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TIP: How to Stay on Top of Your Financial Accounts

TIP: How to Stay on Top of Your Financial Accounts

Your paycheck was due to hit your bank account on Friday morning, so when your friend asks you to pay your share of the dinner bill on Saturday, you transfer it via a payment app without a second thought. Two weeks later, you get your bank statement and something seems wrong — you have an overdraft feefrom that weekend, and because of a bank holiday you weren’t aware of, that paycheck didn’t go through until Monday.

So, how do you avoid this situation in the future? The Level Money℠ app to the rescue! An easy way to know when transactions like a paycheck are received or a credit card bill was paid, is to look at the Home screen of the Level app, which clearly shows you a list of all your transactions. This allows you to see what has been processed by your bank and credit card companies. Also, it’s a super quick way for you to check in on your current account balance in your checking or savings accounts. Just log in to the Level app, tap the menu in the upper left and select Balances. Not only can you see your current balance but you can also see where you were last month, and where your account balance is projected to be next month.

Finally, Level is a “read-only” app, so it’s never authorized to access your money. This means that while you can see transaction data, account balances, and other financial info from the app, you can’t access account numbers or passwords, transfer money, make payments, or approve withdrawals from any of your accounts.

With Level, you can get the information you need without putting your finances at risk.

Level Money, powered by Capital One®.

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