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“It used to be funnier”: Schöneberger complains about political correctness


Entertainer Barbara Schöneberger is not particularly “amused”. She considers the political correctness in humor, which is widely noticed today, to be problematic. “Just laughing is no more,” says the moderator. Not all of her fans are enthusiastic about this attitude.

The German all-round talent Barbara Schöneberger complains about the political correctness that predominates in humor these days. “If clichés now fall on the index of personal injury, every statement is checked, it becomes difficult,” explains the presenter, actress, singer and entertainer in an interview with “Welt am Sonntag”. “Let’s not kid ourselves: it used to be funnier.”

She used to moderate galas where, among other things, there was champagne on tap. Even at the beginning of a gala you have to say things like that the toilet flushes with rainwater and that “e-Golfs for the VIP shuttle” are ready. This should not be misunderstood, because that is also okay. Meanwhile, however, “a completely different sensitivity dominates the humor: just laughing is no longer.”

She herself hadn’t encountered any resistance in her career: “At least none that would have stopped me from doing anything.” Like everyone else, she has of course also experienced failures, but she has never been able to consciously attribute any advancement or failure to her gender.

“At some point it’s over”

According to the Welt am Sonntag, Schöneberger is not only making friends with her attitude – not even with her fans. When she prefers not to put make-up on men on Instagram, she receives a real shit storm. “Honestly, friends. At some point it’s over. Men are welcome to wear funny, rolled up trousers and short jackets that end over their asses – then do it if you want. But if you do your makeup now … I think there’s a point somewhere. Men are men, ”says the 45-year-old in an Instagram video for her“ Barbara ”magazine. There are many critical voices under the post. “Really modern worldview”, criticized one user.

Schöneberger is one of four protagonists who have accompanied Sky for almost a year in front of and behind the scenes for his new documentary series “Her Story”. On November 24th and December 1st, at 9:50 p.m., the broadcaster will be showing the two-part documentary about the 46-year-old. Documentations about Sarah Wiener, Stefanie Giesinger and Anna Loos follow later.

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