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Ink Plus Business : The card is named as Ink Plus Business Credit card is one of the top credit cards in the business category. The most important reason why it is is the bonus points you will get back after your spendings. Here are some of best features of the credit card.

If you spend $5000 in 3 months after your account opening, then you will get 60,000 bonus points. The bonus points are available to use in everywhere that Chase Bank has a deal.

The credit card has a bonus point table for different kind of categories. You can earn 5 bonus points for $1 in combined spendings in office supply stores and cellular phones. You can earn 2 bonus points for $1 after combined spendings in gas stations and hotels. And 1 bonus points for $1 in the rest of the categories. These bonus points will be until you spend $50,000 in mentioned categories in a year.

There is no bonus point limitations for any categories. You can get bonus points as much as your spendings.
Foreign transactions have no fee if you have Ink Plus credit card.

You need to pay $95 as the annual fee  to the Chase Bank fort he Ink Plus credit card .