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If you enjoy making convenient payments, a credit card is a good option for you. There are many stories out there about people who have messed up their finances with credit cards. In spite of this, the majority of the people who use credit cards responsibly have good things to say about them.home instant approvel

If one is irresponsible in their spending, they will still mess up their finances whether through an ATM card or a credit card. The fact is that a credit card when used wisely has many benefits that far outweigh its disadvantages.

If you are getting a credit card, it is important to get the best credit card in the market to ensure that you do not have any problems with it. There are many reputable credit card companies with cards that are universally accepted such as the mastercard credit card.

With the understanding that making a decision to take up a credit card can be a bit challenging, we have gone out of our way to review the top credit cards and have come up with a list of features that make them the best in the market.


All through our review, there are a number of features that reveal the best credit cards. They include:

No intro APR on balance transfers and purchases for a certain period – In our study we found that the best credit card offers were those that gave their customers a long no APR introductory period.

While the average grace period for APR is 15 months, some generous cards give their customers up to 18 months before they charge any APR interest. But after the period elapses, they charge the clients a variable APR depending on their credit rating. If one has a good credit rating, they can get an APR from as low as 12.99%.

APR Balance Transfer Annual Fee
15.24% – 19.24% Variable N/A $0 intro annual fee for 1st year

Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express

  • Click “APPLY NOW” to apply online or call 888-752-1323
  • Earn 30,000 bonus miles after you use your new Card to make $1,000 in purchases within your first 3 months.More Details
APR Balance Transfer Annual Fee
10.99% – 22.99% Variable* Yes $0

Discover it®

  • Click “APPLY NOW” to apply online or call 1-801-902-3100
  • 0% intro APR on balance transfers for 18 months—then a variable purchase APR applies, currently 10.99% – 22.99%. A 3% fee applies to each transfered balance. More Details
APR Balance Transfer Annual Fee
12.99% – 21.99% Variable Yes $0

Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express

  • Click “APPLY NOW” to apply online or call 877-488-1783
  • Get one year of Amazon Prime plus $50 back after you make $1,000 in purchases with your new Card in the first three months. More Details
APR Balance Transfer Annual Fee
14.99% – 22.99% Variable Yes $0

Bank of America Bank Americard Travel Rewards® Credit Card

  • Click “APPLY NOW” to apply online or call 1.800.932.2775
  • Get 0% intro APR on all purchases until February 2016; 10.9%-18.9% variable APR after that More Details


  • A competitive balance fee transfer fee

Some of the appealing credit card offers have a balance transfer fee of $5 or 3% of the transaction whichever is greater. Some credit cards do not charge a balance transfer fee for the first 60 days as part of their introductory offer.

  • Instant approval credit cards

Customers like working with a company that offers instant approval for any applications for credit cards unless there is a compelling reason not to do so.

  • No late charges

In our study, we found that most of the top credit cards do not have a late payment penalty. This means customer like a company that forgives them for being late on payments once in a while.

  • Responsive customer service

It seems that the credit card companies that have a fast response to their customer inquiries are also the market leaders.

  • No annual fee

Customers do not like being asked to pay annual fees for their cards. As a result, companies that do not charge annual fees rank as some of the best in the industry.

  • Run promotional offers

Some of the leading cards are good at running promotional offers for their customers. Many customers will be pleased to receive a 5% cash back at gas stations courtesy of using their credit cards.

As you go about shopping for a credit card, you can find out whether your current provider offers the above benefits or not.


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