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Sign of Peace: Lady Gaga touches with hymn


Sign of peace
Lady Gaga touches with hymn

While in 2017 Trump’s inauguration tends to make the rounds about which stars have all canceled, there is a decent cast of stars for the newly minted US president. Lady Gaga comes up trumps with symbolic clothing and Jennifer Lopez changes to Spanish without further ado.

The show of the music stars at the inauguration of the new US President Joe Biden begins with the US national anthem, which was performed this year by the pop icon Lady Gaga. The musician appeared in front of the Capitol in an oversized red skirt, black gloves and a braided hairstyle. That seems almost reserved for the otherwise expressionistic style of the 34-year-olds, but it was chosen according to the occasion. Because the symbolic outfit has a clear message, namely peace.

A large golden dove of peace with a twig in its beak was emblazoned on her long-sleeved black top. Lady Gaga, known for songs like “Shallow” or “Rain on me”, is accompanied by the band of the US Navy. With her powerful voice and expressive performance, she creates a moment of goosebumps.

Jennifer Lopez's outfit sparkled in the January sun.

Jennifer Lopez’s outfit sparkled in the January sun.

(Photo: REUTERS)

Shortly thereafter, Jennifer Lopez (“On the Floor”, “Let’s get Loud”) stepped down the stairs to the microphone. In a white pants suit with ruffles, floor-length white coat and pearl jewelry, the US musician sang the songs “This Land Is Your Land” and “America the Beautiful” in front of the Capitol. In between, Lopez, whose parents are from Puerto Rico, called out to the audience part of the US pledge of allegiance in Spanish: “One nation under God, with freedom and justice for everyone.” After her appearance, which lasted a few minutes, Lopez threw air kisses into the audience and briefly exchanged a few words with the new Vice President Kamala Harris and others present.

“J.Lo as opening act for the chief judge”

“This is the first inauguration in history in which J. Lo is the opening act for the Chief Justice,” quipped US Senator Amy Klobuchar, who led through the ceremony. Jennifer “J. Lo” Lopez was sworn in for the new President Biden by John Roberts, the chief judge at the US Surpreme Court.

Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez are absolute professionals when it comes to major live performances. Both of them have already been selected to appear during the television broadcast of the Super Bowl in the USA. But what would the USA be without country music? But not just because of the musical tradition. Country singer Garth Brooks’ invitation to the inauguration of Democratic President Biden is seen as a gesture of reconciliation. Country music fans in the United States are traditionally largely considered to be Republicans. Brooks himself had previously called his appearance a “declaration of unity”.

“All together and united”

Garth Brooks also sang for Obama.

Garth Brooks also sang for Obama.

(Photo: AP)

Brooks, who has enjoyed success since the 1990s, sang the song “Amazing Grace”. He performed in a black suit and hat, which he took off before singing the first verses of the sacred song. Then he paused and asked everyone present and the audience in front of the television to sing the last verse together. “Not only the people here, but also the people at home, at work, all together and united”.

After his appearance, Brooks went to greet several previous presidents and others in attendance. After the performance, Senator Roy Blunt recalled that former President Barack Obama sang the song at a funeral service in Charleston, South Carolina in 2015 after a 21-year-old white man shot dead nine African Americans in a church.

Garth Brooks had also performed at an inaugural concert for then US President Obama in 2009, but said he had canceled a request for an appearance at the inauguration of Republican President Donald Trump in 2017 because another concert date had already been scheduled.

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