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Resolution proposal for Wednesday: Countries want to extend lockdown – exceptions at Christmas and ban on firecrackers


The federal states are willing to extend the partial lockdown in the top round with Chancellor Merkel on Wednesday. The measures should apply until December 20th, and possibly beyond. There should be exceptions for Christmas. New Year’s Eve should be celebrated differently this year.

The countries want to extend the partial lockdown until December 20 and possibly beyond. This emerges from the draft resolution with which the Prime Ministers will go into the top round with Chancellor Merkel next Wednesday. In the paper available to ntv, it says: If the 7-day incidence on December 20 is not below 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants, the measures should be extended for 14 days “until the goal of significantly lowering the incidence value is achieved “. Countries with an incidence of less than 35 before December 20 will have the opportunity to end the partial lockdown earlier and to relax the measures.

However, the submission of the federal states provides for exceptions to the strict contact restrictions over the Christmas holidays, possibly also over New Year’s Eve. The paper says: “With this regulation, Christmas should also be possible in this special year as a celebration with family and friends, albeit on a smaller scale. Because these days are particularly important for family and social cohesion.”

Specifically, the “maximum number of persons for meetings inside and outside” are to be expanded. Then “a household with non-household family members or non-household persons up to a maximum of 5 people in total” should be allowed to meet. In the proposal for a resolution, the number 5 is followed by the number 10 in square brackets. This means that this is still to be discussed. The period of these exceptions is also marked with square brackets. They are initially planned for December 21st to 27th, but possibly also until January 3rd. Smaller New Year’s Eve celebrations would therefore be possible.

According to the will of the federal states, the New Year celebrations will take place without fireworks. The reason given is that this should relieve the emergency services and auxiliary staff and not unnecessarily strain the capacities of the health care system. This also helps to avoid larger groups on New Year’s Eve.

In principle, the federal states adhere to keeping schools open. In regions with an incidence of more than 50, however, the mask requirement is being introduced in class from the seventh grade. Further measures such as teaching in the hybrid model between presence and home schooling should be regulated on a country-specific basis. The quarantine rules for cases of infection in classes are also new: All students and teachers should then be isolated for five days. Then a quick antigen test should be possible in order to be able to resume classroom teaching.

From December 1, further measures should also take effect to tighten the lockdown:

  • Private meetings are then only with members of your own household and one other household, “but in any case limited to a maximum of 5 people”. Children under the age of 14 are not counted.
  • There is a stricter mask requirement: It then applies in all closed rooms “that are open to the public or as part of visitors or customers”. In addition, mouth and nose covering will also be compulsory in the open air, where “people are either confined or not only temporarily”. Local authorities should identify these locations and time restrictions.
  • The mask requirement also applies in workplaces and facilities, but not on the field, provided that a distance of 1.5 meters can be maintained.
  • Colleges and universities should switch to digital teaching.
  • Employers are called upon to take company holidays if possible between December 21 and January 3, or to switch to “generous home office solutions”.

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