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Is Israel behind it ?: Iranian nuclear physicist killed in attack


In broad daylight, assassins shoot a car near the Iranian capital Tehran. The inmate comes seriously injured to the hospital and succumbs to his injuries. A little later it is clear: The dead man is a high-ranking nuclear physicist.

A senior Iranian nuclear physicist and missile specialist was killed in an assassination attempt in Iran. “We hereby announce the martyrdom of Doctor Mohsen Fachrisadeh,” said the Tehran Ministry of Defense on state television. It thus confirmed information from the Iranian state broadcaster IRIB and several news agencies.

According to the ministry, Fachrisadeh was “shot by terrorists” in his car and seriously injured. He later succumbed to his injuries in the hospital. According to media reports, Fachrisadeh is said to have been shot in Ab-Sard, a suburb east of the capital Tehran. Local authorities confirmed the death of the physicist and some of the attackers.

The 63-year-old nuclear physicist Fachrisadeh had been a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and was an expert in the manufacture of missiles. Therefore, according to the Fars news agency, Israeli secret services should have tried for years to eliminate him. Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammed Jawad Zarif tweeted shortly after the scientist’s death that there were “serious indications” that Israel was involved in the attack by “terrorists”.

Most recently, Fachrisadeh headed the Research and Technological Renewal Department in the Ministry of Defense. The spokesman for the Iranian nuclear organization AEOI, who denied the reports, caused confusion at short notice. “Our nuclear scientists are all healthy,” Behrus Kamalwandi told the Isna news agency. Allegedly, Fachrisadeh was no longer part of the AEOI, which would explain the denial.

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