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Five metro areas with highest 2020 move outs located in NY, NJ: study


The five metro areas with the highest move outs in 2020 were located in New York and New Jersey, according to a study from moving company United Van Lines.

The Nassau-Suffolk area in New York and the Bergen-Passaic area in New Jersey were the top two areas that experienced the greatest outbound migration, each seeing 81 percent outbound migration, according to the company’s 44th Annual National Migration Study.

Trenton, N.J., saw 76 percent outbound, while New York City and Newark, N.J., both saw 72 percent outbound migration.

Areas that saw a high level of inbound moves were Wilmington, N.C., and Boise, Idaho, with 79 percent and 75 percent, respectively.

Overall, New Jersey topped the list of outbound locations, experiencing 70 percent in 2020. New York followed with 67 percent. Illinois, Connecticut and California were next on the list, with 67 percent, 63 percent and 59 percent, respectively. 

Meanwhile, Americans largely decided to move westbound and southbound. Idaho saw the highest percentage of inbound migration at 70 percent.

South Carolina saw 64 percent inbound migration, while Oregon saw 63 percent. South Dakota and Arizona both saw 62 percent inbound migration.

Data from March to October revealed that the coronavirus pandemic influenced Americans’ decision to move. Among those who cited the pandemic, 60 percent said they were concerned for their personal and family’s health and well being, while 59 percent wanted to be closer to family.

Fifty-seven percent attributed changes in employment status or work arrangement, and 53 percent wanted a lifestyle change or improvement in quality of life.

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