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TIP: How to Get Rid of Unnecessary Spending

TIP: How to Get Rid of Unnecessary Spending

With spring finally making an appearance around much of the country, it’s time to clear out the cobwebs and clutter that’s accumulated over the winter months. For many of us this means spring cleaning our homes, but your finances could also benefit from some tidying up.

One easy way to put yourself on a better track, is by eliminating any unnecessary spending. In some cases, this could be expenses you’ve forgotten about, or in other instances, transactions that don’t bring you a lot of joy, or that you regret after the fact. Either way, these are costs that should be easy to eliminate from your budget since they don’t involve cutting back on something you enjoy.

But how can you identify these simple spending cuts? That’s where the Level Moneyapp comes in. While tracking down and reviewing each of your bank and credit cardstatements can be time-consuming, Level compiles all of your spending, income, and bills from across your accounts in one place – your personalized home financial feed.

While it’s a good idea to scan this part of your app frequently to catch any mis-charges or late deposits, take this opportunity to really dig into your transactions and consider whether you’re getting value from each expense. If you’re spending money on a gym membership that you don’t use or bank fees that you could avoid, these costs can be cut without impacting your day-to-day spending — leaving you with more money to save or spend on what matters most to you


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