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Why to visit Kiev in the spring?


According to the citizens of Ukraine, spring is the best time in Kiev.  The capital and the biggest city of Ukraine, has become one of the best trip routes of the travelers. If you want to have a winter trip with the accompanying of lots of snow, Kiev will be one of the best places. But, for the people of Kiev, spring is the best time for visiting.

You do not need to have passport and visa; just taking your identity card is enough to travel to Kiev. It is also very cheap to rent houses for e few or more days. By using Airbnb you can rent a house easily. Kiev is one of the cheapest cities to live and to travel. You pay a total of only $ 30 for a meal for a four-person group including the alcohol.

There is a very tasty cuisine in Kiev. And it is very suitable for our taste buds. The dishes are very tasty, from the ‘Ravioli-like’ varenky, to ‘kachapuri’ which is similar to the pizzas. The famous chocolate shop, named Lviv Hand Made Chocolate must be one of your destinations to visit.

In Kiev, there are lots museums based on different concepts rather than art and history.  The Chernobyl Museum will be very harsh for those who want to learn about the nuclear plant facts. Those who want not to forget the pain and mercilessness of war must absolutely visit World War II Museum. And, in the National Natural History Museum, you can see a very rich content of plant species, all kinds of animal species in the region, mammoth skeletons. For those who want to enjoy a fun day outdoors as well as see the history of Ukrainian rural life, Pirogovo Open Air Museum will be a good choice. Those interested in the political history of the country can visit Taras Shevchenko MuseumBukovski lovers can learn lots about him at Bukovski Museum.

The view of the city is amazing. You must see the underground tunnels named Pechersk Lavra. If you don’t have claustrophobia, you might even see the priest mummies in the tunnels.

Beside all these places waiting for you, if you still look for shopping, the destination is Khreshchatky Street, where there is every brand from Gucci to Prada. If these are expensive for you, then you must go to the shops in the underpasses where you may find variety of more reasonably priced shops.


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