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Quicksilver Cash Rewards:  The credit card doesn’t have a lot of shocking features for the customers, but we can easily say that Quicksilver Cash Rewards credit card has a very usable credit card for the most of the customers with its fair features. Here are some of them:

The credit card comes to you with a regular level credit card as the first step. But if you pay your bills until the deadline, then your card level will be increased.

You can get 1,5$ of your spendings back at the end of the day. There is no limitation for this, all the payments counts and there are no different categories like the other credit cards.

After earning your bonus points, there is no deadline to spend them. You can use all your bonus points on the internet or the outline stores, everywhere you want.

Quicksilver Cash Rewards credit card has a special deal with Uber company. Thanks to this, every 10th of your Uber travel bill will be paid by the credit card, it will be free for you. The deadline for this event is March 31, 2017.

There is no annual fee for the credit for the first year. After then, your fee will be declared to you by the bank, because of different types of credit cards.