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Summer Fun: Have a Garage Sale

Summer Fun Have a Garage Sale
Summer Fun Have a Garage Sale

There are lots of fun things to do in the summer. We can go swimming, camp out and have neighborhood barbeques. And if you want to have fun and make money at the same time, you can have a garage sale.

Bargain hunters love going to garage sales. Holding a garage sale is more difficult than shopping at one, but if you’re well organized and have a good attitude about it, it can be fun too. It feels good to get rid of the things that are cluttering your living space, and it feels even better to pocket some extra cash.

One popular garage sale trend is the group yard sale. Instead of one family selling their stuff, groups of two, three or more families get together and have one big sale. This requires lots of space and organization, but it also attracts more customers. There’s a larger variety of items, so more people are likely to stop by and take a look.

Kids can also get in on the act. You could let them set up a table with old toys and clothes they’ve outgrown. Depending on their age, they may need some help counting out change, and at any rate it’s good to be close by to supervise. But this is a great way for them to make some extra money and make room for more age-appropriate toys.

Another idea for the kids is to let them sell cookies and lemonade. That way you can deal with customer questions about the kids’ toys and clothes, and they can still make some money. And having snacks on site will make hungry and thirsty shoppers more likely to stick around and browse everything you have to offer.

Here are a few tips to make your garage sale fun and stress-free:

* Keep plenty of bags handy. Customers who buy multiple items will want bags to put them in. And if you have lots of clothing or small toys to sell, charging by the bag full may help you get rid of it faster.

* Use folding tables if possible. They’re easier to move around than regular tables, and they make your items more accessible than putting them on the ground.

* If you don’t have a hanging rack, string up some clothesline and hang your clothes for sale there. If you can hang up all of the clothes you have for sale, they will be much easier for customers to browse without making a mess.

* Start out with plenty of change. You’ll at least need a roll of quarters, plenty of $1 bills and a few $5 bills. If you have higher priced items, you may need some larger bills. If you price everything in multiples of 25 cents, you won’t need anything smaller than quarters.

* Keep your money in a safe place. A money box with compartments for different denominations of bills and change is convenient, but it must be watched carefully. Some sellers prefer to keep their money in a fanny pack so it’s with them at all times.

* Keep pets out of the way. Even friendly pets can inadvertently cause problems, and some people are scared of them.

Having a garage sale can be exhausting. But it can also be a fun experience. If you plan ahead and keep everything well organized, the event can be fun for the whole family.


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