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What to do against Spring Allergy?


With the warm air, your joy and energy filled your body, but the sneezing and the runny eyes namely spring allergy may destroy your joy. With the arrival of spring, if you start clogging your nose and you’re constantly sneezing, if your head aches have started, you could be allergic to pollens. Spring allergy causes you to feel depressed and tired during the day and it causes insomnia at night. But, with small changes in your daily life you can significantly reduce allergy symptoms and cope with it.

Particularly, during the day you will be able to breathe comfortably from 14.00 to 15.00 in the open air without any sneezing and any runny eyes. According to experts, pollen do not affect people the afternoon. Plants release pollen in the morning hours and as the weather heats up pollens rise to the air.  And people are less disturbed during noon hours. After the rain pollens are mostly cleared. For this reason, it will be an ideal time to go out after the rain.

The air conditioners can also help you to have deep breath. They work like air filters and help to reduce indoor pollen. You can clean you’re the place you are living and working from pollen by just opening air conditioner for a few minutes per day.

According to experts, moist air helps you to open your sinuses and breathe easily. Taking a hot shower allows you to breathe more comfortably.

According to a study of New York University, about 70 percent of people experience lactase depletion, indicating lactose intolerance. For this reason, if you have digestion problems when you drink milk, it may mean you are enforcing your immune system. The excessive strain of the immune system causes you to be more affected by pollen in the spring. For this reason, it is not recommended to the people with allergic diseases to consume too much milk.


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