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In Vino Verena: Udo Bönstrup’s vulva shaming


Are misogyny, hate speech and digital violence against women satire that we should silently accept? Our columnist says no, but also sees a business model behind it: Generate reach with misogyny.

“Why don’t you have any photos in there, man? It’s always like that with you feminists – with these ultra turbo-feminists! Because you’re always so ugly, unshackled pieces of bacon – with greasy short hairstyle (…). Fuck cross-legged, drink your caraway tea and best of all you still dance for the climate! In this sense: Shut up! “

This cute voice message was sent to the feminist Franziska Peil from Bonn, the creative mind behind it Instagram account catcallsof.bonn. The term catcalling does not stand for compliments, but for verbal sexual harassment on the street, the initiator encourages many women to defend themselves.

The voice message to the “unfucked” comes from: Gestatten, Udo Bönstrup, 26 years old. Udo’s real name is not Udo, but Hendrik Nitsch. Bönstrup is a hilarious satirical figure who likes to discredit women who fight against sexism, misogyny and digital violence on the internet.

The funny Udo describes himself on his website as: “Dr. hc of the district university Hinterfotzingen, online gynecologist and specialist for feed fungus and influencer discharge”. Dear readers, I am once again in a bind. On the one hand, it triggers me when I read or hear misogynistic sayings, but on the other hand, I also keep getting messages that people like me only pay attention to the Udos of this republic by reporting on them. You could of course ignore this and all the other Udo – of course!

Sexism disguised as satire

But you know, my hair is greasy today! In addition, I haven’t had any extensive sex for about three weeks, I’m really something of “unfucked and screwed up” to stay in the oh-so-satirical Udo slang that I unfortunately can’t swallow it silently today (haha, little joke!) when I encounter sexism disguised as satire. Because satire is supposed to be allowed to do anything. So a Udo can insult women in the worst possible way and incite his followers on them. The fact that Nitsch’s alter ego Udo Bönstrup actually believes he can book his misogyny as satire is the joke par excellence.

But let’s start at the beginning! Wait, I’ll take a quick sip of my delicious caraway tea. The very groovy Udo spent a few weeks ago in the container of “Celebrity Big Brother”, where he thought it was witty to “air-finger” a woman. Because when women dance around in bikini in summer and loll freely on a blanket, you can do that. They like that, the old women! You never knew on the show: who is speaking here? Hendrik or Udo. But actually: who is not speaking here? Because Udo aka Hendrik didn’t have too much to say about “PBB”. Mostly he stood or lay in silence in the area, his face hidden under a baseball cap. Later, the show’s moderators also distanced themselves from his sexist missteps. Udo (satire or not) is neither a satirist nor a comedian live.

Is Udo afraid of women?

As you probably know, I often accompany illustrious trash TV formats for ntv.de. So I inquire about Udochen, because I primarily want to find him good and not prejudice him. Some claim that Udo is afraid of women. But is that really true? Isn’t Udo just a smart guy who has noticed that insulting women is so popular with his homies that you can generate great reach with it?

There is so much sexism in our society. And unfortunately, it is often the case that women who draw attention to this are denounced as “family-horny, disturbed, ugly whores”. There are “unbuckled” women like me, on Instagram with “terrifyingly small reach”, who, according to Udo, only jump on the bandwagon to get a few followers and want to generate attention with awesome Udo content. The joker calls them: “Professionally indignant”.

Oh, God, you know, dear readers, I am “so spiritually insolvent” that I would actually like to draw your attention to the term vulva shaming at this point. Women who accidentally show their labia under their clothes are insulted: “You can see your cameltoe, it’s disgusting! Aren’t you ashamed?”

The influencer Franziska Lohberger posted a courageous photo against vulva shaming and commented: “Do you know what I find disgusting? That women and girls get the feeling that they have to be ashamed of their bodies!” The spiteful return coach of the wandering joker: A photo of himself and a cucumber emerging from under his pants – with the comment: “No shame for the big tails. Do you know what I find disgusting? Your insignificant, artificial problems with which you are in some form is trying to get attention! “

The “loose mouth” of a “fascist hooker”

Irrelevant? Artificial Problems? Women who encourage other women are just attention-grabbing? For years I have also been writing about feminist topics and fighting against hatred online. I was insulted as a “fascist whore” because I dared to criticize Friedrich Merz for his view of women. Toxic masculinity also means threatening strange women on the Internet to “shut them up”. No question about it, of course such hateful messages, which are basically nothing more than a form of digital violence, seem intimidating.

I am so tired and – as I said – unfortunately “unfucked” for three weeks. Nevertheless, I just keep writing that I wish that one day women would no longer be ashamed of their gender and think that they were “ugly” between their legs.

The female gender is still taboo, defamed and ridiculed in our society. There are women who, because of their socialization, dared to hold a mirror between their legs for the first time in old age. Because you don’t talk about that below. In the meantime there are self-awareness courses, especially for traumatized women, to be seen on YouTube, among others. Our Udochen comments on what he calls the vulva crevice peek course as follows: “Here five crazy women come to look at each other’s joints. Now she’s sitting on the chair and holding her Ollen’s marble in her face? (…) haha, the well-known Fotzlappen (…) The old woman also shits cross-legged. “

Maybe Udo doesn’t know any of this

Admittedly, the whole thing seems a bit esoteric and strange. But I don’t know a single man who – drunk with his ego – has ever expressed himself so presumptuously. There are people who are circumcised as children. Women in particular suffer agonies from the mutilation of their sexes. Maybe Udo doesn’t know any of this. Maybe you have to tell Udo that. Unfortunately, Udo usually feels attacked when asked about his view of women. Because women who dare to stand up to the “living legend Udo” are ugly, “unbuckled pieces of bacon” (…) and for their followers some Ollen with “inferiority complexes” (…) without a “backbone”.

Dear Udo, I don’t know where you put your – as you call it – “meat whip”, but be assured that those who celebrate you are just as “spineless people with inferiority complexes” like you. Please contact me, if you want to talk about vulva shaming and digital violence against women.

And please look for positive male role models! There are many amazing men out there that you could learn a lot from! Until then, you great pike, I kiss your eyes!

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