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As a result of effects such as fractures, cracks, bruises and impacts on the teeth, the need for coating on the teeth may arise. In addition, due to broken teeth or yellowing of the teeth, it may be necessary to make an aesthetic coating on the teeth.

Especially when it comes to front teeth, it is desired that the tooth coating to be made looks natural. An artificial tooth image leaves a negative impression on the person opposite as much as it disturbs the person. Generally, problems such as color difference and incompatibility of tooth forms with natural teeth in poorly made dental veneers first catch the eye.

If the compatibility with the gums is not good, bruises and bleeding occur in the gums. Due to this, many problems such as bleeding gums, bad breath and gum recession occur over time. Dental veneers are applied with different materials and techniques in dentistry. Your dentist will decide which dental veneer is best for you. One of the most important issues to know is that no matter what material is used, there will be no health problems with a well-made dental veneer.

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In this method, which has been used for many years, the measurement is taken after the tooth is etched. In the laboratory, wax is prepared for the metal infrastructure with the modeling technique on the impression, and the metal infrastructure is prepared to adapt to the tooth with the induction method or the CAD CAM technique. On the metal rehearsed in the mouth, the dental technician gives the tooth form by applying the paste-like ceramic, which he obtains with a mixture of ceramic powder and liquid, layer by layer with his special brushes. He adjusts the closure with the tongue on the opposite jaw and when the aesthetic form is completed, the dentist checks the color and closure in the patient’s mouth. If necessary corrections are made, the dental veneer, which is completed and polished, is ready to be attached to the mouth.

This coating, which is aesthetically disadvantageous because it contains metal, can be preferred because the price is cheap and there is no durability problem. However, problems such as decay of the tooth under the veneer may occur in the long term due to the metal not being able to adapt ideally with the cut tooth in the mouth during the production phase. In order to eliminate this problem, the induction casting technique was developed, and then the metal infrastructures prepared by using the laser spraying method, which gave better results, were started to be used. No matter how well prepared, metal-containing dental veneers are not preferred by us because of the need to cut more than the tooth in order to tolerate the color changes that occur at the gingival margin and the material thickness.


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