently, Neil Patel is working on creating a billion-dollar Company, He is happy with his life, and he says that the fact of investing in businesses of all kinds (from “brick and mortar” businesses to the stock market, companies and apartments), made him a Self-sufficient person who does not depend on anyone, so he is his own boss, which generates a great quality of life to invest in his most loved ones: His parents. And that is a very powerful reason to continue doing wonders both in your investments as in the big SEO world.

5.Lee Odden

“Content isn’t king, it’s the kingdom.” This phrase said by Lee Odden himself summarizes his vision and approach of how companies must approach the construction of their marketing content. Lee Odden has over 16 years of work in Marketing Content, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Digital Advertising and Influencer Marketing. During this time, he has been one of the main influences in each of these fields around the world.

Lee is currently the CEO and co-founder of TopRank Marketing, a digital marketing agency that has operated since 2001 and has since become one of the first elections for major companies which seek to increasingly support their marketing strategy in digital formats and social networks.

Something that characterizes Lee is his ability to convey to anyone the principles, trends and importance of marketing content, social media marketing and SEO in the business environment. This has led him to be also a very well-known and accepted international speaker who has a lot of interaction at industrial and commercial events.

His profile and experience have also allowed him to be a writer of multiple articles for several of the most important business environment media such as The Wall Street Journal, The Economist and The New York Times. He has also taken part in different councils and boards of directors. Two of his most important participations have been in the DMA Social Media Advisory Council as chairman and in the DMA Search Engine Marketing Council as a board member, and for many years’ sponsor of the Minneapolis St. Paul Social Media Breakfast; this last one as part of his active work in his hometown.

Mentioning his achievements, it cannot leave aside the work he has done from his blog TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog. The site from which he has inserted his knowledge and that of his team, knowledge that has allowed more than 50,000 followers and hundreds of thousands of readers to have a better understanding of the most relevant aspects in terms of SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing thus making these issues more relevant in global communications.

In a more personal aspect, one of his great passions is to travel around the world and thanks to his work as an international speaker he has been able to share with thousands of people around the world, specifically in more than 13 countries.

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Finally, let’s review one of his greatest achievements, writing “Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing.” The impact of this book on the development and growing of the digital marketing industry has been such that leaders and marketing executives of the Fortune 500 have endorsed it as a referent for the development of their online marketing strategies.

His achievements speak for him and confirm his presence as SEO Hero in the first places of our ranking in which we hope he remains for a long time.

6. Brian Dean

If you are looking for someone that helps you with link building. Brian Dean is definitely one of the top 30 SEO heroes in our list. Brian Dean is nowadays one of the most successful SEO marketers. Although his academic background is in nutrition, he started learning about SEO and is now a renowned authority in the world of online marketing.

His story is one of pure hard work and perseverance: during the economic that hit the United States very hard, Brian was unemployed and without real possibilities of getting a new job due to the rough market conditions. He found himself in a desperate position with basically no other option that starting to grow his own business in order to get back on his feet.

After reading a book entitled “The 4 Hour Workweek”, Brian gain a new perspective on what to do with his life and what type of business he could build. He never considered being an entrepreneur, but the circumstances and his own motivation pushed him to take this path.

He started with the classical SEO tools that were used in 2008, the time where he first found himself in the business: spend hard in Google AdWords and other types of advertisements in other websites to create traffic on your own webpage, expecting the people to click-bait in the message that you paid. But Google changed the conditions of this type of practices again with the release of Google Penguin in April 2012, the biggest update to the search algorithm of the engine: this particular update was created to combat spam and low-quality links, which led to many people in the world to change their SEO strategies in order to keep their traffic.

Brian was one the many people affected by this update, but he managed to change his game and develop new SEO strategies that not only helped his business but also made him realize that there was a big niche market for those who were looking for working SEO tools and guidelines that helped them to accomplish what Brian managed to get.

In December 2013, Brian founded his website Backlinko, in which he publishes several SEO strategies that he proves or knows with actual practical information made by himself. This added value in terms of information has brought him a lot of attention and has sky-rocketed his success in the last years. His website features several interesting and truly useful tips on how to manage the content of your own website, what kind of structures you should look for, how to analyze other websites that already have proven themselves to have a significant amount of traffic, among other things that would really step up the quality of the SEO of anybody who follows his advice.

He is also very active in social media, publishing lots of interesting links on his Twitter account, and also making paid courses for people who want a more personalized experience on how to improve their SEO game.

7. Kristopher B. Jones

With 41 years old Kristopher B. Jones is currently number 7 in our top list. He is a son of Pennsylvania in the United States where he received a Bachelor of Arts from the Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Science from Villanova University, later he got also achieved a Juris Doctorate from Albany Law School in the state of New York, studies that place him as a highly intellectual and prepared man.

For many, the name Pepperjam is very familiar, and they are right. This internet marketing agency is one of the first companies that revolutionized marketing strategies for businesses and retailers around the world. And this… what does it have to do with Kris? Well, he founded in 1999 and was in charge it as President and CEO until 2009 when he sold it after a multi-million-dollar deal with what is currently eBay Enterprise. This is already a very clear signal of the great contribution that Kris has made to digital marketing.

His work at Pepperjam led the company to be deserving of the Inc. Magazine Fastest Growing Company award for three consecutive years (2006, 2007 and 2008). Since Pepperjam’s sale, Kris has successfully served on five fronts, as an investor, best-seller writer, philanthropist, orator, and of course as CEO of the different companies he has created throughout his career as an entrepreneur in the digital marketing and SEO industry.

As an investor, he founded in 2010 KBJ Capital, a company that functions as an investment fund for technology companies that are just beginning their adventure of entrepreneurship. Through this fund has been able to channel a great amount of resources of programs like TechStars, Google Ventures, among others.

After that Kris founded another two companies, ReferLocal.com and LSEO.com. The first one is a business that is responsible for promoting products and services, at the beginning of Pennsylvania retailers. Here Kris uses his knowledge and experience to generate a high traffic of visits to the site and with that to increase the sales of his clients.

In the second he printed his reputation as an expert in SEO helping small and medium size companies to increase their visitor’s traffic and online visibility which are key factors for any business to position itself in any modern market. Thanks to the success of these three companies Kris has enriched his practice as an international speaker. Through his talks, he shares knowledge about investments, technology, digital marketing and SEO.

Something Kris has learned to return part of his success to the community and for this, he actively participates as a member of several committees and boards, some of them non-profit. A good example is the Misericordia University Board of Trustees, an educational entity of Pennsylvania, his native state. As you can see, not only the business side and knowledge about SEO make Kris an important reference for digital marketing but also his human side.

8. Alexander Aranda

If you are looking for SEO HERO that save you from the web anonymity and help you improve your relevance on the internet, then you need to follow Alexander Aranda in order to learn what and how to do it so you can get out from the shadows.

Based in London, Mr. Aranda helps many businesses to achieve their marketing goals with strategies that are the focus on search engine optimization and marketing. He has an easy-going, open-minded personality that makes him reliable, easy to reach, trustworthy and full of great ideas that you will find useful to achieve your targets.

His website features many of the success cases he has accomplished during his career: important sports brand like La Liga from Spain, the delicious Belgian chocolate company Godiva, the widely recognized and used currency website Oanda, among other references, speak very well about his skills and the effectivity of his SEO. He has his own website with his name, but you can see his design signature in many other websites that he references in his personal and professional blog; other websites that he is also directly involved with as a co-founder are the distributor of frames for wall beds in the United Kingdom Wall Bed King and the traveling site visitar.com, which gives useful advice to tourists that are looking for the best places to visit, giving them reasons to know certain cities and suggesting them activities to enjoy their visit.

As previously mentioned, he has a characteristic way to build his websites: a combination of orange and white colors, they can be seen all over the layout of the pages, short menus to navigate the site with short and concrete descriptions of what will be displayed after clicking the button, lots of buttons with direct contact to the people responsible for the content of the web page and even to Alexander and many boxes with subtitles that spread small and easy to read blocks of crucial information that can be found on each side of the main page, are some of the specific features and characteristics that he implements in his design to make the pages light, well distributed in terms of information, comfortable to the eyes due to the perfect combination of background colors and letter fonts and easy to find on the internet thanks to his expert content management and SEO, which is something to expect for someone that has over 10 years of expertise making this activity.

Another great advantage that he has is his fluency in many languages: his roots are Spanish, as it can be deducted from his name, and his mother tongue seems to be Spanish, but he has been living in the United Kingdom long enough to have a perfect domain of this language, helping him to reach a bilingual audience easily and effectively. His Twitter account is also full of useful links and posts, you can even find posts, images, and information from other SEO heroes that are featured on this list.

9. Rafael Patron

An Italian young man climbs to the 9th place is Rafael Patron, a specialist in SEO and web marketing who specializes in strategies and SEO consulting, as well as PPC campaigns. Specifically, he deals with competency analysis, intelligence, review landing pages and creation, structure review, conversion optimization, page optimization, link building analysis. His job is to give visibility to companies and web projects, in particular through the search engines, such as Google.

Thanks to his SEO consultancies, many companies are now in the top positions in Google, and continue to be updated and formed through Skype, in custom SEO consulting sessions.

One of the keys to success in his job is the long-term planning that he do with companies that use his services. He can create a base from which to build the visibility of any company, but in order to do it he must establish a detailed SEO budget that can go for a period of up to 5 years. Period of time that guarantees to make an adequate management in optimizing all the strategy of web marketing and SEO of the modern businesses because like any other business aspect, digital marketing has a great relevance in commercial success and this is understood by Rafael.

Now, another factor that Rafael can understand as few is that it is not enough that the website is visible, but that it has to convert users who visit it into clients. Therefore, it is essential to employ an unblemished SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy. The SEM strategies concentrate all the actions that lead to increasing the visibility of a web not only through its content but of its interaction with other sites, the publicity that they can manage, among other aspects.

Another of the strategies in which Rafael stands out as a pioneer is in the Pay per Click or PPC by its acronym. This strategy allows you to serve ads in a search engine as Google search results in pages and on various websites that belong to the Google content network, in this case, everything is channeled through Google Adwords.

Finally, you cannot talk about Rafael without mentioning his contribution in social marketing, a branch in which he helps to empower people, brands, products and / or services being its main focus Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

This young man, who started to stand out since 2010 as Web Marketing Manager and SEO specialist in Eurotraining Engineering, has a successful career in front of him and you will have the opportunity to follow it from now on. Surely your brand Patron Multimedia will give much to talk about in the coming years especially for bringing a fresh vision to the current digital marketing market.

10. Larry Brauner

Larry Brauner perhaps the most active person in social networks from our top 10 list, he has a truly complete profile in LinkedIn, Clarity, Disqus, Brandergy, Facebook, Twitter and Google+, you can find Larry’s prolific and extensive career all over these websites.

His curriculum is as impressive as it is extensive: he has been in the business of market research and data analysis since 1978, year in which he worked for Eric Marder Associates for 23 years. With a focus on improving the IT functionality inside the company, development of mathematical models and techniques of analysis to detect the factors that influence the purchasing choice of the clients from several markets and formulation of strategies plans that were future-proof for the company, he played a major role in the growth of the company from the inside, making it a business with vision and clear targets to achieve in terms of infrastructure and embracement of new technologies that were being developed at the time and are nowadays a standard in the industry.

The following years were just as successful and full of work after he departed from Eric Marder Associates in 2001: he worked as a manager of marketing for IDT Telecom for three years, between 2005 and 2009, and also as one of the customer analyst and marketing strategists in the period of 2012 up to 2013, he kept the ball rolling with his career, gathering, even more, experience and expertise in his field.

To the date when this article was published, he was involved in three projects at the same time: he has been working with Social Web Associates as a digital marketing strategist since 2007, helping start-ups and retailers to develop marketing solutions that suited their needs and allowed them to stay in the market, focusing his skills on eCommerce, analysis of search engine information such as Google, project management, and other specialties. Parallel to this job, he has been responsible for the growth of the company Gevril Group, which he works with since 2010, controlling the SEO to ensure an organic growth of the brand, integration of several online sales channel and publishing online content to strengthen the brand in the luxury goods business further. Finally, he has been working with the revolutionary postal system iPostal1 as a creator of programs and strategies that have taken the brand far in the business of postal mail and package tracking.

With his strong academic background in Mathematics on the Columbia University and the Stevens Institute of Technology, Larry has used all of his knowledge to revolutionize the way the marketing strategies are built and implemented, using strong and robust mathematical models that fit with the data that the market provides and effectively tackling the market to win relevance and market share using objective data. The New York area has been his playground since the very beginning, and from the city, he has managed to build one of the most impressive curriculums you can find on the internet.

TOP SEO HERO 11-20 :

11. Bruce Clay

Now we have a ‘heavyweight champion’ in our Top 30 SEO heroes. Bruce is a well-recognized SEO expert and educator, he is also a really professional speaker. Have been in the gameplay since 1996, and his contributions to the industry have been huge; he is the acclaimed author of the SEO masterpiece “Search Engine Optimization All-In-One For Dummies” and the co-author of “Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals” Both books being a kind of bible for everyone that is trying to become an SEO and Content Marketing professional. To know how big – SEO speaking – is this man; the very Danny Sullivan, out No. 2 in the top, said that Bruce Clay was the main responsible for creating and spreading the words Search Engine Optimization, giving a new field to study back in 1997. If you are on the field, you must know this guy; if not, you are welcome.

There is no much personal information available about Mr. Clay and his early days; however, he was born in the United States and holds a B.S. (Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences) and an M.B.A (Master Business Administration) in the same field from Pepperdine University, in California.

Bruce is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bruce Clay Inc, a worldwide known SEO consultant company, created in 1996. He runs the company and now serves as a director of SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professionals; the reason why some people in this list see this man as a mentor. The Bruce Clay company now offers a very integral consultancy for websites, companies, users and educator in what they called “Internet Marketing Optimization” That is the combination of several methods around Search Engine Optimization such as Social Media Marketing, SEM, SEO, PPC (Pay per click), Content Development and so on; the company work around a strictly ethical code and is known for spreading and applying only ethical SEO techniques, Bruce has an even an award-winning course on the topic called the “Code of Ethics”

He is one of the greatest and favorite speakers at the SMX (Search Marketing Expo) which is – as previously mentioned – ran by Danny Sullivan. Mr. Clary has received many awards and recognition for his great and huge contribution to the SEO Industry, but maybe the most remarkable accomplishment is being the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the History of SEO advisory in 2013.

In summary, SEO will not be known as we know it today if it was not for him, the publications about him in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Huffington Post and many others, confirm that.

12. Eric Enge

He is one of the most versatile men of the SEO HERO, in addition to his skills in this subject, he has also been developing himself in the presentation of talk shows, oratory and also in the publication of the book “The Art of SEO”, Ranked as the best book selling SEO in the industry. It contents Marketing information that helps businesses with SEO. This excellent book has the collaboration of other SEO experts, they are Rand Fishkin, Stephan Spencer, and Jessie Stricchiola.

Eric Enge is the Chief Executive Officer of Stone Temple Consulting, It is an agency formed by people over 45 years, founded by him in the year 1997, which is responsible for digital marketing that specializes in SEO, social media, and content marketing. Their innovative research helps all the people of the world, even if you are not involved in everything related to SEO. In this page, the research focuses not only on the search engine optimization, also topics of daily life on the web have a space here, such as “Shopping and Finance Apps: What Do People Care Most About?”, Where they show the most popular applications in terms of trade and finance, who are their potential customers, focus on what prefer buyers according to gender, among others.

Eric often writes about SEO and marketing in a lot of quantity of magazines and blogs, like Forbes, Search Engine Land, Moz, Copyblogger, Marketing Land, and off course, the Stone Temple blog. The University of California selected him for being a teacher in an SEO Specialization program, It gives students a certificate in SEO.  And with regard to oratory, He is a sought-after speaker because he gives very valuable advice in too many conference platforms such as Pubcon, SMX, and many others.

As you can see, his tenacity has led him to be who he is today, Currently, on a youtube channel that has his name, is dedicated to uploading videos to help you get the most out of your digital marketing strategy. So, if you want to clear some doubts on this subject, in particular, do not hesitate to see his short videos, which sometimes even have a little touch of humor. With a list of more than one thousand, he has Some of those that reach four thousand visits and has more than two thousand one hundred subscribers. This YouTube channel has different sections for the quick search of the material you need, some of them are: The Digital Marketing Classroom with Professor Enge, Hardcore SEO, Future of Digital Marketing and SEO and a video series called Here’s Why with Mark & Eric, It has approximately a hundred chapters called.

Eric has been an entrepreneur for more than 30 years. People expect he continues with this for many more years, to show the world more about the internet.

13. Barry Schwartz

Born in 1980 Barry Schwartz is one of the members of our Top 30 SEO Heroes that most stand out on the news side of SEO and SEM world. He does so as founder and executive editor of Search Engine Roundtable a site that specializes in reporting any change, trend, news and event around those facets of digital marketing.

They are already more than 13 years making an exhaustive coverage of everything that happens in the industry of the search by Internet, an industry that has proven to be even more important than the advertising for many companies nowadays. And there is no doubt that much of this importance is due to the great work of subjects such as Barry Schwartz.

In this path of reporting and of course helping establish trends SEO and SEM, Barry is also the news editor of Search Engine Land another search engine news site founded by another member of our Top 30, Danny Sullivan. Prior to this role, he was also the editor of Search Engine Watch.

His participation in the news area also expands to numerous forums of search marketing in which he serves as moderator. Another of his facets is that of blogger, one in which it has a reputation comparable to that of Rand Fishkin, other Top 30 member, and his team in Moz.

Another facet of this entrepreneur is his active participation as a speaker at multiple international events of digital marketing and trends of search engines such as the Search Marketing Expo in Israel. This is a common aspect among the majority of the members of our ranking, because they feel the need to transmit their knowledge to continue contributing to the search marketing evolution as a trend that is changing the way of doing business for both companies and people, supply and demand.

To continue complementing the profile of this versatile expert in search engines, it is important to highlight its participation in the world of web software development for companies in different industrial sectors. We are talking about RustyBrick and his role as CEO of this company based also in New York, and whose specialty is web-based custom software including content management systems, social networking sites and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications.

From his time as a student he was already someone who stood out of the average obtaining a Summa Cum Laude when graduating from the City University of New York back in 2002. The city where he currently resides with his wife and five children, three women and two boys.

This particularity united with his successful career has earned him multiple appearances as a writer and interviewed in Forbes, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, New York Times among others.

One of the most important things that Barry has in his favor is that his career has just reached its highest points of success so we will still see many contributions from him in the search marketing world in the future.

14. Spencer Haws

The story of Spencer Haws is the type of story in which the entrepreneurship path was not directly chosen by him, but the entrepreneurship path chose him instead: he graduated from the Brigham Young University in 2003 with a Bachelor degree in Finances and then studied in 2005 an MBA in the Arizona State University, from which he graduated in 2007. After he had finished his academic life, he enrolled in a job as a banker, working as a Business Relationship Manager for the Wells Fargo Bank since 2005.

This type of job was rough and not very fulfilling for him, he also had several other interests in building websites and generating traffic to them using online marketing tools, such as the SEO itself. His first websites were built in 2005, but the real success of his career came as late as 2009; during this 4 years, he studied a lot by himself and researched all that he could to learn about online marketing, search engines, website content management, correct use of keywords, among several other knowledges that he was interested in and could help him fulfill his dream of becoming financially independent with his own business and time schedule. He still had to work in his traditional position at the Wells Fargo Bank to support his family before he could quit and make a living out of what he wanted.

The websites that he first built started giving him revenues in 2009 when some of the “niche” websites that he created years ago were starting to generate enough money to make them sustainable. Noticing that the strategies he was implementing were finally successful, he went on and built over 200 websites; not all of them were hits, but he still managed to accomplish enough success to actually earn more money that he was receiving with his work at the bank. In 2011, he retired from his traditional job and dedicated himself full-time to the business of creating and managing niche websites, applying the principles of web marketing and SEO he learned and perfected during his 4 years of self-instruction.

Since 2011, he has created several businesses and websites; his most successful one is nichepursuits.com, which is a blog website in which he posts texts and podcasts with useful tips for building niche websites in different markets. Thanks to his experience in the past, he also built his own piece of software that complements the already existing strategies to select and handle keywords that the webmasters have called Long Tail Pro. These two projects have ensured him a successful career as an SEO manager for small and medium websites.

Spencer defines himself as a man with multiple ideas, having a hard time when trying to focus in only one. Before dedicating all of his efforts to NichePursuits.com and the Long Tail Pro software, he also tried to make an iPhone app, and even an online learning platform called UpFuel.com, which he founded with Chris Guthrie, but the app never took off, and UpFuel.com was closed by mutual agreement. Still, he has a platform called Long Tail University, through which he offers several courses, teaching people secret personal tips to have a strong website with constant traffic.

15. Larry Kim

Let us continue the top 30 of SEO HEROES focusing in advertising, especially AdWords and Facebook Ads, topics in which this man, Larry Kim, is a true expert.

Larry Kim is the founder and current Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of WordStream. During the last decade, he has been doing organic and paid optimized search. Almost in the half of his experience in the Search Engine Optimization, he created WordStream and is currently one of the most active people in the Internet marketing community. The company mainly focuses on developing and selling specialized software on it PPC (Pay Per Click), which basically is a template to charge for advertising on search engines and websites. When SEO joins PPC, we get SEM or Search Engine Marketing; which is term involving a lot more than just SEO. It is in the PPC and marketing fields where Larry has built his reputation.

And, you will see, Larry has done well with his WordStream company. By today, the company is valued at more than USD 10 million and has more than 110 employees, providing a serious and efficient service to thousands of customers around the world. In the year 2015, it was cataloged as the 184 fastest growing company in the United States by the magazine Inc; the number may sound not that impressive to you, but it is a great compliment knowing the North American market. In addition to this, in the words of Larry himself, during the last 6 years, the company has raised more than USD 30 million capital at risk, a fact that speaks for itself.

But that is not all, Larry is also a columnist in Search Engine Land, the well-known company of the mentioned Danny Sullivan; being the columnist number one in 2013 which added a lot of value to his career.

Nowadays. he has directed that PPC expertise to AdWords from Google and Facebook Ads g becoming one of the most expert and influencer guys out there about this topic as we mentioned in the beginning. In fact, this is what had made him won the most influential PPC expert in 2015, 2014 and 2013 award given by PPC Hero Blog.

It is really impressive all the contribution he had given to the Internet marketing community, even more, when we realized that he is an Electrical Engineer from the University of Waterloo, an area you would not expect to produce such knowledge; however, is thanks to that and his early expertise in software development companies what has gotten him so far. You can follow more about him and his company on Twitter so you to get all the latest news and tips about PPC and Ads, Content and Internet Marketing, make you sure you will not miss it.

16. Vanessa Fox

In this position is Vanessa Fox, she is a SEO consultant, blogger the Author of the book “Marketing in the Age of Google: Your Online Strategy Is Your Business Strategy”, which has been named as “the must-read for the business owner who’s looking to survive in the 21st century”, this book is a practical guide that helps you to harness all the full power of online search for business, and instead focuses on build your business and make it grow, attracting the eighty –six percent of user clicks

During the last years, she has been cataloged as one of Seattle’s Top 40 Under 40, Top 25 Innovators and Entrepreneurs, and one to add even more value, Top 100 Seattle Women in Seattle Tech. She is a kind of web celebrity mainly in Seattle, although her name is often very well-known in the world.

She has founded two very important companies. The first one is the Blueprint Search Analytics Software, and the second one is the highly successful search analytics software and strategic consulting company, It is Nune by Blue, that helped hundreds of companies with technical SEO and search strategy, but when she decided to sell both companies, she continued writing and speaking about search to audiences around the world, and also she founded the Company Keylime Toolbox , where she is the Chief Executive Officer.

It was founded with Jeremy Wadsack, a specialist in technical leadership and management. Nowadays, He is Chief Technology Officer on Keylime Toolbox. That is why Vanessa works with Jeremy, they use their experiences of SEO expert for creating a Company and teaching other people about SEO, to make this possible she had to investigate too much for understanding SEO searching in some big references of library and tutorials.

Keylime Toolbox will give you tools that help to identify what is the most important information and give you actionable insights for making better the qualified traffic from unpaid search.

She designed the first version of the Google Webmaster Help Center, her function was to lead the blog and the feature development in webmaster tools and to launched the webmaster forums. Vanessa also has been instrumental at Yahoo, and Bing.

In other words, this girl is a clearly simple of an entrepreneurial person who hopes people will be more interested in everything related to SEO, and with Keylime Toolbox she wants to bring common sense SEO resources to everyone in the world.

17. Eric Ward

Probably the most heroic of our list, the online marketing probably would not be what it is today without the important contributions that Eric Ward made to the industry since he began his career, back in 1994. Let’s recap his accomplishments.

Back when the search engines were just in the early phases of testing and development, Eric Ward was already working with linking strategies to have a proper management of the content of a website. The search engines in the early 90’s did not have so many rules as they have today, but Eric Ward has always thought about the future: his main focus is to create sustainable link strategies that not only allow the clients that look for his advice grow organically with time, but also these strategies have to be future-proof, avoiding practices that could be attacked in updates from the scouting algorithms used by the main search engines on the internet.

Although he recognizes the massive importance that Google has in the online market as the biggest search engine, he has always believed and stated that this company should not be the only factor that dictates the strategies that a company should follow when they are trying to make a good SEO. Updates from Google have changed the game more than once, punishing those practices that focused on non-legit positioning in the results list and spam, and Eric has always been careful in the guidelines that he follows when developing new strategies, avoiding possible flaws that could make his linking system crumble with a new update from the search engine.

With his expertise, he created his own website using his name as a brand. In there, it is possible to hire several of his services that go from individual live content dictated by him personally, teaching people how to properly manage their linking strategies, to directly hire him to develop linking strategies for your website. He is also the publisher and creator of the paid newsletter LinkMoses, which he uses as a way to teach and engage people into learning using video tutorials and tactics to build a strong SEO for a corporate website.

His success and number of awards are unique and extensive: he has worked with big companies such as Discovery Channel, Warner Bros, Weather.com, National Geographic, among many others. He is the author of a best-seller book about online marketing, has featured the book Online Marketing Heroes as one of the most important personalities in this field and he is even responsible for the success of big names in the online market such as Amazon and The New York Times. Mr. Ward has spoken at over 100 conferences on online marketing, showing how influential his teachings are and how respected he is in the market.

18. Stephan Spencer

An expert in SEO, author and professional speaker, this is how we can describe the number 18 member of our top 30 SEO HERO list, Stephan Spencer who curiously has studied in biology, an area of science that in principle has little to do with the world of technology. For 1993 he earned a bachelor’s degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology, and a later postgraduate degree in biochemistry. But his passion took him along the way of digital marketing to become a world reference.

In 1995 he founded a web design agency, Net Concepts, which by 1999 would have evolved into digital marketing and an e-commerce agency specializing in SEO. By the year 2010, Netconcepts was already a benchmark at the international level which led to its sale to Covario, an organic search software / services agency that have integrated the list of Fortune 500 in two consecutive years, 2009 and 2010.

Since then Stephan has managed to develop its other facets in a much more detailed, especially the writer. From 2011 he has published 3 books, two of them as co / author, Social eCommerce in 2014 and The Art of SEO, book from which was launched its third edition in 2015.

His first book, which he published in 2011, is called Google Power Search and highlights the immense power behind this search engine for both commercial and competitive purposes for companies and individuals.

Also, addresses the importance of learning to use it in order to exploit this potential, and precisely this book, and for much of Stephen’s career, focuses on teaching people how to take advantage of all SEO science to maximize search engines benefits.

Continuing with its contributions to SEO, Stephan Spencer invented GravityStream, a platform for automatic searches in local markets. This tool has become a powerful ally for companies seeking to reach potential markets through different search engines. Gravity Stream became RIO SEO Website Optimizer as part of its evolution towards a web optimizer.

In the case of Stephan Spencer, we must also emphasize his role as a philanthropist to which he devotes much of his time and experience in helping various causes that include organizations from the United States and New Zealand, which was his home among the 2000 and 2007. Stephan is a member of the New Zealand Trust for Conservation Volunteers and the Combat Blindness Foundation, all as part of his philosophy of giving something back to the community.

At the moment, Stephan devotes his time to being an SEO consultant getting to work with companies like Sony and Chanel, which places it like a world-class expert by whose services the companies literally line up.

19. Dave Naylor

He is More commonly known as DaveN, this man has built an excellent reputation, he is one of the best in the world talking about leading of SEO, because sixteen years ago, the entry to the SEO industry with three big enterprises releasing their database driven data, creating internal link structures and improving usability.

His first steps on the web started in the year 1998 when he worked on digital marketing, what would be years later his Company founded on 2003 named Bronco, It is a creative digital marketing agency of Internet service provider, where nowadays is the director. It is originally from the United Kingdom and offers a wide range of online services like the web design and to create a successful online campaign.

One of the many advantages of this site is that you do not have to be an expert in computer skills, the Bronco team is equipped to advise anyone who needs it even if it is someone who is just starting in digital marketing, design, and others Topics that are sure to help. However, who has certain knowledge in this area, may not need advice with a thorough explanation, what is true is that every day as well as the SEO world and everything else on the web is being updated and It is necessary to be always aware of all related with this. Dave Naylor and his team used to write on this blog about Search Marketing and digital trends since 2005. Dave leads the company with his wife Becky and 20 other employees as the head of Search Marketing. Together they have helped to the majority of companies like Digg, Virgin Holiday Cruises, and SaxoBank.

Since the founding of his virtual enterprise he started to work with too many international companies, and also, He continued expanding those services with Organic Marketing, Pay Per Click Search Advertising, Digital Media Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media, Conversion, and Video Creation.

He is a specialist in Search Engine Strategies (SES), Search Marketing Expo (SMX) and He frequently speaks at the conference’s industry, such as: iGaming Affiliate, SES (renamed ClickZ Live), SMX, and Others. He works giving speeches for more than ten years, and keep writing blog post son his own website about useful stuff related to SEO and Google News. As you see, He is a very Smart businessman.

Dave Naylor will keep spending all his time to work on client strategies as well as studying Google’s algorithm, so they can offer a first class service to their customers that have been built with years of experience.

20. Eric Siu

Eric Siu is our next SEO HERO. He is the CEO of Single Grain, a leading digital marketing agency that has worked with big companies like Yahoo!, TurboTax and Salesforce in marketing digital and SEO growth. You can visit his webpage and see all the customers he had in the past along with a really good description of what does his agency do to your business.

Mr. Siu already had enough experience in web positioning and online business growth through SEO as he was the previous leader of the growth team at Treehouse. In addition, he has done important consulting work for some Fortune 500 companies and startups that are backed up by risk capital.

Eric is a regular contributor to remarkable websites in digital marketing, SEO and entrepreneurship; including Search Engine Watch and Entrepreneur, magazine site in which he sustains a weekly column. He currently also owns a site called “Growth Everywhere” in parallel to his main activity, in which he interviews businessman and well-recognized entrepreneurs from all across the world and talks about personal and business growth.

Do you remember Neil Patel, our 4th guy on this list? Well he and Eric are great friends and have a spectacular podcast program called “Marketing School Podcast.” Here they provide awesome SEO and marketing tips in short ten minutes’ podcasts each day, easy and practical for anyone. The program has been online since August from 2016.

Eric, who is fluent in Chinese and lives near Los Angeles, California; did his formal studies at the University of California in San Diego and had been working since January 2010. First as a Credential Analyst and then escalating quickly to its preferred positions in marketing digital as Director of Marketing and SEO specialist for several big companies in the United States.

With almost 7000 followers on Twitter he is a real guru in digital marketing, his late posts and blogs writing are directed to Facebook Ads and creating personal or business brand. Take a look, it really has valuable information to learn and keep growing in digital marketing and SEO.

TOP SEO HERO 21-30 :

21. Bill Slawski

The list of our 30 SEO HEROES continues with another one from the old school in SEO and digital marketing. Bill’s contributions to a search engine, custom search, universal and social search engine themes have been enormous. Bill is a like the great scientist in Search Engine Optimization and has even developed theories and methods that apply today.

Although the background of his education is quite different because Bill has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from the University of Delaware, and a Juris Doctor Degree from Widener University School of Law; he was able to develop himself in the technological area thanks to 14 years working for the Court as an analyst and technology manager. In there he helped several people to create their websites and since then has been involved with the whole issue of creation and digital positioning.

With more than 20 years of SEO experience – you already see why we say it is an old school – and a Juris Doctor Degree, Mr. Slawski is the foremost Google patent expert in relation to SEO. Bill is the publisher and creator of SEO by the Sea, a leading search engine optimization blog in which he is the author of more than one thousand publications.

The SEO by the Sea blog was initially founded in 2005 to teach a group of people in the United States about how to sell on the Internet and how search engines worked. Bill himself says that by that time he was seeing ship sails and that was where the name came from. The site has become one of the basic sites when it comes to knowing and investigating SEO. It is a place where Bill keeps a record of all his research related to the search and the patents, besides writing on other informative subjects for the appropriate development of digital marketing. Over the years, SEO by the Sea has been committed to people, being human and impartial with tips and truly relevant information.

His role with Google and his vast experience make him one of the most reliable sources when it comes to learning about how search engines work and how users can take advantage of them. People like you can increase their positioning on the Internet by using first-hand information when using Bill’s techniques and suggestions.

Finally, Bill’s experience includes positioning for well-known websites such as the Harvard Business School and the Johns Hopkins University, consulting for Fortune 500 companies and being an author and collaborator of Moz and Search Engine Land.

Between 2014 and 2016, he spoke at leading industry conferences and unveiled new topics related to search engine algorithms, highlighting his professionalism in the subject. In short, Bill is quite an eminence in SEO and worth following his work closely.

22. Aaron Wall

On top twenty- two we have the founder of SEO Book, Aaron Wall. He is an advisor, Strategic SaaS Growth Leader, specialist on digital strategy and enterprises, Mobile Optimization, Digital and Media Agencies, Sports & Entertainment, Market Strategy, Real-time Analytics and Optimization, Social Media and Social Marketing Management. His passion in life is summarized in big data, visualizations, digital media, mobile, social media and disruptive technology. He has the ability to be creative and also solve analytical problems. He built a track record of results through leadership, team-building, execution and innovation.

For more than thirteen years he has been the architect of the fortune of more than five hundred companies, agencies (Digital, Media), customer success objectives, and creating strategic partnerships.

At first the book was just a blog created on year 2003, that offered many advice about “SEO- Do It Yourself”, but Aaron Wall expanded that idea and made it more powerful. It did it writing one of the bestselling books. SEO Book took with him an earning more than one million dollars in sales. However, the blog continues working and publishing, an excellent and very useful content. This is why Aaron Wall will continue to giving us more than him with his publications and his speeches regarding with SEO.

Since the last couple years, SEO Book has been named in iMediaConnection, Marketing News, Slashdot, TechCrunch, The Wall Street Journal, The London Times, and so many others important media services.

His site focus offering an extensive SEO training program, this initiative started when the customer wanted to interact too more with Aaron Wall and the SEO Book Team. They decide to give people what they wanted, that is why this training program was launched, it consists on: More than 100 custom training modules, a private community that give support to apprentices (this could be compared with a SEO conference or a SEO forum) exclusive premium tools, custom SEO spreadsheets, member’s only videos, monthly newsletters and process flowcharts.

And as they say: “We decided to respect your intelligence “when they say this, they refer to the price. Aaron Wall want to advise people with his program but with a price that is easy to access. Currently this training program just costs three hundred dollars a month, to make it available to most customers. For SEO Book Team is very important to help other people, but they offer a low price because many of their customers are so knowledgeable that they say that learn a lot of from them.

23. Aleyda Solis

Aleyda is a well-known international SEO consultant – a service she gives through her company Orainti -, in addition to being a blogger in Search Engine Land, State of Digital and Moz. She is worldwide recognized for being the author of the book on SEO: “SEO. The Essential Keys” published by Anaya and an online marketing lecturer. Her expertise fields are the SEO Audits, strategies, process management and training.

One of Orainti’s strongest approaches is its SEO development for mobile applications in smartphones which integrates the entire package that this company offers in terms of SEO for its customers. In this aspect, the contribution of Aleyda has been key

She has been included in such impressive lists such as Entrepreneur, as one of the 50 Online Marketing Influencers to follow in 2016, and such as the top 10 2015 Forbes list of Digital Marketing Specialist to follow. With almost a decade of experience in search engine positioning projects with European, American and Latin American companies, Aleyda stands as one big reference for the industry. She is the second woman in our top 30 and as far as you can see her achievements quite impressive.

Those who have the chance to interact with her describe her as an attentive, methodical, practical person, but – at the same time – always ready to learn and to face the challenges that stand in her way.

She currently advises multinational companies – such as Zillow and Hungryhouse, among many others, companies that require personalized and highly specialized advice to develop their positioning strategy and achieve their SEO goals, thus increasing their revenues. Her commitment and association with Moz of Rand Fishkin have taken her to the highest point in the SEO industry, creating a road for all the women that loves tech and content and digital marketing.

She has a Master’s degree in Electronic Commerce from the University of Salamanca and currently works as a teacher, especially in Spain. A country where he has spent most of his life and where he currently lives.

Now she fully develops as an international speaker at more than 70 conferences in 17 different countries, reaching even Latin American countries such as Colombia due to her Latin roots because she is native to Nicaragua. What is great about this aspect about her is that she is making the SEO a world issue, nor a just big company and a first world matter.

24. Dennis Seymour

Almost at the end of this list, but that does not mean that our SEO experts are less interesting. To prove this point, here is one of the most straight-forward and juvenile SEO experts of this list: Dennis Seymour.

He has an academic background that has nothing to do with online marketing: he studied Civil Engineering at De La Salle University in the city of Manila, from 2000 to 2004. However, his real passion was entrepreneurship, a path that has given him much of what he has today. He has lived in several cities and countries in Asia, such as China and Japan; all of those experiences taught him how to view the world from different perspectives and to keep persevering on his path to creating his own business.

In 2013, he got settled in the Philippines and founded LeapFroggr, a blog full of his own particular perspective and descriptions about how SEO works and, in his own words, how making SEO can suck sometimes. This does not mean that he does not enjoy his job, nor it means that he is not good at it; actually, his descriptions show what is really happening backstage when an SEO expert is working. Hours of research, mountains of statistical data to analyze, extensive sessions of discussion about what type of content should go on the website to effectively position the website in the best places possible to the result list, are just the tip of the iceberg of what this profession has to deal with. His professional advice combined with a juvenile narrative create an engaging text that easily connects with those that are interested in keep learning SEO or already have some experience in this field, making him an empathetic character that gives a stream of fresh air to a market that is packed with serious texts.

Besides his role as content creator in LeapFroggr, he is in charge of the SeriousMD website and application, which was created to improve the communication and interaction between doctors and patients in the Philippines. A personal experience led him to develop this new tool that will help doctors to keep track of the medical history of their patients, adding some control and order to the agenda and archive of the doctor, and will also assist patients on getting appointments, consulting the availability of the doctors and track their medical records, all at the palm of their hand.

Dennis is very active in social media: Snapchat, Twitter and Google + are always up to date with posts that contain important information about SEO, PPC practices, website traffic improvement, link building, content management and content marketing, among several other tips and strategies that are meant to help everyone interested in SEO in a didactic way.

25. Dharmesh Shah

Dhar mesh is a software entrepreneur and currently co-founder and CTO of HubSpot, an innovative company in the field of digital marketing. What this company does is to build a platform to facilitate Internet Marketing using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools, revolutionizing the entire industry and finalizing what an effective SEO process does: to get potential customers. HubSpot is the third venture of Dharmesh; this guy is one of the most enterprising in our top SEO HERO list.

Mr. Shah made a B.S. in Computer Science to later go for something bigger and reach an M.S. in Science and Technology Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As part of his graduate work, He wrote a thesis focused on software startups which gave him great value and helped him to make important contacts.

Dharmesh declares himself as a technological type geared more specifically towards software development. He has built and shipped about ten commercial software products through his various ventures, he states that he still writes code because that makes him a better entrepreneur and of course, he also enjoys it.

He founded Pyramid Digital Solutions before HubSpot, a business software company in the financial services industry. The company that was boosted with less than USD 10,000 and awarded three times with the Inc. 500 prize, after showing incredible growth. After serving as CEO and chief software architect of the company between 1994 and 2005, he managed to sell the company in August 2005 to SunGard Business Systems, a big tech company valued at more than 11,000 million dollars.

Since the sale of Pyramid, this guy has always been involved in the Boston area and has made several investments in technology companies, mainly looking for software development and digital marketing.

26. Ann Smarty

She is a blogger that founded MyBlogU, she is an expert in Social Media, Content Marketing and blogging, but before that, she had to build too many relationships in the blogosphere community, and that give her the power for developing and making their own web skills.

After that, in 2009 she started with myblogguest.com to help bloggers of all around the world reaching for a new public, It impulse them to create, collaborate together and promote innovative content. They meet new people and share ideas about many kinds of topics and It allows that more people are thinking about something big, créate exceptional inventions. This phenomenon of the web is better known as EPIC content. In In July of 2014 she founded her website: MyBlogU, and their fundamentals are based on the strategy learned before.

There is a lot of articles featured written by her, such as: “Eleven Ways to Generate More Comments to Your Blog Posts”, “How to Include All Employees in Your Social Media Marketing”, “Repackage Your Long-Form Article Into Something Memorable” and so on. Since 2012, Ann is the community and brand manager on the Internet Marketing Ninjas, She currently makes a regular contribution to the Internet Marketing Ninjas blog and is also an internal SEO resource for the team.

Today, her SEO Consulting Services includes: Keyword research, Competitive analysis, On-site optimization recommendations, Social media promotion, Online reputation management, Link building.

Perhaps hiring the services of Ann Smarty is not so economical, because she charges a hundred dollars an hour. However, this investment is worthwhile because its work is splendid. First you will do an analysis of your niche, study the competition and only propose to step-by-step to develop a unique plan for your website, even if it already exists or not. These first steps are very important for the building of your Company.

After choosing your niche, she will research the market for the major search engines and likewise define the keywords for the competition, review the keywords you are already using in your business and will improve that list if it is necessary. Then, based on this information, having Ann in your business is a very good option if you want to make it grow.

27. Brian Clark

Our next SEO Hero is an SEO specialist who has a strong penchant for blog content, we’re talking about Brian Clark founder and CEO of Rainmaker Digital a company that has been born other initiatives such as Copyblogger, StudioPress, Rainmaker FM, and the Rainmaker platform as such.

Brian’s career began in 1998, the year in which he started with his online publications. These beginnings led them to later consolidate an individual blog called Copyblogger that evolved into one of the most influential digital trade magazines in the world of SEO.

Copyblogger has even been recognized on several occasions as one of the strongest blogs in the world by such important means as the Guardian and Advertising Age. Its evolution has been such that today it has a networking community and a training system for those involved in the development of marketing content. Derived from it, Copyblogger even certifies as Content Marketer those who complete their courses.

The above has a lot to do with the philosophy that Brian has about the role of blogs and work together, a philosophy that is summed up in his own words “Linking to other blogs is essential to growing”.

Now, his commitment to sharing the knowledge of the SEO is unmatched, that is why within its initiatives stands Rainmaker.FM a platform that allows to register and have access to audio online content that accompanies training, allows changing the way of conceiving the digital marketing of any person.

Precisely as part of what Rainmaker Digital represents, Brian and his team have developed a platform for content marketers and digital entrepreneurs. In it can be accessed a series of tools to develop solutions and strategies for digital marketing and sales, all of them to shape in the design of web pages and promotions by Internet.

Rainmaker was launched in 2014 So it has more than 10 years of work and research by Brian and his team. Work that reflects another characteristic of his philosophy about SEO, “SEO isn’t the icing or the cake, it’s the sugar that’s baked in from the start”. This phrase also coined by Brian himself reflects that the SEO should be part of the basis with which develop any digital marketing content.

Finally, it is necessary to emphasize two personal initiatives of Brian that also point to its mission of helping to those who initiate in the digital marketing and technology industry. Further, a newsletter focused on directing content about techniques and advances in SEO; and Unemployable, a simple platform where entrepreneurs and freelancers can find effective strategies to improve their positioning on the web.

28. Shane Barker

This business development consultant has been featured in several important publications, such as The Huffington Post, Scientific American and Business.com. Even Neil Patel, our pick for our number 4 spot of this list, has featured one of his infographics on his personal website.

Graduated from the California State University in Sacramento, his educational background in business administration and marketing are a clear sign of what kind of career path he wanted to follow from the very beginning. After he got his degree in 2003, he created his own business as a consultant, using his name as the brand’s name; he has accomplished several awards to his work with celebrities, such as ranking as the #1 social media consultant in the United States in 2012, according to PROskore, and reaching the #34 spot in the Top 50 of “SEO experts to Follow on Social Media”, made by the Post Planner.

He has worked with the renowned NFL player Adrian Ross, coordinating several events of his non-profit organization from 2008 until 2011. He was also the co-founder and Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the photography website Modera, which was a start-up project to create a new type of social media that put pictures taken pictures around the world in different categories, competing to win a prize in contests that awarded style, fashion and other criteria.
With 14 years expertise as a consultant, Shane Barker is still one of the worldwide leaders in social marketing. Several of his infographics and quotes have been featured in many other websites, praising his accurate description when talking about key strategies; one of his phrases, “Less is More”, explains a basic principle for the user experience design (abbreviated as UX), which consists of keeping the design as simple and easy to understand as possible, eliminating the complexity and the excess of information when designing something targeted for common audiences.

Another one of his featured advice is one about crowdfunding and digital marketing: if you are offering a product or a service to a target audience, do not try to explain every minor detail of what your product or service is about; it is better when you give a general but accurate description of what you are offering, along with more additional information about why people should go to you instead of the competition, how does your offer could bring some added-value to your potential clients, and some other honest opinions that show the audience that you are targeting your expertise in the subject and an honest opinion of what the market is offering and where do you stand in comparison to the competition.

29. Mike Volpe

Mike Volpe is an entrepreneurial, startup executive with expertise in marketing, business development, strategy and lead generation for internet, he also developed “Software as a service” and “business to business” software.

Mr Volpe was the Chief Marketing Officer at HubSpot, a Company founded on June of year 2006, about web analytics and marketing online, and owned by the previously mentioned number 25 guy, Dharmesh Shah. The company have its head office on Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. What is remarkable from this guy is that he helped Hubspot to grew tremendously, reaching more than 15000 customers and USD 150 million in revenue; all of hat despite his scandalous exit from the company.

Mike works with the new generation of entrepreneurial leaders, through different marketing strategies on the web, such as: search engine optimization, social media, video marketing and blogs.

During his career Mike has given more than 50 lectures, these mainly talk about social media marketing, Blogging for Business,Search Engine Optimization, Website Conversion Improvement, Internet and Video Marketing, and Lead Generation. His professional trajectory participation in companies as Cybereason, where he is currently the Chief Marketing Officer, On Reply INC. Mr Volpe is a member of the board of directors, and He occupied the same charge on Attend INC where he were working for ten months.

His mainly achievements includes: Built and managed a team of 80 of the world’s best marketers, created and incredible conference that has 10,000 attendees, built a top brand in the technology industry, built a lead generation program from with more than 50,000 people.

Mike Volpe is one of the most important Marketing Geniuses, winning important awards since years 2008. His leadership has taken him to the top of the SEO industry.

30. Joost de Valk

Our top 30 finally reach its end with a very special guest. Maybe you are a WordPress developer and a little bit familiar with SEO, then you must know SEO Yoast; well, this man here is the very founder and creator of that useful plugin, so let’s take a look at who he is.

yoast seo

Joost de Valk is the founder and CEO of Yoast.com. A thirty years old guy, husband and father of 3 kids, a real family man. He is from a small town called Wijchen, located in the Netherlands.

De Valk is a great contributor to the Open Source coding world and in his statements, you can see how he wants the information to be accessible to everyone. When asked why he focuses so much on WordPress, he responds that it is simply because he loves to use it and because he loves the community that is in there. In his own words, “it’s great to be able to build something and help so many people.” Clearly at first, the thought was not the same, because in its beginnings it was to simply improve their websites but as you give, you received; a common true spelled by success people. Joost seems to understand that. WordPress is now one of his business lines and Valk is responsible for developers to keep abreast of how to boost their SEO methods there.

Joost built his first website in 1994 with only 12 years old, which showed that he is not a normal guy. During that time, he made several attempts and websites but nothing relevant. It was until 2002 that his professional career began being a Java developer, at least that he wanted to believe. He took a couple of jobs in sales and later it would find its place programming in HTML and CSS, there would begin his career programming for WordPress. A while later he would find his next job, thanks to his wife by the way, and the possibility of developing an incredible career within SEO.

Some of the most famous and mentioned guys in SEO – of course they are in our top 30 – such as Dave Naylor, Danny Sullivan and Mark Cutts saw the potential in this guy and take him to talk in the SEO days, SES and SMX conferences, taking all his knowledge to a whole new level. Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz make him participate in a survey of SEO ranking factors and that thing became one of the greatest research of the year. Joost is now inside the SEO elite of the world.

Now you have it, an extensive compilation of the SEO Hero and a summary of how SEO and digital marketing are an important part of our lives having improved the way we see business and organizations on the web. If you are older enough you will understand us, just take a look at what the Internet looks like 10 or 15 years ago, it was not that easy.

the Internet and online marketing have changed the way we do business; although this trend began as early as 1994, the people that appeared on this list already understood that this is a time of innovation, where the classical theories had to be adjusted in order to reflect the actual state of the world and the market itself. Access to information, noticeability in the internet and world-wide interconnection need to be taken into account when trying to have a sustainable business. We hope that this SEO HERO list has brought you critical information about how to take the best next step for the future of your company.

Yemliha Toker



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