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How to Save Money on Clothes

How to Save Money on Clothes
How to Save Money on Clothes

Fashions change from year to year, but the one thing that doesn’t change is the cost. Clothes are becoming more expensive than ever. But at a time when it is critical that we save money, this is one area in which we can effectively do so – without giving up fashion sense.

Consignment shops offer individuals the opportunity to buy brand-name clothing for less. You can be assured the clothes are good quality because these shops only take new or used (worn one time) clothing. The label on the clothing is also required.

In fact, you can sell your own clothing with these shops and earn a commission. This is another way of saving on clothing costs.

But one of the most intelligent ways of saving money on clothing is an idea that has been around for ages: Buy one or two outfits and add an assortment of accessories to change the look of the outfit. Stick to colors that can be worn year round.

Remember to always have that one basic black outfit! You can accessorize it in a variety of ways and no one would know it’s the same outfit.

For those who have a closet full of clothes, it may not be necessary to buy any new clothes at all if you have maintained the ones you have well. This, in and of itself, can save you quite a bit of money.

Take care of your clothes by changing into sweats when you come home from work, hanging them up as soon as you take them off, taking care of any stains that may occur, and storing winter and summer clothes appropriately. If at all possible, purchase clothing that doesn’t require dry cleaning. That’s a huge chunk of change in savings right there.

You may also wish to swap clothing with your friends. This is becoming quite popular online as well. There is a website where you can swap children’s clothing as they grow out of them. Imagine the savings there!

When you initially buy clothes, look for quality; that is, clothes that will last a long time. Resist impulse buying. Just supplement your clothing with those things you need, not desire.

Looking good doesn’t require that you spend a fortune on clothes. If you are creative and have that confident air about you, people will not be looking at your clothes, but at you.


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