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Saving is Possible: Even While Putting Two Kids Through School

Even While Putting Two Kids Through School

Many parents try to save as much as possible before their children enter into the expensive world of higher education, however, James proves that it is possible to continue saving even while they are enrolled.

James is a father of three (two of which are already in college) from the Boston area. James completed the More Than Wheels program over two years ago and recently reached out to let us know how life been since then. Due to the valuable skills he learned while involved with More Than Wheels, in the past two years he has been able to pay off a third of his total debt,  increase his retirement savings by 1,450%, consistently add to his personal savings, and successfully pay back his car loan for his Toyota Corolla each month.  James states “The bottom line is, your program works”.

James was able to successfully improve his finances even after experiencing a major setback. After completing the program James tore his meniscus which made it impossible for him to keep up a side job. This was a big blow to his income,  but he did not let this stop him from achieving his goals. He found some extra consulting work he could do instead until he fully recovered. James continues to stick to the budget he learned how to put together while in the program.  His savings continues  to increase while his debt steadily dwindles. Even though James lives in Boston, public transportation didn’t work to meet his family’s needs such as getting to medical appointments or accessing employment opportunities outside of public transportation’s reach. Having personal transportation has been crucial to his continued success.

While in the program James found that honesty is key. He also has some recommendations for people starting out in the More Than Wheels program:  “follow the budgeting tool FAITHFULLY. Be honest about it and every dollar you spend. After doing this, you will seek to change some financial and personal habits. For example, spending less on going out, cutting back in other areas, planning ahead for a weekend away, setting aside money for unexpected expenses, or finding creative ways to make some extra cash because now your goals are laid out in front of you”.

James thanked us at More Than Wheels for making all of his financial successes possible, but we in turn tip our hats off to him for sticking to the newly improved habits he formed in our program. Without hard work and discipline on his part, none of his success would be possible. We are so proud of James and the progress he has made.


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