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Taking Back Control: Alyssa’s Story

Taking Back Control: Alyssa’s Story

Alyssa is a survivor. For many years, Alyssa was in an oppressive, abusive, and controlling relationship that took away her control of many aspects of her life, including the household finances.

Living in rural Maine, Alyssa relied on her vehicle to get to work. When her car died, Alyssa wasn’t given any input in the new car selection. Alyssa’s partner insisted that they get a car through a Buy-Here, Pay-Here dealership. The vehicle they left the lot with was an older, high mileage car that consistently broke down and was expensive to repair. This added a financial burden, which created a need to prioritize car repairs over medical bills and other obligations. As a result, these items went into collections and her credit suffered.

Alyssa realized she needed to take her life back into her own hands and finally broke free of the unhealthy relationship. After cutting off the relationship, Alyssa was finally able to, and was excited about, taking charge of her finances. Alyssa had never been educated on credit, nor how to create a budget, so for a long time, she struggled with developing a system for how to balance providing for her family while repaying her debts. The aggressive collector calls coupled with her lack of financial education, made the task of getting her finances on track seem overwhelming and nearly impossible. Alyssa felt that she was buried in debt and was about to give up until a friend told her about More Than Wheels.

Alyssa looked into More Than Wheels, and decided to enroll. With the guidance, support, and tools provided by her financial coach, Alyssa began aggressively settling her debts and started saving right away. She was able to create a balanced budget after taking More Than Wheels’ Financial Fitness course. Alyssa finally learned how to prioritize her expenses: “The financial classes definitely taught me about what I needed and what I didn’t.”

While working with More Than Wheels, Alyssa paid off over $1200 in debt and saved over $980! Alyssa was rightfully proud of herself. Alyssa never thought she would be able to focus on her finances and pay off so much of her debt in such a short period of time. Once she had a budget that worked with her lifestyle, her finances in order, and her credit improving, Alyssa was ready to purchase a new dependable car.

With her new car, Alyssa can now go to and from work without worrying when it will break down next. Not only has the car given Alyssa peace of mind, but it has also allowed her to better provide for her family. Having reliable transportation made it possible for Alyssa to take on increased job opportunities, including additional hours, which gave her more flexibility in her household budget. With every payment made on time, Alyssa is re-establishing and building positive credit.

When asked what she would tell someone considering More Than Wheels, Alyssa stated, “Do it. It’s so worth it. The program made it a lot easier to fix my credit than I thought it would ever be. It was exciting how simple the staff made the program. They broke it down, step by step, and gave me a couple different tasks to do each month.”

We appreciate the hard work and dedication Alyssa has demonstrated to take back control of her life and achieve financial stability. We are proud of her success and know she’ll keep climbing to new heights.



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