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Dikkan.com, which started to produce in İzmir Kemalpaşa, is one of the leading companies in valve field. As a result of long R & D work, there are dozens of products that are driven to the market.

The vast majority of these products are used in industrial areas. Industry, ship, water and sewage, agriculture, such as dozens of valves and cables, such as products continue to market.

The company, which has a significant manufacturing base in Turkey and in the world, is now regarded as one of the most important actors in this area. The company, which has signed a direct or indirect partnership with many international companies, already has several partnerships.

The company, which is one of the important actors of the marine valve and waterworks valve market, already owns brands such as İz-Metal, Bross and Bronze.

The company that manufactures high quality marine valves produces different types of steel or bronze. It produces long-lasting creations by choosing strong and durable metals and alloys. This ensures that this brand is stronger and more recognizable. At the Valve exhibition in Düsseldorf in 2016, the company has established many stands and proved to be one of the key partners in this area.

These products are very important in the industrial product market. It is extremely important that the use of the products is supported by automation systems, is of a creative design and is useful. These products have to adapt to the system after they are integrated into the systems. Many different measures and codes can counteract. Valves are also very useful in water and sewer projects.

Marina valves, indispensable products for ship and ship systems. These products may wear out over time and cause the vehicles to enter danger. Therefore, non-rusting, non-rusting and non-rusting metals and alloys should be preferred. Otherwise, you may be faced with many material and moral damages.


Source: https://dikkanvalve.com


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