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Purify Your Polluted Prostate


Stem Cell Cleanse Clears Out Decades of “Junk”
And Restores Your Prostate to Its Natural Size

If you’re a regular reader of mine, you know how “feminizing hormones” like DHT and estrogen wreak havoc on your manhood.

But there’s consequences of this hormone threat… the build-up of old cells, metabolic waste and obstructing connective tissue in your prostate.

And that’s the bad news.

All that cellular “junk” can sabotage your prostate and cause it to swell to twice its natural size.

But there’s a new stem cell breakthrough… along with one key nutrient… that activates your bodies natural ability to “take out the garbage” by a process called apoptosis.

I’ll get into the details in a moment – but what that really means is now you can… .

  • Support the complete emptying of your bladder (reducing the urge to go all the time) by 51%!1
  • Reduce night-time trips to the bathroom (resulting in more and better sleep) by 54%!2
  • Improve prostate function by an amazing 92%!3
  • Increase your “Stream Power” (that starts fast, and goes for a long time) by 241%!4

Your power as a man goes instantly through the roof when you clean your prostate from all that toxic garbage.

My latest all-natural formula triggers apoptosis and purges your polluted prostate.

It’s called Prosta-Vive LS.

I created this prostate-supporting product myself using my 30 years of hands-on medical research experience and patient interaction. It includes only the very strongest of safe, natural support agents to help your prostate feel normal in its function. And to make peeing free, easy and complete.

To date: Prosta-Vive LS has helped countless thousands of men pee freely again and forget about their prostate.

If you want to join them, I’d like to take you on a quick tour of the amazing nutrients in Prosta-Vive LS, and show you the sheer, raw, yet safe and effective power of this complete prostate formula.

You’ll see that it’s very different than other formulas you may have used in the past.

You’ll see how it uses cutting-edge, Nobel Prize-related Stem Cell Technology to support your prostate.

I’ll also explain why it takes other, riskier options out of the equation for you.

And another important thing… I’ll show you why Prosta-Vive LS is a better choice because of some special ingredients I included that boosts your absorption of these special compounds by 1,000%.

And one last thing… You’ll hear from some men who have used Prosta-Vive LS themselves, and reported amazing changes in their daily comfort and “peeability.”

Now, let me tell you about that Nobel Prize-winning compound that triggers a “hidden power,” that supports a healthy prostate…

Nobel prizes don’t come easy. And when it comes to health and science, they’re only awarded to true, groundbreaking, life-improving researchers.

So when my own research into a groundbreaking formula to help my male patients pee easily, ran across Nobel Prize-winning findings, I knew I was onto something amazing.

The research I found, that won the Nobel Prize, revealed that stem cells in our body have a “hidden power” to do something totally unexpected — support organs to maintain its shape and size.

This is precisely the issue that EVERY man will eventually face… An unhealthy prostate. And it will make every man’s life miserable!

This discovery was so important because in the past, it was thought stem cells could only replace damaged or dying cells, or to help regrow withering organs.

But this Nobel-Prize winning discovery confirmed that stem cells have another “hidden power” to support the healthy size of the body’s organs.

So now I knew what I had to do… Find a safe, natural compound that could support active stem cells to help maintain a healthy prostate, and give a man his life back!

And I did! After exhaustive research, I discovered a nutrient that could harness this newly found “hidden power” to help my patients and others by supporting their prostate… so they could pee freely But first…

Here’s the core problem, and how it affects you…

Your bad prostate health may start when something called “Apoptosis” does not happen in your prostate at a cellular level.

A leading cancer hospital says, “Apoptosis appears to serve as an efficient cellular quality control mechanism that removes dysfunctional, unwanted, and potentially dangerous cells.”

In simpler terms… Apoptosis is how your body removes damaged, dying or diseased cells from your body. This process breaks them into little pieces to be flushed from your body. But…

When apoptosis becomes sluggish, these damaged cells die, pile up and make your organs swell up. Filling and expanding with dead cells that need to get out, but are removed more slowly.

When this happens in your prostate, you’ll know it. Because as it swells with dead cells, and grows bigger, it may inhibit your urethra, causing pee to be removed more slowly out of your body.

Then, it’s like trying to get water to flow through a crimped straw or a kinked hose.

It just can’t pass easily… Until your prostate becomes healthy again.

So when apoptosis turns sluggish and prostate support is lost …

It may cause discomfort because you’re trying to regularly pass a lot of liquid through a small, choked off hole.

And when you do pee, it can only trickle out, slowly.

Which means it’s almost impossible to fully empty your bladder, ever.

And guess what, that’s why 20 minutes later, you have to go again.

And of course, this problem is non-stop, 24/7, so it doesn’t simply stop at night so you can rest. If you have ever made 3-4-5 trips to the bathroom at night, you know what I mean.

Not only is it annoying, it’s exhausting. Because you can’t get the vital, uninterrupted sleep you need at night, allowing you to function 100% during the day.

It’s not a good situation. But here’s some good news…

I found natural compounds that help support a healthy functioning prostate like a champ… to help you feel normal.

Remember, part of that Nobel Prize discovery was that stem cells support apoptosis. They tell your dead cells to get out. But if your stem cells get sluggish in doing this, it’s NOT the end of the world because…

There are compounds that can mimic your stem cells and support the process of apoptosis for you! It may sound crazy, but it’s true.

So if you take these compounds regularly, you can mimic your body’s natural and healthy process of apoptosis, and support the healthy function and shape of your prostate, and support a healthy urinary flow.

What a miracle!

These helpful compounds are called phytosterols, and I was actually able to find not just one, but nine of them that do an amazing job for you!

Researchers around the globe confirmed they dramatically improve your ability to purge maximum pee from your bladder in minimum time.

In fact, in one study of 558 men, half were given a phytosterols that triggered this “hidden power.” And compared to the placebo, they shot out 241% more pee!5 That’s just one of them.

These nine natural substances contain a wide range of apoptosis-supporting phytosterols… and offer further support for your prostate.

The bottom line is, as an aging man, you NEED these just like you need any other nutrient to keep your body healthy. These phytosterols are CRITICAL if you want to maintain a pee-easy life.

Here are the first three…

Stinging nettle is the nutrient that helped men shoot an astonishing 241% MORE pee in a clinical study.

Urtica dioica, or stinging nettle, is among the world’s most popular natural health remedies. Health practitioners use it commonly for its potency against unwanted swelling, as well as its immune-regulating action.

For men, stinging nettle provides this special trigger support for the prostate, AND lower urinary tract help, right where you need it.

As a phytosterol, clinical studies on men with an unhealthy prostate found that stinging nettle is effective in supporting a healthy prostate, as well as easy peeing.

For many men with an unhealthy prostate, lower urinary tract imbalances are common. These can include a frequent, urgent need to urinate with a poor stream, and an incomplete emptying of the bladder.

Another of the nine phytosterols you’ll find in Prosta-Vive LS is beta-sitosterol. This is the nutrient in the study I mentioned that reduced late night trips to the bathroom by 54%.

Specifically, a study in the journal of Nutrition and Cancer have found it “supported the apoptosis process by fourfold.”6 It has a long history of use in Europe for supporting the prostate by maintaining healthy low normal level if dihydrotestosterone, which can be out of balance as men age..

Beta-sitosterol is an effective prostate-support nutrient for doctors and science. It has been tested in strict clinical trials over 52 times in the world’s most prominent research facilities and medical centers!

Here are just some of the scientific findings that have verified the raw power of this prostate health powerhouse…

Researchers at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Minneapolis reported that it was the most effective natural support they have found.7

The Lancet reported an “Improvement in urinary flow…”8

The Minerva Urologica revealed that “the preliminary results demonstrate a significant improvement.”

Minerva Urologica E Nefrologica reported on work at the University of Padova. They stated, “The preliminary results demonstrate a significant improvement of the frequency, urgency dysuria and urinary flow…”9

The British Journal of Urology at the University of Dresden reported on 177 men who were studied for six months. They said, “These results show that beta-sitosterol is an effective option [to support a healthy prostate.]” They cited an incredible 32 references to their research.10

According to a report in a health magazine, studies found that beta-sitosterol reduced symptoms of an enlarged prostate, including the big one, reduced urinary flow.

After six months, the beta-sitosterol group saw improvement in the measurement of urine flow (QMax), and the amount of urine remaining in the bladder.

And most remarkably… Residual urine in the bladder decreased to 30.4 ml from 65.8 ml in the men using beta-sitosterol… a reduction of almost 54%!

These are only a handful of the 52+ recorded and verified medical studies that show clinical proof that beta-sitosterol, found in the Prosta-Vive LS formula, works!

And then there’s saw palmetto. The nutrient that supports prostate health by an amazing 92%…

Saw palmetto has been used for hundreds of years to support age-associated male urinary flow.. And it’s heavily used now in modern times in both the U.S. and Europe.

Saw palmetto comes from the American dwarf palm tree and contains beneficial fatty acids and sterols such as beta-sitosterol.

And studies show when using saw palmetto for healthy urinary flow and prostate function, it works best when combined with other prostate supplements in a formula like Prosta-Vive LS!

Saw palmetto is a Tier 2 product for supporting the health of the prostate. Which means it has significant clinical studies and research behind it.

Uniquely, saw palmetto is best to help with balancing out a mild and temporarily irritated prostate.

Saw palmetto is excellent for supporting healthy urinary flow, prostate size and improved quality of life!

But we didn’t stop with those three powerful, prostate-supporting ingredients, we kept going to cover you with more prostate health power…

The other nutrients I added to Prosta-Vive LS are a prostate’s wish list of compounds that keep it normal and healthy. They are…

  • Pumpkin seed — A precursor of prostaglandins, which promote better sexual desire and performance.
  • Pygeum — Contains phytosterols, such as beta-sitosterol, that supports the health, size and function of the prostate, just like beta-sitosterol.
  • Boswellia — This extract has actions that show it would be complementary to support great prostate health.
  • Lycopene — Studies have shown that lycopene can support a healthy prostate even as men age.
  • Maca — Contains the chemical, p-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate, which has potency benefits for men. Grown in the Peruvian Andes, it has a history of fueling sexual desire that goes back 4,500 years! Today, studies show it helps fuel sexual energy and vitality by strengthening your reproductive system.
  • CoQ10 — Is pure apoptosis fuel. Specifically, a University of Miami study found CoQ10 “: supports the maximal function of apoptosis” supporting limited cell growth by a whopping 70% in just 48 hours.11

    And on top of those, I also added some must-have, but often missing minerals in a man’s diet…

You see, I’ve been seeing patients for 30 years. And if there is one pattern I see, it’s that men who visit my office are low in the three most important minerals for male health, zinc, selenium and boron.

Those minerals power almost every function in a man’s prostate. And it’s why I’ve included them in Prosta-Vive LS.

That’s another reason Prosta-Vive LS is the most complete male/prostate-supporting formula you’ll find today.

Now that you have seen what fuels this leading, prostate-normalizing formula, I’ve got another surprise…

Prosta-Vive LS also gives you 1,000% better absorption and bioavailability so you get the FULL benefit of these powerful nutrients.

The nutrients I included in Prosta-Vive LS have proven over-and-over and-over to be very good for your prostate. Meaning they support apoptosis-inducing function, normal size of the prostate, and the ability to have a healthy urinary flow.

However, some of them are hard for your body to fully absorb and use. That’s why I included a newly-discovered secret that boosts absorption up to 1,000%.

This compound maximizes their proven power, and allows you to enjoy their FULL potential. This is something most prostate supplements are lacking. And the result is they do NOT get into your prostate where they’re needed most.

So, if you’ve tried other prostate formulas in the past, and have been disappointed with the results… Poor absorption is likely the reason.

When Prosta-Vive LS allows an extra 1,000% more absorption, it will release the floodgates for prostate support for you, just like it has for so many of my patients.

A study in the American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism found most men are lucky to absorb just 10% of the vital phytosterols ingested from a prostate formula.12

To put this in perspective, the vast majority of studies on phytosterols I’ve seen suggest you need at least 300 mg of phytosterols to have any positive impact on your prostate.

But if you only absorb 10%… You’d need to take a whopping 3,000 mg of phytosterols before having any benefit on your prostate!

To get that in a typical prostate supplement, you’d have to take the whole bottle of pills!

That’s why I sought out a good solution to this problem. And I found two:

First, a single Prosta-Vive LS softgel contains an effective phytosterol dose of 450 mg. Second, it contains an additional ingredient — that I haven’t seen in any other prostate formula — that completely solves the absorption problem.

Something that a study published in the International Journal of Scientific Research and Reviews found enhances absorption by 1,000%.

Researchers there compared absorption of phytosterols alone vs. combining it with a certain type of lipid called long-chain fatty acids.13

And the long-chain fatty acids increased absorption by 1,000%. This is why I’ve included the two very best sources of long-chain fatty acids… Cod-liver oil and phytosterol-rich Brazil nut oil.

In fact, the LS in Prosta-Vive LS stands for lipid-soluble. This is an important part of Prosta-Vive LS that puts it high above other prostate formulas.

Now that you have SEEN the proven effectiveness of Prosta-Vive LS

It feels great to know you are supporting the health and function of your prostate.

Like many men, you may have forgotten how good life was without a nagging prostate!

With your order right now, within just days, you can start to get back on track. And once you support your prostate’s healthy normal function, you can feel great long term.

You’ll wonder how you ever lived without Prosta-Vive LS before! So I urge you, don’t wait another day, reply now risk free for Prosta-Vive LS and put your prostate’s health first!

Instead of another man who has fallen victim an unhealthy prostate, you can become another satisfied man who feels great.

Don’t stand by and do nothing! Time, age and can continue to work against you until you are feeling aggravated and fed up!

And, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but not taking care of your prostate will not make you happy.

It’s so easy to reply right now risk-free for Prosta-Vive LS and see how good it feels to have a healthy prostate.

As a medical doctor, if you ask me, it’s not something you should just “live with.”

Also speaking as a doctor, I don’t recommend you jump on the drug or surgery bandwagon.

The fact is, we are very lucky that Mother Nature gave us everything we need to open the flood gates again and help you pee easily.

Just two softgels a day and all of Prosta-Vive LS’s vital nutrients support apoptosis to:

  • Move out the cellular waste that is accumulating in your prostate
  • Support the healthy function of your prostate, so you can stop worrying about going to the bathroom all the time, and start living life again.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably very excited about this new breakthrough in prostate health.

And you should be! You can feel the effects in just the first 24 hours with the ingredients in Prosta-Vive LS!

Once you address apoptosis with the nutrients in Prosta-Vive LS, you can expect…

  • A more powerful stream that starts fast and goes for a long time.
  • Less pee left over in your bladder (reducing the urge to go all the time).
  • And less night-time trips to the bathroom… resulting in more and better sleep.

And you’ll see your best results after just 90 days of continued use.

Remember, this Nobel Prize, stem cell discovery is a completely new approach, that in clinical studies supported the health of the prostate an incredible 92% of the time. So don’t wait…

You can get a 1-month supply for only $59.95 plus $8.95 shipping and handling ($68.90 total) if you act now. But…

I recommend at least a 3-month supply, like what was used in the clinical trials. That’s why I’ve created the Prosta-Vive LS VIP Auto Delivery Program.

As a VIP Auto Delivery member you’ll get 3 bottles of Prosta-Vive LS (a 3-month supply) shipped right to your door for only $39.96 per bottle.

That’s a 33% savings off the retail price… Or like buying two bottles, and getting one FREE. Plus, shipping is FREE (An $26.85 value)!

Every 3 months, just before you run ou8it, we’ll ship you a new 3-month supply, and your credit card will be charged. (You can also cancel at any time).

And the price will never go up as long as you’re on VIP Auto Delivery. This program saves you over $60 in three months… over $120 in six months… and annually, you’ll save over $345.

In addition, you’ll get my two instant-access special e-Reports: The Incredible Stem Cell Revolution and Reawaken Your Second Immune System — FREE (A combined $79.90 value!).

FREE e-Report #1: The Incredible Stem Cell Revolution: How You Can Make the Most of the Biggest Breakthrough in Medical History

You’ll discover why stem cells are the biggest breakthrough in medical history and how you can make the most of them. Learn how to tap into your body’s ultimate natural healer… restore your immune system… access the most powerful anti-aging weapon known… and much, much more, yours FREE!

FREE e-Report #2: Reawaken Your Second Immune System

In this e-Report, I reveal three non-drug… non-supplement… non-exercise… and no diet-changing ways to trigger apoptosis and other processes that rid your body of the damaged, dying, and unhealthy cells that make you feel lousy and contribute to a laundry list of diseases.

The e-Reports are yours FREE when you reply now and join our price-reducing Auto Delivery Program.

And to top it all off, you’ll also get a FREE subscription to my daily email broadcast, Doctor’s House Call, plus FREE shipping on every Prosta-Vive LS shipment forever as long as you’re on Auto Delivery.

Reply now to start using Prosta-Vive LS so the benefits can start stacking up for you.

You have the opportunity to enjoy HUGE urinary comfort over the long term. And enjoy an incredible discount when you join the 3-month VIP Auto Delivery Program. Plus…

Every supply of Prosta-Vive LS is backed by my “Every Last Drop” or Your Money Back Guaranteed… I know freedom from prostate-related pee inconveniences may seem impossible… And I’d hate for you to miss out on trying Prosta-Vive LS for yourself.

That’s why, I’ll take all the risk. I guarantee Prosta-Vive LS will help you:

  • Start peeing faster
  • Pee more
  • Pee until you fully empty your bladder
  • Pee more during the day, rather than at night

And if you’re not thrilled with your results from Prosta-Vive LS, simply send back the empty bottle, or bottles, within 90 days from the purchase date. And you’ll get a full refund. No questions asked.

This way, you have absolutely nothing to lose — and many years, even decades, of healthy, comfortable living to enjoy.

P.S. My goal is the same as yours, to help you pee in the normal fashion your body was designed for. My formula, Prosta-Vive LS, is what I have given all my male patients for years to help them accomplish this. You have nothing to lose to see how powerful this unique formula is. The numbers don’t lie… You will see a drastic change in your peeability when you start on Prosta-Vive LS. So don’t wait… Call now 1-800-000-0000 for huge savings, FREE shipping, FREE e-Reports and more.

If this is how you feel right now trying to pee…

Keep reading to see how to “unkink your hose” and pee freely again with a proven, doctor-formulated solution.

Through his practice, and with this groundbreaking products, Al Sears, MD, has helped hundreds of people live longer, more comfortable lives!

For over two decades, Dr. Sears has brought his patients the latest breakthroughs in natural cures and remedies for diseases once thought to be “incurable.”

He is the medical director at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. Where he helps patients avoid the signs and symptoms of aging caused by today’s toxins, chemicals and hormonal threats that attack every organ in the body.

Every year, he travels over 20,000 miles to the most remote parts of the world searching for unique natural healing compounds that are often ignored by mainstream medicine.

Since 1999, Dr. Sears has published 35 books and reports on health and wellness. He has millions of loyal readers spread over 163 countries. He has also appeared on more than 50 national radio programs, ABC News, CNN and ESPN.

Prosta-Vive LS is his own flagship prostate formula. Now used by thousands of men worldwide to help improve their prostate health.

Is this what you’re dealing with every day, and night…

  • A weak stream that starts slow and takes a long time to finish
  • Pee left over in your bladder, that drips out and stains your pants
  • The urge to go all the time
  • Lost, interrupted sleep

If so, Prosta-Vive LS is for you. I created it just for you, to tackle these annoying and embarrassing issues.

Prosta-Vive LS is doctor-formulated to help ease ALL these issues.

This is what supporting your prostate and help you have great pee flow boils down to:

We want to support the healthy, normal function of apoptosis in your prostate, so it will naturally remove aging and dying cells. And by supporting that process, everything flows much better..

Your No. 1 goal is to naturally support the comfort of the prostate and the ease with which you can pee.

Luckily, we figured out how to do that with a 100% safe, two softgels-a-day formula… now used by countless happy men!

What will it really mean to you to increase your pee output by 241%…

Your bladder holds about 2 cups of urine comfortably … So let’s say you have a completely full bladder, but your unhappy prostate makes it so you struggle to get even a quarter cup or less out at a time.

That’s not much.

With Prosta-Vive LS, you’ll have the ability to get 241% MORE pee out. That means you could easily, COMPLETELY empty even your very full bladder. No problem.

If that sounds comfortable and relieving, I urge you to reply for Prosta-Vive LS now, and get going again.

Prosta-Vive LS is my “go-to” solution for ALL my male patients who want to support an easy flow. And the results speak for themselves…

Join these men and thousands of others who are getting better sleep at night again with Prosta-Vive LS.

Your order is 100% risk free and comes with some exciting FREE Bonuses. Call now to start soon.

The Key to Enjoying Amazing Sex Again Starts With a Healthy Prostate!

Besides slow flow, your prostate might hit you right where it hurts most … In the bedroom.

Men with a stressed prostate often experience a decrease in sexual function also.

Decreased libido… Some men with a sad prostate experience a decrease in sexual desire which can be caused by physical or psychological factors.

The bottom line is: If you’ve been having a tough time in the bedroom, bringing your prostate back to peak health is KEY to making magic again!

Don’t ignore it. That’s not what your partner wants. Fix it.

When you take care of your prostate, an improved sex life can follow. And Prosta-Vive LS is world-class prostate support in a bottle.

Formulated by an active M.D., who gives it to his own patients as a first line of defense, you will appreciate how well it works to get you back in the game!

Prosta-Vive LS Helps End it All!

Gets rid of that “sitting-on-a-golfball” feeling

Prosta-Vive LS decreases nighttime trips to the bathroom

Prosta-Vive LS helps chase away sexual hangups

Prosta-Vive LS supports healthy urinary flow

Go Ahead … Pass by the Men’s Room with Confidence from Prosta-Vive LS!

Having an urgent need to go all day can hamper your lifestyle!

The ONLY way to STOP running into every restroom you pass is to take action, and help return your prostate function and size back to normal.

If you’re tired of the constant pit stops, then reply now for Prosta-Vive LS!

Nothing Beats Prosta-Vive LS:

  • Doctor researched and formulated
  • Used successfully by men all across the U.S.
  • Backed by clinical studies
  • Nobel prize studied ingredients
  • 100% safe, with no side effects

Your prostate was meant to do its job quietly, and work in the background of your life… NOT annoy you every 20-30 minutes… day and night.

Sadly, most men don’t even know what a prostate gland is. And it has nothing to do with your urinary function.

It’s a male reproductive organ, whose main function is simply to secrete prostate fluid, a component of semen. The muscles of the prostate gland also help propel seminal fluid into the urethra during sex.

But when it gets swollen with age and dead cells, it greatly interferes with your bathroom business.

Your job, as a man with an irritated prostate, is to put it back in its place so it can quietly go about its business, without interrupting your bathroom performance. And Prosta-Vive LS is just the nutrient tool you need for the job.

You can’t see it, but you’ll feel the difference as your prostate shrinks!

Prosta-Vive LS is not just a supplement claiming to help you pee better… It is a fix-the-core problem, prostate-supporting supplement that can absolutely do its job, so your pee flows freely.

As days go by, you’ll notice that you pee less often, and more each time. Plus, you’ll sleep longer periods, and get up less.

This is all because the special compounds in Prosta-Vive LS are acting on your prostate to support it and the way it functions as well as size, so you can pee like a teenager..

It will feel great to not have to think about whether you have to go now or in 10 minutes.

Get ready to improve your performance in the Bedroom Bathroom!

A weaker, dribbling stream when you urinate may have been your first sign of an unhappy prostate.

If you recall, when you were young, you could hold it for quite a while if you needed to.

And when you finally got to the bathroom, you peed with the force of a firehose, and were done in just seconds!

But once your prostate becomes less happy, it dampens that free flow that you have been accustomed to.

It will take a strong product like Prosta-Vive LS to support your prostate and all of its full and healthy function, so you can have a very happy urinary output.

Not to mention, you won’t have to go all the time, you won’t be up all night, and the dribbling and discomfort will stop. Don’t put this off any longer! Call now for Prosta-Vive LS!

It’s so easy to support your prostate … Slay it in the bathroom … And pee with ease and force again!

The numbers don’t lie!

  • Support the complete emptying of your bladder (reducing the urge to go all the time) by 51%!
  • Reduce night-time trips to the bathroom (resulting in more and better sleep) by 54%!
  • Improve prostate function by an amazing 92%!
  • Increase your “Stream Power” (that starts fast, and goes for a long time) by 241%!

My Personal “Every Last Drop” Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

This is my personal, doctor’s promise to you: If you’re not satisfied for any reason with Prosta-Vive LS, and you don’t feel like you are completely emptying your bladder of every last drop of pee, simply return the unused portion within 90 days of purchase to get a full and prompt refund of your money. No questions asked.

Prostate Alert:

Doctor creates “Pee Power Booster” giving you 241% more pee power!

  • Powerful streams that start fast and go until you’re empty
  • Less residual pee left over in your bladder
  • Reduced urge to go all the time
  • Longer, uninterrupted sleep at night

The astounding numbers don’t lie. See inside now…


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