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Money saving on computers and software

Money saving on computers and software
Money saving on computers and software

Buying a computer can be a bit confusing, with so many models, performance numbers, it is sometimes difficult to determine which computer fits your needs. You wouldn’t want to buy a high end graphics computer if all you do is surf the web, compose documents, or manage your home business. Computers can cost anywhere between $400 up to $3000 or more. Most people fall into three categories: General Purpose, Graphics Designers, and Gamers. General Purpose ( home business,web surfing,music/watching videos)  an inexpensive basic computer would suffice, the drive size should be large to store music, processor speed doesn’t need to be extreme, 4GB of memory should be enough, a decent graphics cards or on board graphics card is needed to stream video without jitter. For a Graphics designer a higher performance computer is needed, a fast 10,000RPM and large drive, faster processor, and 8GB of memory are required, graphics files tend to be quite large, and loading them can be time consuming. Gamers require a high end computer is needed, fast 10,000 RPM and large drive, a high end multi-core processor, and 12GB of RAM or more.

Computer software licenses can be quite expensive, but don’t worry there are free alternatives, if you are a general purpose user you can download Open Office, a free open source software that is Microsoft Office compatible, it can read Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, and export to Microsoft Office file formats as well. Anti-virus software can also be expensive, but again, there are some that can be downloaded for free, AVAST, Bit Defender, Avira, are great examples of free and good anti-virus software. Free advanced graphics software are available for download, The Gimp is an excellent alternative to Photoshop, it provides many of the basic and advanced features that most other graphics software. Music editing software are also available for free, as are many other software, do some research, download and test, you will find that most software can be had free thereby saving you substantial amount of money.


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