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How to Find the Best Deal for Pet Medication

How to Find the Best Deal for Pet Medication
How to Find the Best Deal for Pet Medication

Being a pet owner, whether it’s one pet or more, can be expensive. With the present state of the economy, it’s understandable you want to save all you can when it comes to your pet’s medications.

You already have to pay for the visit to the veterinarian’s office, which is stressful enough. Then you find out there is a new medication your four-legged family member needs in order to stay or return to good health. You can see the dollar signs rolling around in your head as you try to digest this information.

Take a deep breath. It’s time to run through some steps you can take in order to get the best deal possible for your pet’s medication.

Before your veterinarian automatically fills the prescription on the spot, ask him or her if you could get a sample of the product with a written prescription you can take with you. Your vet is living in the same economic strain as you are, and this should not be a problem.

Ask if there is a generic equivalent to the medication your vet is recommending. Many of these, such as antibiotic or anti-inflammatory medications have generic equivalents. Some are even lower doses of the same medications human members of your family would be prescribed. If this is the case, you can have the prescription filled at your local people-pharmacy instead.

If the prescription you need to get for your pet is for eye or ear drops, check with your veterinarian about possibly using an over-the-counter brand of human drops instead. Again, this could be a less expensive alternative if the result is the same.

Consider online pet pharmacies. As long as you have a written prescription, you can often save quite a bit on the medications your pet needs. The added bonus with this is they are delivered right to your door. However, when calculating prices and savings, don’t forget to include the shipping charges in your totals.

Another saving alternative some residents of the United States have turned to is seeking Canadian outlets for the pet’s medication needs. Of course the amount you can save depends on the medication you are buying, but there are definitely savings to be found.

One of the major reasons people have chosen this route is related to one simple fact. Some of the medications which are available by prescription only in the US don’t require a prescription in Canada at all. Take for instance the case of multiple cats in your home. You take one in for a check-up to find Puss has a condition which could potentially be passed on to the other feline friends in the home.

If each one needs a trip to the vet, tests done, plus the same medication, we’re talking about quite a bit of money. However, if you already have a diagnosis for Puss and you know it’s contagious as well as what medication the other cats would need to take, it’s all quite simple.

You look online for reputable Canadian pet pharmacies and check out the medication in question. No prescription needed? No problem! I’ll take six, delivered to my door please. End of story.

The same situation is possible for other necessities as well. Take a well-known flea and tick prevention medication. A package of three can be purchased in the US for around $40 at one of the online pet pharmacies. The exact same product from Canada is around $25.

As you can see, there are options of obtaining these pet necessities at a lower price than you would probably pay in your veterinarian’s office. Simply talk it over with your vet, and explain your needs, as well as those of your family pet.


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