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If I could only have one credit card | 6 Travel & Personal Finance YouTubers Share Their Picks

If I could only have one credit card

The idea of having one credit card is hard to imagine for those of us and the points of mouse hobby so when I was asked this question it took me a while to decide on an answer part of its because every card has its strengths and weaknesses and part of what makes a car strategy so effective is combining cards to maximize different categories of spend what’s going on everyone its Ernest from Trip Astute. Today I’m going to share the credit card that I would choose if I could only have one card and more importantly what some of my favorite travel and personal finance creators on YouTube would pick as their credit card of choice picking only one credit card is a tough decision it’s like asking a watch collector to pick one watch in their collection in fact there is a concept in watch collecting called the one watch collection and you’ll often hear watch enthusiasts discuss which one they would keep and where for all occasions having only one credit card might seem like a silly prime-minister those of us in the points of miles hobby what is about questions not everyone wants a wallet full of credit cards or even to remember which cars go with certain types of spending in their daily life so I posed this question to several of my fellow youtubers in the travel and personal finance space to weigh in on their pick for a one card each person will explain their pick and why they chose their specific card after we hear from them I’ll share my pick for the one card these are awesome creators who really know their stuff so if you haven’t checked out their channels make sure to do so I’ll include their channel information in the video description alright let’s get started what’s up guys my name is David founder of wise flies a YouTube channel that teaches you about credit cards and travel points so you could travel anywhere in the world almost free thank you so much for having me on earnest if I had to choose just one card only one card it would have to be the car that gave me a bunch of luxurious travel upgraded my airport experience and even gave my wife and I a trip to South Africa for our one-year anniversary with a sign of bonus I know I’m teasing this card but it will definitely have to be the Chase Sapphire Reserve card so this card I got just when it came out I got the hundred thousand points and a bonus with it my favorite things about this card is a three points per dollar spent on restaurants and travel which is pretty much all I spend my money on anyway and I love love love the airport lounge access with priority pass this completely changed my life in airports so I’ve gotten free sushi in lounges in Japan and probably my favorite airport lounge experience was in London where my daughter got to watch movies all day in the London Heathrow Airport in their special movie room was just just for kids chase altmer war points used through the chase fi reserved portal are worth 1.5 cents her point so I actually used this last month when I went to the Bahamas for one of my flights I put ten thousand chase all the reward points which gave me $150 towards that flight and if you’re tired of being stuck in the security line waiting hours Global Entry and TSA PreCheck allows you to cut that entire security line right to the front saving you hours in the airport and it’s because of all these amazing benefits which is why I’m choosing the Chase Sapphire Reserve card as my one card of choice hi I’m Ian le also known as Miss be helpful that’s my youtube channel and on my channel I like to post videos to help young people navigate personal finance um but in an easy way cuz I know it was hard for me to find videos about personal finance that I thought were easy to understand and that I thought you know we’re posted by a relatable host like somebody who was young like me and even somebody who was like a woman like it was really hard to find girls in personal finance so that’s why I decided to just start my own YouTube channel to help talk about everything like credit cards and investing and saving and budgeting and it’s now kind of hard for me to say one credit card that I would choose affect chrony has one because I have five different cards but I’m gonna talk about the four or five things that I love about the card that I use the most so that’s the Chase Freedom credit card not the Chase freedom unlimited card the regular regular Chase Freedom Card that came out first and the reason why I like that card is because it has 5% cash back and that’s a really high cash back percentage which I really like the categories Roth hey every quarter so every three months you get an email showing you the categories for the next 90 days it’s really simple it just tells you you need to activate this cashback if you want to use it so you just have to click the button and it’ll say the categories like grocery stores or movie theaters or restaurants so I like to try to spend up to the five thousand five hundred dollars in the category but sometimes I don’t for example like with groceries I’m not gonna spend a thousand five hundred dollars in 90 days I usually only spend like 800 or 900 so sometimes I’ll take my cousins or my parents they do a big grocery and I’ll just swipe my credit card and take their cash or have them cash up me or venmo me to help me get a little closer to the $1500 because if you hit the $1500 of spending in that category then you get $300 it has a cash reward back each year so that’s something that I really like and I try to kind of use that as an incentive for me to try to chase the the amount in each category but I’m not gonna go like spending crazy like shopping spree and groceries because it’s just to get the cash back to me it doesn’t make sense so I just like offer to pay for other people’s things and have them Vendela me for example for like group dinner and the categories restaurants such that but another reason why I really like is because the APR is really low for me a lot of the other credit cards I got when I was a lot younger like 19 20 years old we’re like 20% or 19% interest but this one was only seventeen point two five percent interest for me which I really like and then the last thing I’ll say that I really like is when I applied for the Chase Freedom Card they immediately approved me for like over ten thousand dollars I think it was maybe twelve thousand five hundred or close to fifteen thousand but it was over ten thousand dollars for sure I remember that and that’s very rare for a credit card to give you such a big amount of available credit when you’re young and my credit had improved a little bit at that point so I was probably close to a seven hundred credit score when I applied so yeah the point is if you have a good credit score this is a good credit card to a five-four because you can get a big credit limit available to you which can really help improve your credit score even more you know because it helps your the factor of your credit score called utilization which I talked a lot about on my youtube channel um and it really helps your debt to credit ratio so that once I did that and got that credit card um it helped improve my credit score laughs so yeah that’s the card that I would have because I use it a lot that’s all I have for you guys enjoy the rest of the video peace hey what’s up everybody I’m Dustin from Wohlers wallet and my channel is all about credit cards credit card rewards and showing you how to use your points and miles to travel for less and if I could only have one credit card I would actually go with the u.s. bank altitude reserve and while the altitude reserve comes with a four hundred dollar annual fee I travel enough that the $325 travel credit brings my effective annual fee down to just $75 and even though the lounge access isn’t the greatest for a premium credit card I’m a huge fan of the Triple Point earning rate on travel and when you make payments with a mobile wallet and that’s because we’re just seeing so many places accept mobile wallet payments not only in stores but they’re accepting it more in their apps as well making it just so easy to earn triple points just by using your phone plus the altitude reserve points or worth one point five cents per point so I’m earning four-and-a-half percent back on my travel which is a pretty solid return plus the altitude reserve has great travel protection benefits which I feel are important for a travel credit card and the u.s. Bank altitude reserve offers a benefit to other cards just don’t have and that is real time mobile rewards which give me more freedom to book my travel directly through an airline or hotel and then redeem my points at one point five cents per point there’s no need to go through a specific portal to get that redemption rate and as a person who primarily flies in coach this actually works out pretty nicely for me so yeah the altitude reserve is the one card I would keep if I could only keep one credit card hey thanks earnest for having to be part of this collaboration I really appreciate it and as always safe travels and take care everyone hey guys it’s a bastion I have a youtube channel called ask CB as well as writing on SME comm if you prefer reading it’s a day we are going to talk about what cart I would pick if I could only pick one card for me I think the no-brainer answer is going to be the American Express hilts an aspire card due to a lot of different reasons it’s the best no-brainer card out there right now for a lot of people annual fees end up getting pretty scary and here you’re paying 450 off the bats with that though you do get a 250 dollar Travel incidental credit which is very easy to use of something like Southwest as well as Delta and then a 250 dollar Hilton Resort credit which works for a lot of their resorts this means that right off the bat if you value the travel credits as they are you’re getting paid $50 to get the card on top of that you get a free week at night that works at most of their properties and you can use this at a lot of places that are otherwise prohibitively expensive if you have a player too if you have other points that you can combine with this you can take pretty interesting and aspirational trips that you otherwise wouldn’t want to spend money on on top of that this card has very strong multipliers for Hilton’s so if you are someone who’s a consultant if you do travel a lot then you’re going to rack up those points pretty quickly making the next trip a lot easier the final cherry on top of this is that you get Hilton Diamond status which is going to be their top tier status there’s no other hotel card right now that gives you to talk to your status just by having the card on the surface this might not sound that interesting but there’s a lot of places where you’re going to get upgraded to the biggest most expensive room on the property in addition to that you’re going to get free breakfasts so it’s a win-win because it turns your normal trip to New York into one where you have the top four Suites to me I really like this card because you get treated like a VIP when you’re just a pea thank you Ernest for having me on this video and hope you guys liked it see you guys next time hi everyone my name is Jason and I’m the Travel Awards coach for those of you not familiar with me you can check me out here on YouTube Facebook and Instagram as well as Travel Awards coach comm really what I’m all about is teaching people how to do absolutely amazing things with their points at miles things like business class flights first-class flights really expensive hotel rooms and things that you just normally couldn’t do as a normal person who is not incredibly wealthy I share all sorts of tips on my youtube as well as through personal coaching programs I also talk about on my channel my adventures as a digital entrepreneur where I’m able to work from anywhere on the world on my digital marketing agency and how I basically tied all of my business spending into ways to earn tons of travel points and miles which allow me to travel as well so I’ve really intertwined a whole aspects of my life into travel rewards when Ernest asked me what card I would keep if I was only able to keep one I swear it’s one of the hardest questions anyone has ever asked me I’m gonna do my best to keep this short so I’m gonna do a more detailed review of why I picked this card on my channel if you want to check that out but as mentioned before I run a digital marketing agency we do a lot of Facebook advertising I also spend a lot of money on travel and not really a lot on plane tickets but I do spend a lot of money on Airbnb s and with the chase business Inc preferred the card only has a $95 annual fee but it has a huge huge punch so I can spend up to a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year on Facebook advertising as well as travel expenses and they have some other categories that are not quite as important to me such as internet shipping cable and phone services so if you could spend a hundred and fifty thousand dollars on these categories per year that’s four hundred and fifty thousand points by that alone after that you can continue to spend an unlimited amount of money and get one point per dollar spent so this card is a chase ultimate rewards earning card meaning that you earn chase ultimate rewards which you can do a of different things with the best way to redeem their chase ultimate words are either transferring to one of their hotel or airline transfer partners as well as using the chase ultimate reward system and with this card you would get one point two five cents per mile this card also offers cell phone protection and a variety of different purchase protection rental car collision and trip cancellation so overall this card has a ton of different amazing features on it ways to earn tons and tons of points and miles with only a $95 annual fee and while it doesn’t have every single feature out one a card by far this car would earn the most points and miles for me if I only had to pick one so guys thanks again for watching and I can’t wait to see what everyone else would keep as their one card thank you guys I really had to think through which card would be my go-to card if I could only have one for me it came down to either a flat rate cash back card or car that earns valuable points and since we like to travel the car that really seems to meet our needs more than any other card is a Chase Sapphire reserve the Sapphire Reserve does have a hefty annual fee of $450 but you get a lot of benefits some of which can really help to offset the annual fee the first is the $300 travel credit which I know I’ve talked about in a lot of other videos second the Sapphire Reserve does have great travel benefits like trip delay and lost baggage protection and primary car rental insurance the card also has note form transaction fees and is widely accepted since it’s a Visa card I’ve also had great experiences with chases customer service when disputing a charge it’s giving me a lot of confidence and use the card whenever we travel third the card offers three points per dollar on travel and dining expenses regardless of whether the charge is in the US or abroad another benefit that I find very useful is the lounge axis this is a bit ironic since I used to think that lounge access was an excessive benefit for high-maintenance travelers but since getting lounge access I found that we’ve been able to save a lot of money in food and drink costs at the airports since the lounges usually offer free food and refresh we’ll often eat there rather than buying a meal at the airport the last aspect that I personally value is the idea that I’m earning points toward my travels when I use my card I know that that may sound silly since I could also earn cash back and allocated toward a travel budget but there is something satisfying about seeing points build up in your account and thinking of ways that you could use it for a future trip I know it’s not a tangible benefit but it’s more of an emotional thing that I value when I think about points versus cash back combined all of this with a variety of redemption options and you have a car that is a keeper in my wallet and for those of you that are interested in the Sapphire reserve but can’t stomach the annual fee there is a Sapphire Preferred for only $95.00 a year which also includes a hefty welcome offer in fact it’s the card that I usually recommend for folks who are getting started in the Hobby what would be your one card if you could only have one credit card what do you think of the selections in this video also let us know if you’d like the format of this collaboration I’d love to do more of these since I think they’re fun and a great way to learn about other channels thanks again to everyone who helped make this video possible make sure you check out their channels and show your support by subscribing if you’re interested in any of the cards featured I’ll include our credit card offers linked below thank you all for watching and until next time travel safe and travel smart


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