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marine credit union online banking
marine credit union online banking

marine credit union  Login Screen

New Login Screen

All online banking users will be asked to log in with the following information:

1. You will enter your account number in the Online Banking ID field.

2. Your initial password will be the first 2 letters of your last name (i.e. SM for Smith) These letters must be uppercase; followed by the last 6 digits of the account holder’s Social Security Number.

Account Summary

Account Summary

All of your deposit and/or loan accounts will be listed.  To view account information, simply click on your account.
The drop-down boxes next to each account list some of the options available for that account.

Finally, underneath the “Member Summary Information” tab, a summary of your total deposit balances and total loan balances is shown.  You can also see when you last accessed your account, as well as the number of times your account has been accessed.  This provides additional security for peace of mind.  If, for any reason, you feel your account has been compromised, please notify us as soon as possible.

marine credit union waupun ⇒ https://www.marinecu.com/branch_location/waupun/

Current Transactions

You will be able to view your account transactions in a very clear format.

Transactions can be viewed since your last statement, for the past 7,15,or 30 days or you may select a range of transactions.

Your current balance and available funds will also be displayed. Marine online ⇒ https://www.marinecu.com/

Transfer Funds

Transfer Funds

With Transfer Funds you will be able to transfer funds between your Marine Credit Union accounts with greater ease than ever.

You will be able to see your available funds when transferring, which protects your account.  You can also set the transfer frequency, depending on how often you would like the transfer to occur. Also, you can select the specific date when you would like the transfer to take place.    

Select the “from” and “to” account. Enter the amount to transfer, then select a frequency and date and click Submit.   That’s all there is to it!

marine credit union la crosse wi ⇒ https://www.marinecu.com/loans/home-mortgages/



If you have signed up for e-Documents, you will be able to view your statement online, in a variety of formats.

Password Self Reset

Password Self Reset

With all the Usernames and Passwords to remember these days, it can be easy to accidentally lock yourself out of your Marine Credit Union account.

The password self reset feature makes it easy to get back to online banking, even when we are closed!

Enter the Online Banking ID that you created under the Personal Settings tab.

Enter the email address which you had previously used within “Personal Settings.”

Create your own email subject line. This will reassure you that the unlock confirmation email is really coming from you!

Send Secure Message


Send Secure Message

Enter your email address and name to securely communicate with us.  A representative will respond to your inquiry within one business day.

Immediate Stop Payment

Immediate Stop Payment

Did you write a check that was later lost or stolen?  Has a check simply not turned up in the mail?  If so, you can place a “Stop Payment” on a check with our enhanced online banking.

This option protects your finances by giving you the ability to initiate a  stop payment request with us for one or more specific checks.

To create a stop payment request enter the check date, the check number, the amount, and the payee name.  The information must match exactly in order for us to process a stop payment request.

A stop payment fee of $25.00 will be deducted from your account.

Stop Payment Confirmation

A confirmation page will appear when the stop payment is complete.

marine credit union routing number ⇒ https://www.marinecu.com/member-services/

Personal Settings

From Personal Settings you can:

  • Change your access code.
  • Create your own personal username/ID.
  • Change your e-mail address. This is also the section where you would enter a Password Reset Question and Answer that is used for the Password Self Reset

Account Settings

You can create account  pseudo names or “nicknames” to make it easy to distinguish among your accounts.

You can also change the order in which the accounts are displayed by simply clicking on their name and using the arrows to change their position in the list.



A great new feature of Home Banking are the Alerts.  They are designed to notify you when pre-defined events occur.

Event alerts are triggered by specific events such as Direct Deposits, insufficient funds, maturing loans or certificates, or mailing address changes.

Balance alerts are triggered by a balance being above or below a designated amount.

Transaction alerts are triggered when an amount posts to a specific account.

Specific Check Number alerts happen when checks/drafts clear.

Security alerts are triggered when an ID or password is changed, or when an invalid or successful login has occurred.

Personal alerts (such as birthday or anniversary reminders) are customized by you and are date-triggered.

You may set up all, some or none depending on your preference.

Give them a try!

display defaults

Display Defaults

Display Defaults Change the number of accounts you see by default on this page.
You can also change the number of days of default transaction history you see as well as other personal preferences.

Customize your display to best suit your needs!

Marine Credit Union ⇒ https://www.marinecu.com/online-banking/


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