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Money is Everything – THE Personal Finance Book for Millennials

THE Personal Finance Book for Millennials

So, I wrote a book! Yes, a book. And not a self-published e-book like my previous (albeit amazing) book The Complete Guide to a Debt Free Education (which you should buy, by the way). No, I wrote a book that was published by a real publisher. Tycho Press to be specific. And as the title of this post says, it’s THE Personal Finance Book for Millennials.

As we speak, my copy of Money is Everything: Personal Finance for the New Economy is sitting right next to me. Money is Everything is a primer on personal finance aimed at Millennials. I’ve written it in a fun and engaging voice since personal finance doesn’t have to be boring. I’ve also included lots of hacks, tips and app suggestions to help you easily transition from personal finance ingénue to expert.

The book’s message isn’t that money is the most important thing, but that money is often the most crucial part of being able to follow our dreams and do the things that we want to do with our lives. Money is the ability to spend time with family. It’s what makes that fun night out or trip with friends possible. And it will be what ensures that we can continue to feed and clothe ourselves even when we’re 86 and our attempts to twerk embarrass our grandchildren.

So, you should buy this book. If only to read all the really funny jokes that I included with all that great advice. But for real, if you read this it will give you a road map to be financially successful in life so that you don’t have to spend all your time worrying about money and you can enjoy every moment.

About the Book:

Learn the Latest Tips and Tricks for Managing Your Personal Financial Life

Personal finance is not taught in school – and the process of learning how to manage your own finances can be fraught with painful missteps. In Money is Everything, Amanda Reaume, the author behind Millennial Personal Finance and host of the Millennial Personal Finance podcast, helps walk you through everything you need to learn to manage your financial life including the best ways to make it, spend it, borrow it, and save it.

Money Is Everything is not your average personal finance book chock-full of the trite and tired same-old advice. Specifically written by and for Millennials, it will help you:

  • Get the internships and jobs you want
    • Understand and implement a financial plan (a.k.a. a budget!)
    • Create a steady flow of side income
    • Learn how to save money on small and big purchases (and get some free stuff)
    • Take control of your credit score
    • Turn the tables on banks and borrowers
    • Become debt-free

Learn from personal finance experts – not the hard way!

What Readers are saying on Amazon:

DiBeas says: “Engaging; the only word that I can use to fully describe this book.”
Katie says: “I didn’t think I would enjoy learning about money,but I really did! I loved the chapter on saving money hacks! My husband and I are always trying to find ways to save money and this chapter was so helpful! We have sat down and discussed trying alot of these options […] I highly recommend this book!”
Ashley says: “This book is so useful, and is something I will always keep on my shelf. As someone in my mid 20’s, I am just now becoming concerned with saving and wise spending for a financially sound future […] This book covers just about everything you could question about your finances, from savings, budgets, spending, and even your credit report! I found the section about how to become debt-free the most useful. As many people my age feel we are drowning in student loan debt, this section was particularly helpful.”
Angela Fetteroff says: “Money in a way is everything. This book really touches me personally. As a child I grew up in a home where there was never any money. There wasn’t money because my parents knew nothing about how to save, spend, or borrow money. Luckily I wasn’t influenced by their bad money habits but I also don’t have much guidance.

This book has taught me a lot about spending money, saving money, and borrowing money. Learning proper ways of how to do all three can really change your life. This book also really helped me understand how to manage my credit score. My husband and I would like to buy a house at some point so our credit score is very important to us.

In this day and age learning how to properly manage your money can be everything. This book is really great for everyone at any age to learn financial responsibility.”


Omaha Mom Reviews says: “Wow, my expectations weren’t that high for this book to be completely honest. Generally, I find finance books either completely boring or they go way over my head. I am beyond impressed with the total layout of this book.

Whether you’re in college, own a business, work for a large coorperation, or are retired… this is a great book to read. It really goes over EVERYTHING. There are snippets on interviews, budgeting, and anything you can think of. Did you know watching cute animal videos is shown to help your productivity at work? This book is filled with so much useful and interesting information. It’s easy to follow and grabs your attention while your still learning something. “



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