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IBES Jungle Show – Day 8: “Did you call me a prostitute?”


IBES Jungle Show – Day 8
“Did you call me a prostitute?”

By Verena Maria Dittrich

Conversations about who called whom prostitutes and when, many tears and heads that are pulled through chimneys: In the Hürth jungle it is half time. But there is stress. A man with a dead guinea pig on his head is considering canceling the show.

“Did you say I prostituted myself?” Sam asks Christina. The common drunkenness the day before caused a film tear in the man who wears the fur of a dead guinea pig for a walk on December. The whole of Twitter oracles is whether some callers have such failures, but more on that later. The homies don’t get really warm with each other in their homes. You do a little soul striptease. Dimitriou talks about bullying and Sanne about his “Down after the Bachelor”: slipped disc, 13 weeks hospital, no money.

Bottom line, however: you are bored – especially with yourself. But because Sam’s “intelligence rate” is minimally below that of a “moldy toast”, the Fleur buddy knows that when you are on TV, the viewer is something must offer.

The day before he asked the “ghetto bitch” some questions: pimp for a new bag – all so simple-minded that you have difficulty retrieving them from your hard drive. In any case, it seems okay for the simpleton to ask such disrespectful questions to a woman, but the other way around it is “crazy that you call me a prostitute! I look so cheap on you!”

“From the wall to the wallpaper”

Somehow the artificial argument has to be pushed up. It’s just tiresome how often these reality “bitches” confuse anti-social or sexist behavior with entertainment. Who first named whom prostitute – that is the question! Sanne yawns without covering her mouth, the audience yawns too and the two whore-deniers cry a little because “everything is rocking up” – what a “victim!”

Sanne claims that the “stupid and naive” Sam thinks “only from the wall to the wallpaper”. And that is really something of rude and mean, because in truth Sam is already thinking – namely “accounting for the show”. He would have plenty of reasons. The hair isn’t lying so well either.

To pass the time, the tiny clan plays a little “roasting”. The other person is confronted with their greatest weaknesses. Christina, not very open to criticism, lets Dylan pester her: “The mask falls”. At some point someone will cry again, someone else will have a “lump in his throat” and think “to feel an inner emptiness”. What these three snap peas have to offer is about as entertaining as watching Frank Fussbroich sleep. Oh, Bea Fiedler: You are missing!

The “Un-Wheel of Fortune” test brings movement into monotony. Buckle up everyone on a bike and pull the beets through a basin full of jungle chimneys. Extra task for “lone fighters” Sam: spelling out terms. For someone for whom learning is “the be-all and end-all” it is of course a pleasure to spell two terms correctly: “Zietlow” and “cockroaches”. Wonderful, too, the wasted term: carousel, even misspelled by our RTL. But if you drive too much in the “Limosine” and pickle “Proseco”, something like that can happen. In any case, the intern will also think: Oh, come on, the “sin (n) flood” after me.

“Outside hui and inside ugh”

Guests to the mountain festival: Maren Gilzer, in the 1980s fumble, Tanja “Hashtag” Tischewitsch and again – the bird of paradise Olivia Jones. And what we find out: Tischewitsch confesses to having cheated during the casting for her season by pretending to be afraid of spiders. There is also a reunion on the screen with the only true Federal President of the Heart, Walter Freiwald, who died in 2019.

Back in the house, a new game is waiting for the Schlotze-dunked. Happy comment-guessing from social media. Who is “outside hui and inside ugh”? Who is “maximally strenuous” now? Who is an “impossible person”. The three have “maximum fun” with their “haters”. You don’t want to show anything, only Sam says that some of the sayings are “hurtful”. The ex- “Bachelor” takes the comments calmly: “I did nothing, I distributed half-withered roses”.

Result of the eighth day: The “Kaputte im Kopp” is in 3rd place, Sanne grumbles about his sandwich position and Sam is the most popular with the audience. And the question here is not why they made that decision. The question is: who’s even calling for those slapstick faces? Every caller automatically makes an “OK test” and, if Désirée had the say, “a crime”. Do not pretend to have cracked the film! Our RTL can use your “intelligence rate” to find out whether your brain was in a carousel when you called.

“I’m a Star – The Great Jungle Show” runs daily at 10:15 pm on RTL. The grand finale will take place on January 29th. The show is also available at any time available on TVNOW. You can also find more information about the show at RTL.de.

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