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Relatives and Friends in Exotic Places? Go Visit!

Relatives and Friends in Exotic Places Go Visit
Relatives and Friends in Exotic Places Go Visit

Vacationing in an exotic location is a distant dream for some of us. For those who are fortunate enough to live in such places, it’s an everyday thing.

If you have friends and relatives who live on an island paradise or other popular vacation spot, the thought of going to visit them has probably crossed your mind. But you can’t just invite yourself, can you? That depends on your relationship with them.

When it comes to immediate family such as parents and siblings, inviting yourself to visit may be perfectly acceptable. If you were a tight-knit family when you were living with them, chances are they’ll have no qualms in letting you stay in their homes as long as you ask ahead of time. Popping in without notice could be an issue, though.

More distant relatives may or may not like the idea of hosting you and your family. If they’re ones you’ve talked to on a regular basis for years, asking to stay might be okay. If not, it could come off as too presumptuous.

With friends, asking to stay is a bit of a judgment call. Only you know how close your friendship is. But even with close friends, it can be hard to predict how they might react to you asking to spend a few nights under their roof.

One possible solution when you’re unsure how a friend or family member will react is to ask indirectly. Instead of calling and saying “Hey, can I stay with you?”, try giving them a call and casually mentioning that you’re considering vacationing in their neck of the woods and asking if they know any good, inexpensive hotels. They might just offer to let you stay without having to ask! If they do not, it’s probably safe to assume that they are not agreeable to the idea.

Etiquette When Staying With Friends or Relatives on Vacation

If you are lucky enough to find a friend or relative to stay with, it’s important to be gracious. By being a good houseguest, you leave the door open for visits in the future.

It’s important to spend some time with your friend or relative once you arrive. If you don’t, he may feel hurt and used. So spend some time hanging out at the house together. Invite your host to dinner or a club, and pay his way. You could even ask if he would like to visit local attractions with you. People who live near vacation spots often do not take the time to enjoy them like those who live elsewhere, so he might just take you up on it.

Don’t forget to offer to reciprocate. Let your host know that if he wants to visit your area, he can stay with you. He might want to come and visit friends and family back home sometime, and you can return the favor.

Staying with friends and relatives in exotic places is a great way to save on vacation expenses. As long as you are gracious and don’t overstay your welcome, it can be fun for all involved.


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