Prepaid Bank Card and Co-branded Card Program

The Issuer® program was created to supply digital processing methods to finance institutions and organizations: bank obligations processing, QUICK transactions, regional and overseas cables processing, prepaid and charge cards providing and processing, style modification (cobranding), production, logistics, prepaid cards processing (MasterCards and CHARGE communities). Presently program hosts numerous banks and providers in-all areas, running deals internationally in over 30 values, managing number of co-branded card applications with prepaid cards and whole selection in house services. The Provider is selected by banks and finance institutions who want to steamline and increase their portfolios with new companies on regional and overseas areas like co-branded charge cards, regional and overseas bank line running, personalized solutions-including API and independently personalized logistics regardless of consumers place. system contains prepaid cards from both CHARGE and MasterCard communities and our consumers may take benefit of simple setup approach to provide their consumers usage of their resources through countless ATMs and POS in over 200 nations. It’s easyto put up consideration with TheIssuer prepaid credit card platform – the method requires significantly less than 10 times with total usage of all companies about the program.

If you should be a company with workers situated in multiple place, you can even join program and supply your workers with free prepaid charge cards denver-branded together with your organization name and emblem. Your workers uses the cards to get incomes and extra advantages (profits, incentives) and weight resources through your regional lender global. You’ll find evident rewards for you personally as well as your workers: you’ll improve your model reputation with co-branded prepaid cards, as well as your employees will soon be pleased to have usage of their resources anytime anywhere without hauling money – another intelligent chance to conserve the woods on the planet.

By joining the program you obtain usage of all its services-including co-branded cards, regional and overseas lender and QUICK exchange company and fee plans. Your customers will soon be supplied with easy-access to money, many different cost choices and also other incentives that are agreed to your respected people. A few of the fee applications which program contains are turnkey transaction control, co-branded charge cards, co-branded prepaid cards and also other companies that are made to profit both organizations and people in a broad number of approaches.

Your co-branded card applications and prepaid credit card applications are utilized throughout the planet to get a number of reasons including payouts and benefits, Forex and bonus obligations, incentives, insurance, loans, gaming and also other organizations and solutions. The Provider consumers currently benefit from the many advantages that individuals supply including quick money at countless ATMSis global, the capability to store at several vendors, purchase online and world wide effortlessly.

The Provider program hosts several free regional and overseas payment methods:

– charge cards (CHARGE, MasterCard)

– regional bank deposits/distributions (over 30 values and 100 banks)

– co-branded prepaid charge cards (CHARGE, MasterCard)

– QUICK transactions (overseas lender and cable transactions in over 200 nations)

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