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Shopping centers in USA will be a thing of the past

Shopping centers in USA will be a thing of the past
Shopping centers in USA will be a thing of the past

The number of the shopping centers has increased especially in the last ten years in many countries. But, the United States is prepared to give an end to the golden ages of the shopping centers. Hundreds of shopping malls throughout the country have turned into ghost houses.

Shopping centers were the symbol of comfortable life in the 1970s and 1980s in the outskirts of cities in the USA. These shopping malls were the meeting point for families and friends. Nowadays, hundreds of ghost centers have been transformed into retail centers. The skeletons made of this concrete and glass, and the memories that lived around here seem really desperate.

These abandoned shopping malls also show how the American retail trade has changed. Shopping centers that have grown and developed once are now a taboo for the consumption ruin of the American suburb. According to the web site of Deadmalls.com, there are about 400 shopping centers in the US which were closed or which are close to the end. The situation of approximately one thousand shopping centers which are already open is worse than ever.

According to the rating agency Morningstar, the US has 21 square meters of shop space per person. This area is followed by Canada with 15 square meters and Australia with 10 square meters is in the third place. When supply falls, the surplus of supply becomes even more noticeable.

More and more retailers are dropping out of big shopping malls, and with them, the customers are forgetting these centers. For example, at the beginning of 2017, Sears announced that it wants to close 150 shops across the United States. In 2016, he lost $ 60 million. Sears’s opponent, Macy, also closed 68 branches.

Real estate research firm Green Street Advisors announced two years ago that by the year 2025 160 shopping malls will have to close down. Analysts estimate that the number of shopping centers to be closed by 2025 is estimated at 400 by estimates. Shopping centers are rapidly disappearing.


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