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Myopia danger waiting for technology kids

Myopia danger waiting for technology kids

According to health specialists, the rate of myopia is increasing in children who grow up with smartphones, computers, and tablets. And if the use of these technological devices by children is not controlled, children may have to deal with much more serious eye diseases later in their lives.

Almost every child has a smartphone nowadays, but health specialists say that this affects children’s eye health negatively. As a result of developing technology, myopia is spreading in children.  The ophthalmology specialists warn the parents about the danger.

We have to keep up with technological progress; however, when our kids meet smartphones and tablets at a very young age, these devices can cause them to become myopic. We should encourage children to stay away from the screen, and from electronic devices. In other words, persuading them to go out and play under the sun is important both for general health and eye health.

Children should be limited in the time they spend on the internet. If it is not taken under control, children can experience more serious eye problems than myopia in the future. As a result of the use of smartphones and tablets for long hours, our children will have to wear eyeglasses at very early ages and deal with eye diseases brought about by myopia.

The eye needs sunlight for its well-being. Also, vitamin D is reducing the risk of myopia. Let’s not deprive our kids of the sun’s rays. Airless, closed, dark chambered trappings. Especially during the summer months, it is important that they spend their time in the open-air parks instead of spending their time at the computer. The sooner we introduce our children to technology, the more we will be able to protect them from future eye problems.


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