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“Mom Is Everything” from Kay Jewelers

“Mom Is Everything” from Kay Jewelers

Alright. Go ahead and sit there. So the surprise here is that they don’t know you’re able to watch them. I feel like I’m eavesdropping. I am eavesdropping! My mom’s dream job is… My mom’s best recipe is… They’re so cute.

One thing my mom always says is… Clean your room. [Laughing] My mom’s better than anyone at… … jumping straight up and coming down on her feet.

I will always love my mom because… She loves us, too. I love my mom because she’s my mom. Words don’t even explain… I can’t even tell you guys… That’s easy, she’s ours. She’s ours alright. She’s ours and ours alone. The love my wife has defines all of us and my children are proud just to be her children. She loves each and every one of us unconditionally. I’ll forever love her and, I don’t want to speak for her, but she will forever love me. Yes I will. Always. Always, always.

My mom changed my life when she… Oh dear. How short a list does it have to be? Wow. I don’t think my mom realizes she actually helped me change my life. She gave me the courage and fortitude to say, “carry on.” She probably thinks we love her so much but, really, we love her infinity. I never heard her talking like that. I don’t know if you have told your momma that, but, we needed to hear that. Motherhood is a big deal.

And… you kind of get into it when you don’t know what you’re doing. And you’re trying every year, you know, I hope this works, I hope that works, I hope this kid turns out alright. And, suddenly when you get older, you think back, my goodness… there they are, and… I like them all.

You know? I like them all! When they’re little they’re adorable and cute, but now they’re all grown and you look at them and you say, “you know I really like them. I would like them as a friend.” My mom is… magical. My mom is courageous. My mom’s one-of-a-kind. My mom is my best friend. She’s my hero. My mom is amazing. My mom is the best mom I could ever have. My mom is… fantastic. Amazing. My mom is the person I hope I am the most like. Wow. I like that! I like that.

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