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What really invalidates a warranty?


Most of the products that you bought are sold with the 1 to 5 year warranties or guarantees of the Manufacturer Company. A warranty is a contract between the consumer and the manufacturer, which is made in order to guarantee the rights of both side (mostly the consumer) for the product related problems. The manufacturer must do whatever it promises it will do in the warranty.

But, claiming under a warranty is not usually as easy as it is written on the contract. Most of the consumers think they can’t claim due to the rule written in the ‘terms and conditions’ part of the contract. Another common belief is that if the product is repaired by a third part the warranty will be void. Even the well-known brands, like Apple, Sony, Samsung, etc., which are considered to have very good warranty options and to be consumer friend, refuse to repair their products due to these products’ being repaired by a third part before.

In some cases, producers who do not want to cover products repaired by third parties under guarantee can be justified. It is not fair to demand the manufacturer to change the motherboard if a computer which was replaced by another repairer and which was corrupted again. The manufacturer is not warranted to cover this product.

For this reason, it is important to determine whether the problem in question is really the manufacturer’s fault. However, even if the product has been repaired by a third party, for the other problems originating from the manufacturer, the companies that refuse to repair are also inaccurate by law. Most manufacturer companies claim that as someone else repairs their product, they directly invalidate the warranty without looking at which part of the product is broken down. Due to the rise of customer complaints, well-known companies such as Apple have announced that they accept warranty claims for the parts of the product not repaired by a third party, even if one part has been repaired by a third party.

As a result, using a third party to repair a product does not mean that your warranty is automatically void and does not remove your consumer’s rights at all.


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