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Ponomarew: Regionalliga threatens: Patron leaves and Uerdingen is about to go bankrupt


Ponomarew: Regional league threatens
Patron goes and Uerdingen is about to go bankrupt

KFC Uerdingen has to apply for the license for the coming season by March 1st. But after the withdrawal of patron Ponomarew, the third division club is not only threatened with relegation. Without a new investor, even bankruptcy seems possible. Ponomarew paints a gloomy picture in parting.

President Mikhail Ponomarew from the third division soccer club KFC Uerdingen has announced his early resignation. As the “Rheinische Post” reported, the 46-year-old informed the board of directors and planned to retire no later than January 20th. The club initially did not want to comment.

Ponomarew, who announced his departure at the end of the season on December 6th, has been an investor and club boss with the Krefeld team for almost five years and has invested several million in the club. During his tenure, the KFC rose from the top division to the third division. “We had a successful time, but unfortunately development stagnated for various reasons,” said the Russian in explaining his withdrawal in December. In addition, the KFC, which has not been able to play its home games in the home stadium in need of renovation for the third season in a row, also lacked support from the city of Krefeld. As a third division club, Uerdingen first moved to Duisburg and is now playing in Düsseldorf.

When looking for a new investor, the Uerdingen company has not yet found what it is looking for. At an information event for members on Tuesday evening, Ponomarev painted a bleak picture in the event that no new donor is found. “Then the KFC will no longer play in the third division in the coming season, but in the regional division,” he said.

The license for the 3rd division must be applied for by March 1st. If no investor has been found by then, the Uerdinger will probably have to compete one class lower. There is even a possible bankruptcy of the former Bundesliga club. “The situation has worsened considerably in the past few weeks,” complained supervisory board chairman Andreas Galland.

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