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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions; we’ve compiled answers to the most popular ones. Save time by reviewing our answers below, chances are, the answer is here. https://indigo.myfinanceservice.com/FAQ

Account Agreements

How can I request a copy of my Account Agreement online?


You may click “View Account Agreements” on the homepage for generic agreements, or after logging into your account you may request your specific agreement by clicking “View/Request Account Agreements.” Just click “Information Central” under the “Customer Center” on the left side of any page (you’ll need to be logged-in to your account). Under “Manage Communications” click the link to “View/Request Account Agreement,” verify your address and submit your information. Once you complete and submit the form, we will mail your Account Agreement in 7 – 10 business days.

indigo Credit Card Login

indigo Credit Card Login

Who can I call to request a copy of my Account Agreement?


Please call Customer Service to request a copy of your Account Agreement.

Is there a charge to request my Account Agreement?


No, there is no cost to request your Account Agreement.


When will my online payment post to my account?


The payment cut off time for online payments is 5:00 p.m., Pacific Time. This means, if we receive your online payment prior to 5 p.m., Pacific Time, your payment will be credited to your account as of the calendar date it was received. If we receive your payment after 5 p.m., Pacific Time, your payment will be credited as of the next calendar date.

What are my options for making a payment?


You can make an immediate payment online through this website, call us to make a payment over the phone, make a payment through MoneyGram, or send your check or money order through the mail.

What information do I need to make a MoneyGram payment?


If you’d like to make a payment using MoneyGram, you’ll need the following information: Find your nearest MoneyGram location at www.moneygram.com.
Company Name: Genesis FS Card Services
Receive Code: 4911


How can I avoid late payment fees?


As soon as you get your monthly billing statement, check the Payment Due Date and monthly Minimum Payment Due. Make sure you pay at least the monthly minimum payment each month by your payment due date. If you mail your payment, please allow at least seven (7) business days for postal delivery. You can also make an online payment through this website or call us to make payment over the telephone.


When will the available credit on my account reflect my payment?


In some cases, the available credit may not reflect your payment for up to 14 days in order to verify funds. This is disclosed in the “Making Payments” section of Agreement that governs your account.

How up-to-date is the current balance information?


The current balance is updated nightly and may not reflect all transactions (payments, purchases and other adjustments) on your account.


What is available credit?


Available credit is your credit limit minus your current balance and the amount available for use. Please keep in mind that your account’s available credit may not reflect a payment for up to 14 days to allow us to verify funds.


How can I increase my credit limit?


There is not a credit limit increase program at this time.


Where can I use my Indigo Platinum MasterCard?


You can use your Indigo Platinum MasterCard for purchases and cash advances anywhere you see the MasterCard logo, at over 33 million locations in 210 countries.

Contact Us

Our customer service begins with the sale and never ends.

Check our FAQ for answers to common questions, or contact us by mail or phone at the following:

Phone: 866-946-9545

FAX: 503-268-4711

Correspondence address:
Genesis FS Card Services
PO Box 4477
Beaverton, OR 97076-4477
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milestone credit card
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genesis credit
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destiny credit card


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