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fire trucks volkan
fire trucks volkan

Volkan Group, which sells fire trucks and equipments to Turkey and the world market, is proud to be an important company with its long years of experience.

As a result of long R & D studies, the vehicles and equipments produced with the latest technology are aimed to meet the needs of the day. At this stage, he is also attracting attention as an important partner in international fairs.

Volkan Group offers services with thousands of employees in its own area. Especially the group which serves with large and medium sized fire trucks has been an important actor with fire equipment in recent years. Pumps, winches and monitor systems are manufactured using the latest technology. The company, which uses single-phase or multi-phase systems as a pioneer, is also an important supplier of the world equipment market.

Fire trucks that can easily enter narrow streets, attract attention with their superior maneuvering characteristics and continue at high speed are the most remarkable products today. It is separated from other fire vehicles with its strong and high maneuverability.

The fire trucks, which have all the professional equipments, use the latest technological programs and software almost everywhere in the upper and lower layers.

It is also preferred for street and area irrigation system. With 6000 liters of mainstream and 3000 liters of reserve, it is an excellent choice. It also uses centrifugal pump and pressure system to a considerable extent. Single cabin or double cabin system with up to 7 cargo capacity.

It offers excellent service along with hose structure that can reach up to 150 meters and stairs that can reach up to hundreds of meters in height.

The CAF system provides less water and superior performance. The hydraulic cabinets together with the hydraulic equipment also have significant advantages. Safety sensors are included with the safety sensors.

All of which, as well as fire equipment, offer superior advantage and superior technology. Centrifugal pumps raise the pressure system to a higher level. It does not activate the cavitation and warning system due to its ability to work dry and dry for 3 minutes.

The Volkan  Group, which has a 135 bar burst pressure, is one of the other fire equipment. In addition, the DC motor and full electric screen cystitis are just some of the other equipment.

You can also get these unique fire trucks and equipment at your convenience, get superior service and technical support.


Source: http://volkan.com.tr/homepage


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