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Greens debate new program: Habeck promotes desire for “power”


In his political speech at the party conference of the Greens, the co-chairman Habeck campaigns to bring society together again. To do this, more must be invested, including through a wealth tax. He appeals to his party to take the lead in the country.

On the second day of the digital Green Party Congress, the Federal Delegates’ Conference, the co-chairman Robert Habeck got his party in the mood to take responsibility in the federal government. “Power: That was often a yuck term in our cosmos. But power comes from doing,” said Habeck. A society and its values ​​do not arise out of themselves, “it is made,” said Habeck, who had given his co-chairman Baerbock priority in the political speech. She had already spoken at the opening of the party on Friday evening.

In his speech, Habeck opposed a progressive division in society and advocated the need for the Greens to bring the country back together. “We can be a new we, a we that argues, but on the basis of a common reality,” said Habeck. “A society of many, but just a society.” For this, the party is giving itself a new basic program that could form a foundation for a new house. “A house that protects this society, a house for a society whose members respect one another,” said Habeck.

Concern for the continued existence of liberal democracy

Habeck made the necessity for this based on divisions in society, which had become even more visible due to the Corona crisis: “The common ground of our society has dried up, it has cracked, small clods have formed,” said Habeck. “And on these small clods, people live in groups and groups.” Habeck, who acted as a candidate for Chancellor alongside Baerbock, warned that “the common ground of our liberal democracy” would be washed away.

The pandemic works like a catalyst. “It intensifies centrifugal forces, increases social gaps, it increases irritability. Public space is shrinking.” The former Energy Minister of Schleswig-Holstein criticized: “Covid-19 apparently took us by surprise. In truth, however, it was a pandemic with an announcement.” There have been enough studies and warnings. A parallel to progressive global warming: “So if we let the climate crisis escalate, like the Corona crisis, then we have failed as a political generation,” said Habeck.

Tax higher incomes

Habeck therefore pleaded for massive investments, both to limit climate change and to bring society back together. “Germany still persists in a financial policy in which one is more afraid of debts in the books than of the real debts,” said Habeck, citing ailing schools, swimming pools, playgrounds, sports halls and public transport that has been saved as an example. But investments in public spaces are needed. “Because these are the places where we come together, out of the isolated groups and into a shared reality.” Such spaces are a condition for a society to remain a society.

Habeck therefore campaigned not to save despite the corona-related empty coffers, but to improve the state’s income by combating tax evasion and tax avoidance by large corporations and introducing a digital tax. “And yes, those with very high assets and incomes will be a little more involved in investing in our future than before,” said Habeck.

He is proud that the party sticks together and that differences of opinion are resolved internally rather than through the press. The Greens have never been more united, “said Habeck. The Greens wanted to” seriously fight for leadership in this country “in the coming year, said Habeck.” I know it’s a high standard. A bold, perhaps a cheeky one. “This time demands new answers.” We can create justice and stem the global warming crisis, “said Habeck.” We can change and thereby keep the business together. “

Important votes are pending

At their digital party congress due to the pandemic, the more than 800 delegates are voting today on the majority of their new basic program. It is eagerly awaited, for example, how the Greens will position themselves in the future on genetic engineering, on referendums at federal level and on the basic income demanded by the party left.

The passage on the climate goal of the Greens was rewritten on Saturday after some sharp criticism from climate activists from the “Fridays for Future” movement. Amendments to this were dropped: The Greens are now clearly striving to limit global warming to a maximum of 1.5 degrees. The draft program was primarily a commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement, which aims to limit global warming to a corridor between 1.5 and 2 degrees warming. Climate activists like Luisa Neubauer were not radical enough in view of the threat of damage with every further tenth of a degree of global warming.

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