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Forex – The daily trading coach

The daily trading coach
The daily trading coach

You have to experience it to believe what our forex coaching, laser targeted to your individual fx training needs, will do to improve your trading.

Every new Forex Advisor Live! paid subscriber receives an Introductory 30 minute FREE Forex Coaching session on any forex trading topic of your choice. (value $50). Take advantage of this offer to experience firsthand our highly knowledgeable, seasoned and successful forex trader coaches. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

For all those forex traders who have ever wanted One on One Forex Training with their own individual Trading Coach, at their own level, Forex Advisor offers One-on-one Training via individual phone consultation. You set the cost, the pace, the time you need, and the topics you are interested in from our complete à la carte menu of forex trading topics.

You’ve seen a glimpse of the combination of extensive forex knowledge, trading experience and educational skills in the Trader Coaching Dialog section of the Forex Advisor Live! platform, now experience it applied specifically to your own trading. Whether you are trading our advisory service or using another trading method you will want this one-on-one coaching to augment your past forex training, increase your trading mastery and create additional successful trading opportunities. See our very reasonable one-on-one coaching prices here.

How do I request my free training?

Simply drop us an email and request your free training appointment at a time of your choice. This free training was designed for our paid subscribers to enhance one specific trading skill, to bring them up to speed, to have a professional assessment of their overall trading, to plan a custom course of training, etc.

Where do I start?

We highly recommend the training session titled, ‘Your Individualized Risk/Reward Trading Plan’, which we consider to be by far the most vital topic of all, judging from our experience with hundreds of traders and subscribers. Whatever your trading capital, whatever your trading style or skill level, this is the one coaching session that no trader should be without.


Your Individualized Risk/Reward Trading Plan

Whatever your trading capital, whatever your trading style or skill level, this coaching session shows you step by step how to formulate and work your own individualized trading plan geared to your goals. The targeted focus is on specific ways to avoid losses, manage risk and successfully reach your financial goals in the fastest, safest, most stress-free way possible.

How to Set Up Your Trade Station:

Beginner and experienced traders alike will find this up to the minute information very helpful in a very fast changing goods and services industry.

– Choosing Your Brokers and Platforms
– Choosing and Setting up Your Charting
– Plotting Your Indicators
– Planning the Trading Session, Logging the trades

Risk Management Techniques

Everything you ever wanted to know about how not to lose money trading Forex. Learn the broader range of capital preservation techniques which go way beyond techniques for setting stop losses and trailing stops, to straddle trades, mirroring currency pairs, trend trading and numerous other techniques which all add up to be tremendously effective in mitigating risk.

Currency Pairs: The Inside Story

Learn the recognizable patterns of the various major currency pairs in relation to one another. Knowing the patterns will enable you to foresee the natural outcome.

Understanding Charts & Price Patterns

Know your charts like the back of your hand. Learn how to pick your chart style for what purpose and how to systematically reference chart times (4 Hour, 1 Minute etc.) to determine your trading opportunities within price patterns.

Technical Analysis:

Trading using Technical Analysis is both an art and a science which allows the trader to continually grow in mastery and excellence.

– Identifying Relevant Support & Resistance
– Understanding Retracements & Fibonacci Ratios
– TA Indicators: Trading using Pivot Points
– TA Indicators: Trading using MacD, Moving Averages
– An overview of dozens of TA indicators and their use
– How the world’s most successful traders use TA Indicators

Working the Foreign Currency Exchange Market

Learn how to take the pulse of the market like a professional — find out what insiders know about what drives the market, little known symbiotic causes and effects, what to watch for and how to recognize what you are seeing and apply it to successful trading.

Fundamentals Trading:

Fundamentals is most often the ‘missing piece’ from forex training courses. Technical analysis is only part of the story, learning what drives the market from a market insider’s perspective is one of the most valuable coaching session you can have.

– News and World Event Trading Techniques
– Knowing which News Announcements to Trade

The Critical Factor: The Mind Training of a Trader

Every professional forex trader has infinite respect for the the Mental Game of trading. So much so, in fact, that Professional Bank Traders are regularly provided with $400./hr psychological training to enable them to function at the top of their game. Our coaching is done by a professional mind trainer, a trainer to elite achievers in all fields, who is also a well known author and speaker on Human Potential.


Post 9/11 – Insights into the Era of Terrorism Trading

Forex Trading in the post 9/11 era follows much different indicators than ever before. Add to this the implementation of the Euro and we begin to see a new era in forex trading. This coaching shows you how to minimize the risk of volatile terrorist actions on the market and how to maximize the opportunities it creates.

The Once a Year Trade

This is a clever little trading strategy that deserves its own topic. We have dubbed this trade our New Year Strategy, because once a year a trade is placed that will run for the coming year, generating profits from both currency rises and rollover payouts. It has historically been an exciting (in a low key kind of way) profit generator.

Developing a Personal Trading Style that Serves You

A successful Trading Style is an artform comprised of a multitude of factors, from what resources you have to work with and where you want to end up, to which forex market activity and which type of trade, to seemingly inconsequential details of your realworld life. Learn how to put together a winning Trading Style that is not just made for you, but is you.

Special Coaching Request

Please feel free to request any Additional Forex Trading Topic of your choice. You will find our helpful coaches thoroughly knowledgeable, very accommodating and responsive to your needs.


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