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Will microbes that cause food poisoning be a cure for cancer?


In the recent studies about the treatment methods of cancer disease made by the researchers of University of Florida, an unexpected method was being found out by the researchers. According to a report published in in Science magazine, it is determined that genetically modified salmonella bacteria target tumors and make the immune system too aggressive against cancer cells.

Scientists have changed Salmonella bacteria, which cause food poisoning, in order to shrink tumors and prevent metastasis (spread). They made a research on the human cell placed lab rats and it worked.

According to the Daily Star’s report, cancerous cells tend not to leave the place where it is, because they are almost invisible in the body when it comes to self-defense. In cancer, the immune system does not try to destroy these cells because they are not foreign invaders. Scientists have tried many tricks, including infecting cancerous tissues with bacteria to motivate the immune system to attack cancer. According to the report of the study, these modifiable salmonella bacteria which, may be reproduced in human body, would be an important step toward cancer treatment.

The researchers will continue to refine this technique with animal models primarily. However, in the next few years, clinical trials are planned in order to see if the enriched Salmonella bacteria would work as safe and effective in the anti-cancer treatments.


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