Global Markets: The stocks rose with the decrease in the North Korea tension

The stocks rose with the decrease in the North Korea tension
The stocks rose with the decrease in the North Korea tension

The risky wave which affected the last week’s markets gives relaxation signals. European stocks gained strength after Asian stocks and the US stock futures contracted with a contraction of potential war between the United States and North Korea.

This weak started with decreases in the secured assets such as gold, US treasury bills, and the yen. The Stoxx Europe 600 Index had its first increase since four days. On Monday, South Korea, Australia, and Hong Kong markets were on the rise after the possibility of a war between the US and the North declining with the announcement made by the top US officials.

Japanese stocks moved in the direction of the trend reversed by traders turning away from home. On the other hand, Bitcoin has risen. Volatility indicators have risen in the week following the turbulence of the markets, as the rise in tensions in the Korean peninsula has led to a depreciation of risky assets.

The Stoxx Europe 600 Index climbed 0.8 percent in London at 09.33 am and made its strongest increase for a week over the closing price. The MSCI All Countries World Index increased for the first time in a week with an increase of 0.2 percent.

The S & P 500 Index futures contracts rose by 0.6 percent, marking one of the strongest gains in a month. The euro was trading at 1.1799, with a 0.2% decrease against the dollar. The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index gained 0.3 percent.

The US 10-year Treasury bond interests rose by 3 basis points to 2.22 percent while similar-term bond rates in Germany rose by 5 basis points to 0.43 percent, UK 10-year bond yields rose by 3 basis points to 1.084 percent.

Gold, traded on the spot market, lost 0.6% and regressed to $ 1,281.83 per ounce. WTI Oil dropped 0.5 percent and traded at $ 48.59 per barrel, finding buyers at the lowest of about three weeks.

Japan’s Topix Index decreased 1.1 percent in Asia. South Korea’s Kospi Index rose 0.6 percent. The Australian S & P / ASX 200 Index increased 0.7 percent. Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong rose 1.4 percent. Shanghai Composite Index increased 0.9 percent.

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